• Hazel
    Seen the Robert guy trolling around the vids before and the other guy has a beret on and is calling himself a reviewer...I don’t speak his name here. :sweat: Ill give ya a dose of reality... look in the mirror ... you’re both tools ... and the G is coming (Choo Choo) :cool: :fire: #dontbehatin

    Can’t wait for the review!! @Aj85

  • Cl4ud3
    I don't rate him as a reviewer at all, I just don't understand why people haven't seen through his man of the people act. He's nothing more than a product showcase channel who loves free products.
    Look at some of the stuff he's recommended like the 7th floor sidekick :rofl:

    He's a fraud, he's paid and his sites are full of affiliate links
  • Aj85
    No, it’s on his Extreme Q video on his newly re-instated 420vapezone YouTube channel.

    Thanks again for the awesome chocolates Hazel! I hope bud remembered to pass on the thank you! Lol

    I absolutely love that G43 picture you made! Its awesome! I love the not a cop in the middle of the glass. lol. It would be so cool to have a bong that says not a cop on it! lol

    I promise to have the review up by the end of this week at the latest!

    I was trying to be nice about it, but yeah I couldn’t agree more. Lol

    I like videos like the best vapes for water bongs etc because they are entertaining, but I wouldn’t ever recommend him as a source of advice or information, especially not for a newbie vaporist, and some of his videos are clearly very biased indeed!

    All the best guys and gals!

  • Hazel
    Thanks AJ!! Im obsessed with these 3 apps I got that work like gold when it comes to superimposing, photoshopping and editing. They make it so easy to be creative and somewhat graphically skilled! :wink:

    Yes, he did pass along the thank you! I’m so glad you got them and enjoyed them!! You are so welcome. Thank you for testing the G out! Don’t even worry about review take your time, holidays are busy and life is crazy, we know you’ll get a review up soon. :blush: :strong:

    Happy New Year!!! (to you and everyone else reading this) Going to do a redo of our celebration last night since it was a short stream, we were all over the place, we missed the ball drop, Bud broke champagne glass, and I was throwing shade cuz I wanted to get laid :lol: ! Plus Buds posting his annual State of Vape (SOV) vid and doing post vid Live Stream so WOoOo!! :party:
  • Baron23
    and I was throwing shade cuz I wanted to get laid :lol:Hazel

    I think I finally understand TMI!! hahaha
  • VapeCritic
    So everybody knows what the G43 is already, even the floozies, we're lookin good boys :ok:
  • Hazel
    I think I rhymed there? lol :chin:
  • zancru
    @Hazel @ @VapeCritic
    Last "mimos" before the end of the year, or in your case, "mimos de A~o Nuevo" are a classic between couples ;)
    Dare to spread some details? :joke: :wink: :naughty:
  • Hazel
    have not listened but probably don't want to. lol Probably mortifying. :monkey: Before the New Year or before the end of the stream? LOL Not sure which specific part you're talking about but I'm sure it was real .... real. LOL Hopefully you got a good laugh? Thought it was relatable? (Kindly insert adjective here that describes Hazel as something other than snitch witch) :smirk: :pray:
  • Zachblair87
    Can anyone tell me how u get ur mod on cruise control like u wld to use the g43??? Ive got a few mods I pranked with and cant get a single one to work continuously without holding the button and they have a 10 sec cutoff. If someone cld explain it to me wld b greatly appreciated. Trying to figure out if the mods I have will work with it or if i need to purchase the sinuous p80 with the kit. Thanks
  • ShayWhiteGrow
    Can’t put a g43 in da cart! Gossshhdammmmittt!:sweat:
  • midnightsun
    Please add me to your list. Thanks so much
  • Konstantinos
    I want this too please. Add me to your list please. Happy new year by the way!
  • Gryfin
    Hmm. Saved some money but didnt account for the extra box mod being necessary
  • Mangu
    save another $40! Still looking like the best bang for your buck @ < $150
  • Gryfin
    certainly worth it, but not sure I can manage it.
  • Mangu
    Ah, I hear ya. Another option is to get a different mod than the one Bud is offering...Even though P80 is one of the more affordable new units, I’m pretty sure there’s some that are priced even lower and can still get the job done. The good thing about powering the g43 with a mod is that the options are unlimited with the amount of mods out there.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that Bud will, eventually, offer the battery attachment for the g43 which does not require a mod at all....the only thing is the wait will be somewhat longer for that battery attachment. Also, keep in mind that you will need to get yourself at least a single 18650 battery.
  • Dr green thumb

    Has anyone testing the g43 tested it outside in the cold or maybe after leaving it in a cold car? I'm asking because I have had three vapes that when cold wouldn't heat up. Older mv1, airvape x and pax2.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Great opportunity for Bud to stream from outside!
  • LabPong
    Has anyone testing the g43 tested it outside in the cold or maybe after leaving it in a cold car? I'm asking because I have had three vapes that when cold wouldn't heat up. Older mv1, airvape x and pax2.Dr green thumb

    Although I am in MI and have spent half my life in the snow.....I will not take the bait and test this use case scenario. lol

    If my G43 is that half frozen......I will not bother using it.....I have a vapcap and a large torch for my Elev8r. Both would more inviting in that situation out in the cold.

    But someone please chime in if you have tried using the G43 when it is colder than cold.
  • noel
    kindly notify me when available
    thanks you

    appreciate you doing something better for the vaping community
    bossing bud! up to you! sign me up.
  • GrumpStump
    @VapeCritic Any updates on shipping?
  • Bruce
    Put me on the waiting list please

    Yo Vape Woman, Unfortunately. there are many cowards on here. Hiding behind a name without having to reveal themselves.

    The G43 is coming out, I already know it is going to be awesome only question is, How awesome.

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • VapeCritic
    Hey guys Happy New Year and a quick update for you:

    We currently have 220 people on the G43 waiting list, I can't thank you all enough for your interest and support with this project! :100: :100:

    I'm going to do a re-count of my initial order of glass slides to really confirm how many I can use out of that batch. My original manufacturer actually came through last week and shipped me 100 replacements (many more were defective though). I don't have them in my hands yet but fingers crossed they came out good because it'll up the number of units I can build right now.

    Most likely I will be able to fulfill orders for the current waiting list, because even though there are 220 of you on there some people will decide not to part with their $$ when I come asking for it :lol:

    My current ETA to start taking orders is the 15th, within 2 weeks. For at least the first few weeks I'm going to be shipping out units at the rate of ~10 per day.

    All units will be going out with the 510 connector to hook up to a mod for power, and I have 100 Wismec P80's in stock for the first 100 people that need one. After those are gone I'm not certain yet if I will be stocking any more mods, but I'll keep you posted. Very soon I will post full details on which mods and which firmwares work, but this was briefly mentioned earlier in the thread if you're in the dark about it.

    I'm having trouble with the battery holder-only connector, I planned on including this part with the base G43 kit but I haven't been able to successfully address the battery protection issue. Using an unprotected 18650 in an unprotected holder is no bueno (see my recent stream for proof LOL), and making it protected is proving to be more of a PITA than I anticipated.

    If and when I figure this problem out I will be sending everybody who orders the kit now a free battery holder part. PLEASE NOTE: It is possible that I may not be able to solve this problem, and it may not be worth pursuing a solution further if it's going to take up too much time or resources.

    When used with a mod the vape works more consistently, the temp is adjustable, and it's MUCH safer, but I do like the raw experience of the holder-only and wanted you guys to experience it too, so I'm not going to stop working on it just yet.

    To try and make up for this you guys are welcome to use the discount code STAYUP for free shipping when I start taking orders, even those of you outside the USA. I'm going to include a free 18650 for as many people as I can, I know most of us have a bunch of them already but some people have told me they don't have any at all so I have 100 batteries too.

    I'll post another update within about a week once the replacement slides come in and I have a firm number of how many units I can build total. That's also when I'll post the details on when I'll be reaching out to the waiting list and how you'll order when the time comes :ok:

    The standby list is still active so if you're interested in one of these vapes please let me know here and you'll be added right away.

    Thank you again everybody for your comments and questions!

    And don't even get me started on how much I truly appreciate your enthusiasm about this!!

    Stay up!
  • MothChewMoth
    great update! Really looking forward to checking this out. I might suggest setting up a Google Form that you can send out to everyone on the waiting list. You can design a questionnaire to sort out who wants what: the mod, battery, j-hook, etc. This would save you some time if you were just planning on going off of a manual list or something. Let me know if you want a hand throwing one together.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Can't wait for the G43!!!!
  • Atomize
    Is the G43 list in order from when peeps were put on the list or is it random/first in best dressed.
  • Hazel
    Yo Bruce Man Brew! The G train is coming.... can you hear it??? You'll never buy another train ticket once you try the G43 Express. :naughty: :strong:

    Right, @VapeCritic ??:cool:

    @Atomize best dressed :lol:
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