• Dr green thumb
    The best thing about this is that you cannot have a wrong answer. The only requirement is that it was purchased in 2018. I am interested to hear what your favorite vape was. For those who cannot pick a favorite put your top three purchases.

    For myself I made a purchase of a milaana 2 and this vape for me is amazing. I call it my brain fogger as that not only refers to the vapor production but how I feel afterwards.

    A close second would be my stickybrick Jr. This vape when mastered puts out a dense cloud of medication that gets the job done. Plus its neat to play around with.

    Third would be my stealth mv1. Detracting from first place is the crucible loading while high and the vapor while dense just doesn't hit as hard for me.

    Imo these vapes were all excellent purchases this year and I'm enjoying them.
  • Ctipp22
    Man this is tough. I’d say it’s between the ghost and the mighty. For personal use the ghost and for more than me, the mighty.
  • BobCat
  • kebcatmorgan
    Oh man, with the exception of Davinci IQ, I bought all my vapes in 2018 :grin:

    But my favourite portable must be the Omnivap XL, as I can't go anywhere without it.

    My favourite desktop is the E-Nano for sure, this thing is huuuge in a small package and was so surprising for me even I knew it will be epic ;-)
  • meeemeee
    Herborizer Ti. :fire:
  • Papic914
    My favorite vape I bought this year was the mighty. Love the clouds and battery. I have also bought and vapcap 2018m which is second and a iq which is third.
  • BestBuds
    Neck and neck between RBT Splinter Z and EpicVape eNano
  • howie105
    A used (then re-rigged) Da Buddha, I finally got what I wanted (so far) from the basic design. A wide open .025g vape one hitter that tastes good.
  • TREDAY24
    StickyBrick Hydro Maxx
    My third hit had me flying with the fish
  • Robo7676
    2018 was the year I discovered arizer. Before that I was more of an S&B guy but in August, on a lark,bought a solo2 and I loved it. A Week later bought the Argo, loved it , then in November bought an ExtremeQ with the DDave kit and that kit makes the Q a beast that compares, when using the whip, to the evo lynx
  • Magicman
    So my only vape purchase this year was Haze Square Pro direct from the retail store. I ordered a Grasshopper 12/16/18, but who knows when it actually arrives. Damn it, kl1aoxzqq1wmvhso.jpg
    Haze Square Pro wins by default.
  • BestBuds
    Do you have a link to where you got that DDave kit? Thanks :up:
  • Bruce
    #1 The year, Pax 3 corrected flaws of the past, now The major player in the dry herb vaporizer. It has an app that is very cool. 10 Year Warranty, excellent customer care. These units are as durable as it gets (Dynavap close!).

    #2 Hydrology9. No leakage. I don't like water tools, because it is fussy, its not something I am going to put on my trophy wall. Hydrology9, the perfect Desktop with portability for me. The Vaporizer part is excellent, I enjoy the water tool part. So it may not be for hardcore water tool people, for me its wow, compact water tool.

    #3 Dynavap - M - incredible. genius, fun, Butane vape.

    #4 Dynavap Omni XL - Wow -runs cooler than the M.

    #5 - Waiting for service on my Boundless - CFV - I am pretty sure I will like it. Because I went out and bought the CFX and without question - belongs in the heavy hitters (Mighty, Solo 2, Ghost MV1) I would use the Solo 2 and then the CFX, I love glass.

    How do you like the Haze?
  • welshman
    Newvape flowerpot vrod and omni xl back in June I think and haven’t wanted any new vapes since
  • warren0728
    toss up between by my sticky brick jr and my dynavap ... i am on the search for a non-butane vape that i like as much as the butane ones as far as performance!
  • UbarDog
    Dynavap 2018M
    power per £ -IS unbeatable IMO
  • meeemeee
    I got all my vapes in 2018.
    Herborizer Ti anolog
    Tubo Evic
    Omni 18.8mm carbless
    And in 2019 the stove pipe aka G43 when it comes.
    Herbi's the best. Plug in.
    Tubos the best battery/portable
    But there is some magic for the dynacrap. Very practical device too.
  • Tdog420
    Very surprisingly i love the tera v3 the best and so does my fiance. And this year i bought a solo 2, haze sqa
    Square pro, milaaana, fury2,
    Solo 2 is a close second!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Man this is tough as I bought a lot of vapes this year... But I think the hydrobrick maxx takes the win. With the Mighty and MV1 coming in second/third. Im sure some might think im nuts but I really like the ritual of heating the sticky bricks, and it has some pretty tasty and massive clouds once you get the hang of it.... The Splinter Z deserves an honorable mention at least, its a beast.
  • Ctipp22
    IDK though the Splinter is actually pretty amazing since I dialed it in. I need all 3!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I agree the splinter is amazing, i've only had mine a week so im still tuning. I need to get a new mod for sure
  • Ctipp22
    get the gen 3 wismec and then load surmyevic and I can give you TCR settings im running
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Thanks brother. Thats the mod i was looking at anyway. I'll definitly hit you up when i pick it up. Thanks again!
  • AsUwish
    Splinter Z with the Sticky Brick Runt closely behind. The Fury 2 is the easiest overall recommended vape for anybody.

    Looking forward to Firefly 3, Mighty/Crafty 2, and something totally unexpected for 2019!

    Happy New Year everyone!
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Sticky brick for sure that thing is generous it just keeps giving vapour!! :love:
  • LabPong
    Spare Elev8r and parts
    Nebula X2299 cart battery (with micro watt adjustment)
  • SirSixPence
    Hey I just stumbled on the Nebula x2299 today.
    It says it has Temp control, Have you gotten it to work with a CCell cart?
    Have you messed with the temp at all? I see its going for $50 US on Ebay what did you pay?
  • LabPong
    Hey I just stumbled on the Nebula x2299 today.
    It says it has Temp control, Have you gotten it to work with a CCell cart?
    Have you messed with the temp at all? I see its going for $50 US on Ebay what did you pay?

    SSP....yea you can adjust it from 1.0 watts in tenths all the way up to 20w. I love it cause I can taylor it to the different types of carts....and yea fully works with ccell's . It is wide enough to handle different sizes well.

    The Nebula x2299 is the same exact thing as the same thing as the General Vape GT800

    I know chochoo charlie did not like his....for some reason he had an issue of his cart un-attaching enough to reset the auto cart sensor and the "new cart" setting would pop up all the time for him. This is not at all an issue for me.

    I highly suggest trying one of these batteries.
  • twhc291
    My favourite vape I purchased this year was my DynaVap M 2018. Most surprising performance and over all unique experience
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