• bum karacho


    Happy to answer questions here or via email, but if you'd like to be on the waiting list, please send me an email. Thanks!fluxerheaters
  • fluxerheaters
    ^^^ Thanks for starting a thread for me, @bum karacho!
  • bum karacho

    i like your product!looks good!
    good luck for your new business!
  • fluxerheaters
    Thank you! The heaters are just starting to ship next week, so I’m looking forward to getting them into people’s hands and seeing what they think of them.

    I'm going to share one more pic of the Flux Deluxe heater, as the first pic in the first post seems to be broken:

  • UbarDog
    Meh- I think you should be crediting certain people here Flux. Please do.
  • tripertronic

    shut up and send me one :joke:
  • fluxerheaters


    I credit Pipes on FC for debuting the idea of using induction heat to heat a Dynavap. Does that need to be stated?

    I credit Stardustsailor on FC for graciously sharing a few key improvements that made my device safer and more robust. He was very generous in sharing his knowledge, and the heaters are better devices for his contributions. I did ask him for permission to use his features before adding them, and he seemed happy to let me do so. We exchanged several PMs about this project and his thoughts on it, and while he was helpful he also made it clear that this is mine to figure out and not his. I acknowledged his contributions extensively in the FC thread, and I have told him that I will be giving him a heater as soon as I have one to spare. So yes, he was a big help. (comment edited for clarity and completeness - fluxerheaters)

    I credit the people on FC who offered opinions and discussed the project with me in this thread: http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/fluxerheaters-com-new-induction-heaters-for-dynavap.33573/ . You'll see the project go from a germ of an idea to its current form there.

    I had great feedback from a few key testers during testing.

    Um...the rest is me, as documented in that FC thread. I put in a lot of time on this thing. Do you feel I'm missing someone?
  • elykpeace


    @fluxerheaters do your thing brother. They look great and you deserve as much credit as all the other induction heater builders. Even pipes sources his parts? Lol happy Friday everyone
  • fluxerheaters
    Thanks, @elykpeace. Happy Friday!
  • UbarDog
    I credit Pipes on FC for debuting the idea of using induction heat to heat a Dynavap. Does that need to be stated?

    I credit Stardustsailor on FC for graciously sharing a few key improvements that made my device safer and more robust, although in the end, my implementations were very different than his. He had also posted his publicly, and helped vet my use of his safety features.

    I now love you again Mr Flux.

    I feel SDS helped you leeps and bounds saved you alot of brain ache and possable law suites
    So glad you mentioned him.I personaly think you don't give him enough credit and the man is TOO nice. I could say more on this but I'm not. Good luck Flux--Great Tidy product.

    I will Stay off this Tread now. Sorry I could not bite my tounge

    EDIT: this is just IMO
  • EconMan
    Um...the rest is mefluxerheaters

    I like you.
  • Baron23
    I agree that your development and idea sources were very clear and visible on FC. Nothing hidden, no secret agenda or misleading info.

    I look forward to hearing user reviews also. Great that you hung in there from early prototype to this finished product.

  • LabPong
    I give all that have put forth effort to create different IH's for the vapcaps! You all deserve credit for making the use of the vape cap more enjoyable no matter who you are of if I have one of your units. Big thanks for your efforts and success! :up:
  • Magicman
    The flux looks deluxe!
  • Pakalolo2
    I’m considering a Vapcap purchase after the G43, the Flux looks to be a perfect stable mate.
  • Magicman
    I ordered a blue one.
    @fluxerheaters what batteries work the best with the FLUX DELUXE? I notice that different videos have different batteries.
  • GrumpStump
    I received my heater about 5 days ago. Works perfectly. I'll probably never use a torch again.


    The nice thing is the removable batteries. You don't need powerful batteries, the larger the capacity the better for something like this.
    The unit rattles a little bit without the batteries installed. Once installed, it quiets down completely.
    Great unit. Highly recommend.
    $150.00 out the door, batteries not included. It does come with a wall plug and the batteries can be recharged installed in the unit.

  • Tdog420
    I want an induction heater so bad but dont know if its worthe the 150 for the flux or a 50 dollar dental one from amazon anyone try the amazon one??
  • Dr green thumb
    You could always make your own as the parts are available on amazon.
  • GrumpStump
    The Amazon Dental one is infrared. A few videos showing it. Doesn't seem to be all that powerful.
  • Namekian
    Looks awesome. How many heating cycles do you get off a full charge?
  • GrumpStump
    No idea how many. I put in full charged batteries Saturday, and it's still good, but I don't use it constantly either. Should last a lot longer than the Portside Mini, as the Mini has very low Mah compared to what you can put in these.
  • Bud

    Looks sweet!
  • fluxerheaters
    Thanks for sharing your experience with the FD, @GrumpStump! I am so happy it's working well for you! It's extremely satisfying to finally hear from people using these - they've been a long time coming from my perspective. So happy people are using them and enjoying them! Thank you for being an early adopter!

    "I want an induction heater so bad but dont know if its worthe the 150 for the flux or a 50 dollar dental one from amazon anyone try the amazon one??"

    That's a very fair question, and I think the decision rests on whether you need it to be portable. The big (or small?) thing about mine is that it's powerful while also being portable and as small as possible for the batteries I wanted to use. It took time to figure out how to do that, and it also takes times to make them. They are built by hand, with very good components (e.g., I use $2.50 switches instead of $0.10 switches, etc.), so those add to the cost as well. But they also add to the user experience, imho, and make the device much nicer to use.

    If you just want to heat a vapcap from a desktop unit, the dental tool induction heaters work OK and are an affordable and clean solution for that. There's no compelling reason to buy a $150 portable IH if a $50 desktop version works fine for your needs.

    However, if you want to heat a vapcap perfectly, repeatedly, without a torch, while you are out and about, using the smallest IH currently available...you should give the Flux Deluxe a hard look, as that's what I built it to do, and that's what it does.

    Thanks for the comments, all! I'm happy to answer questions about my heaters if anyone has any. I'll also be posting some additional YT demonstration clips today, as soon as I get them edited.

  • Tdog420
    thanks and you are right. You get what u pay for. I am going to post some vapes on the forum to sell and will then use the money for the flux i am sold. Thanx for explaining why yours is better.

    thanks i think i will be saving for the flux.
  • GrumpStump
    It really is a nice unit. I don't think you'll be disappointed!
  • Papic914
    Watching this one very close I like everything about it especially that red one :love: . Waiting to here more feedback from users and I will pull the trigger 150 isn’t bad price imo.
  • GrumpStump
    The red is nice, but I really wanted an Orange one. The problem was that it would have taken another 3 weeks to get it. Oh well. I like the red also!
  • Angel O
    hello people and greetings from Germany. I have a question that maybe other of you are interested.
    hi, nice to read from you again.how much amps pulls the device from the batteries? I would use the INR18650-35E due to their high capacity. Or should I prefer to take sony konion? I want to use the batteries with the maximum capacity .
    and sorry for my english. It is bad but my intentions were good :)
  • GrumpStump
    The INR18650-35E are great batteries. You won't have any problems with those.
  • Magicman
    Pretty colors....
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