• Vapster707
    Damn that's a long ass post to read when ur high :lol:
  • UbarDog
    G-G-G-G-g-g-g-g-G-G-G-G-g-g-g-g-Geeewoooo wooooo !!!

    G43 heading down the tracks.
  • Mc69

    Hey Bud,
    Did u ever think about using those small S&B concentrate pads instead of finding a source for the health stones?
  • Namekian
    I second atomize question of are you going to take orders in the order you received requests to be put on the list or is it going to be first come/first serve when you send out the "for sale" email? :)
  • BudsofWar
    there's a UK wismec distributor here https://www.wismec.co.uk/

    please pop me on the list
  • Baron23
    Using the G43 tonight. Function is outstanding!!
  • Bruce
    I already want to be on the G43 - 2!
  • Trix
    Great update definitely stoked about G43!!! :starstruck:
  • Hazel
    You don't even know.... I've already sent Bud sick glass parts for the next version of the G and for the vape after that. :sweat:
  • LabPong
    One thing some of you that are on the waiting list may want to consider if you are going to get a mod box.

    I am ready to get a dual 18650 for the G43. Using the G43 as I do.....it makes me not want to shuffle batteries so often. If I can put up with a bigger mod strapped to my rig....no worries....getting 8 twelve minute sessions instead of 4... would be worth the bulk for me.

    Some of the dual's put the battery in line with the electronics and it makes for a wider footprint. The others put the batteries and electronics in a triangle and the mod is more compact. So choosing which type would depend on how you strap it to your rig or... not.

    I am thinking about the wider/thinner one as they come with an adapter to use 1 battery so it is normal sized then.
  • Bruce
    How does the G43 work with no water tools?
  • Dr green thumb
    I have a wismec realoux gen 3 that I plan on using. It is a triple 18650 mod that isnt very expensive. Yes I know I do not need the 200 watts but having three 18650 for power should give me quite a few sessions.
  • GrumpStump
    Yeah, I went with the Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual. That should do me just fine.
  • Mangu
    J-hook or pipe with 18mm joint....or 14mm with an adapter I guess.

    I found some of these on DH Gate that I’m hoping To pair up with the G:

  • bum karacho
    My wet hole is also waiting!
  • vapepire
    Please add me to the list. I am so excited!
  • twhc291

    @VapeCritic Would the G43 work through this?
  • Cl4ud3
    is it 18mm? if so yes
  • Pakalolo2
    @LabPong@Dr green thumb@GrumpStump I too have ordered a Wismec Reuleaux RX 3 Dual for the G43. I was lucky enough to catch it on sale just before Christmas for $41 including shipping hoping it will compliment the G for extending my sessions with friends.

    Can’t wait to check the G53 out and based on all we’ve seen and the reviews I’ve read by our illustrious Beta testers, this is going to be a very good year!
  • twhc291

    The retort stand idea @VapeCritic Had would work awesome with this pipe set up.
  • Hazel
    What do you mean with no water tools? As in... how does the rig work without water? If that's what you're asking the answer is AMAZING! If not, then I stoopid, please elaborate. :sweat:

    But on the note of bong/rigs working without water here's my take on it (keep in mind that used to be one of my favorite ways to smoke). -- I really enjoy vapes connected to rigs. Method helps me get really solid hits and limits the harshness. It doesn't work the same when water or any liquid is added. And actually if I were to analyze why this works for me... i'd say it's probably because removing the water component removes unnecessary resistance (when it comes to drawing), which in turn allows you to get bigger hits/clouds/draws but with less effort. So what I'm saying is no water = cleaner, bigger, and smoother hits.

    The G functions similarly. It works great without water. I would never put liquid near that thing...it just doesn't need it. But that's a personal preference and opinion. It's a beast the way it is and the hits are really clean and cool. No hot vapor, no wet/moist vapor or rig, no draw resistance, no smelly rig or water to spill, nothin. It doesn't need H20... leave that for the humans. The G43 is fine dehydrated. :fire: :ok:
  • Bruce
    I am excited to learn about this vape. It sounds like a good one.

    Peace, Love & Vape!

    ^^ ^The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Karec
    Hey guys happy new year, just a quick question i am on the list for the highly anticipated release fo the G43 and my question is regarding the mod box, i use a mod box with my HVT Sai and off course im thinking of using it with the G unless i cannot...... :groan:
    Venvii Baby Ness 120W with 21700 Battery or 80W using 18650/20700 Battery, this mod box is great with the Sai (using 80w and 18650 battery) the only thing close to cruise control is temperature control but i dont know if its the same... ant help would be highly appreciated... what i dont want is getting the G43 and wait for a mod box....
    Cheers and thx in advance
  • Ummagumma
    Hi all. Found a couple of cheap mods compatible with the fabled G43......from sourcemore.com

    Wismec Reuleaux RX75 $10.70 not inc shipping.
    Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 Mod - Brown (comes with 18650 adapter) $18.94 not inc shipping.

    Hope this is useful. Cheers folks.
  • meeemeee
    iv already got one of these on order for the G :nerd:
  • Ctipp22
    I’ll be back home in a few more days. Can’t wait to order mine! Wish I could use it now as I just got so sick from something in Mexico.
  • Hazel
    oh noooooo stomach???? That's terrible. Hopefully it passes and you don't end up having to see a Mex doc while on vaca. I had to see an Antiguan voodoo doc when we went to Antigua and it was insane. Wasn't really a voodoo doc but might as well have been the way he showed up at the resort mad late, how he assessed me, and how he gave me meds in a mini manila envelope. lol Hope you feel better!! :mask:
  • UbarDog
    Its when they give you leaches! Then you know you gone medievil!
  • Dr green thumb
    the cure for your stomach bug is tequila. Never eat salad in mexico or drink the water as you will get some nasty stomach problems.
  • Ctipp22
    I think it was food but I’m doing much better today and got a 400 dollar seal excursion for 108 bucks. Walked it off and sweated. having a bloody scissor midday and it is definitely workin it’s magic
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