• EconMan

    Oh, yeah. More than excited. I have a special load being well-stored awaiting its arrival. :cool:

    And @Skyvaper (who is local to me) has already told me he is coming over :rofl:
  • Dr green thumb

    Anyone who uses self checkout has heard this.
  • GrumpStump
    I have an eighth of Brownie Scout (Indica- 31.0%) waiting for the G43.
  • Dr green thumb
    that was hard to watch!

    The cowboys squeaked out a win. Better hope they have another rabbits foot for next week.
  • Trix

    Agreed that was rough but that’s why they make so much money to go out there and get knocked around. Hopefully he has good vape medicine :wink:

    Currently digging these :fire:
  • Bruce
    I thought Bud was alway drunk.

    The G 4 3 "Finger Looking Good"

    Peace, Love & Vape"

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^

    I used to love the Cowboys, I just can't root for that owner, who lies everytime his mouth opens.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    those look really good!
  • YodaOfTheShanks
    I have an herbalizer with the steamroller and whip and an extra bowl. Is there a way to sell this legally or would I have to pawn it? I got a volcano and I really prefer it over the herbalizer.
  • BobCat

    Please read: https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/2970/new-classifieds-category-buy-sell-trade

    You can PM @VapeCritic regarding the linked post excerpt below:

    Brand new members will generally not be allowed to post classifieds threads unless I decide to make an exception, it'll be safer for everybody if you hang out here for a little while first before trying to sell anything. New members are allowed to post 'Want to Buy' threads, but 'For Trade' threads are not allowed either if you're brand new here.
  • zancru
    1/6 is “Three Kings Day”

    Now they’re playing cool my “Three Kings”.
  • Skyvaper
    Ill absolutely be there! Im excited to try the G43. Looking forward to putting it to the test with you. Better make sure im off the next day! :halo:
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Old people road rage the hardest
  • twhc291
    Hi all,

    Just a quick shout out to one of the Australian vape shops I deal with.


    I have been dealing with their customer service the past couple days regarding to a miss hap with a listed out of stock product.
    Not only did the go out of their way to accommodate my payment request but still have the new product shipped in the same time frame as previously advised.

    Awesome customer service and a solid selection as well.

    I'd urge any other Australians on the forum I suggest checking em out
  • Bruce

    Maybe I need to go to Australia. There are 10 Vape shops in my area. They like the customer to be dumb.

    US customers read carefully.

    Slimy Vape Store Owner #1 "The Crafty is $330". " Me ( I had one, don't need another shhh) "I will buy online" Yes but then you have pay shipping and tax. "Well, its $279 on S & B and you had no intention of not charging me tax, until my mouth opened and you realized I am not a fool. I was asking $279 including tax moron, not tax evasion. he had to ask what is tax evasion.

    Slimy Vape Store Owner #2 - Trying to sell me a snoop dog, everyone comes in for it. Just got a new batch. I look him in the eye "Bull-Shit" too bad I am always buying for my medical needs. Speaking of illegal what happened to your k-45 Bath salts hiding it under the counter to give to teenagers?

    Slimy Vape Store Owner #3 - I see with my own 2 eyes the guy working there emptying half of the Bluntees Deodorizer in one bottle than the rest into another empty one and finishing it off with water. Watering it down, and selling not just one for 6.99, but two watered-down bottles $ 6.99 each.

    Slimy Vape Store Owner #4 - Ahhh this is the Pax 1 the only vape you will need. I trusted (I am a moron). I was waiting for it to charge and watched 2 videos on fake Pax, and a ten point check. The big one that everyone knows is the hexagon screw. I took it and spoke to the guy on the phone and asked him to be there to help me. I had my list,,, "no, no no this real 100%. The veins in my neck were bulging. If you don't give me my cash back, I won't rest until I get my money back and his store will be blacklisted. He still is squirming. Its the wholesaler. Okay for you my friend I will take it back. (dumbass) And it was never used. Ok, I will give you your money back. I got my money and called Pax and I hope they followed through. I hit Yelp, google and yellow pages very hard. M-Fer.

    Slimy Vape Owner #5 - I need a tufts bowl for my extreme Q. He gave a tufts bowls wrapped in bubble wrap and a rubber band, like with a new Extreme Q. I said wow, maybe I should buy a new Extreme Q. Same box with a cheap piece of clear tape on it of course if I bought it and opened the tufts bowl wouldn't be there. I said no thanks. Walked out with both middle fingers the air.

    Slimy Vape Owner #6-I witnessed a store owner trying to rip off a customer on the valve set. On S & B it says the choice of valve system types. I show the woman on the sight. ripping her off by $200.He told me if I am not buying anything leave. I said I need a lot of stuff, I will just watch you keep trying to rip this woman off.

    Shrink wrap machines. ....

    Its fun, play dumb and go into smoke/vape shops.

    Buy online or via www.TheVapeCritic.com or the Manufacturer.

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • twhc291
    I'm not sure I would have the patients for that Bruce. You are a much chiller person then I am.

    Hahaha you might it cheaper coming from Australia purely because the exchange rate is so poor. But I'm not going into global economics Now haha.

    Cheers :cool: :ok:
  • Bruce
    I would love to visit but, I am afraid I might miss one of Bud's live streams!
  • twhc291
    I make more of the streams then you'd expect since the change up of the times which has been nice. However my viewing times have also changed recently
  • Bruce
    can you send me a link to your streams?
  • Hazel
    LOVE self checkout. I’m totally the asshole that does self check out with a million items :lol:
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Shiiiiit man.. Wizard Vapes over in Jersey is hit or miss depending on location you go to and who's working. I made the mistake of purchasing a davinci iq from one of the locations. Got home.. damn thing didn't work. Brought it back, they refused to refund but would exchange. So I exchanged for a black IQ. Got that home, same deal. It would blink but wouldn't turn on to heat up.
    Frustrated even more, I drove back over. They refused the return. They told me it must be the battery but I would need to get a replacement battery through Davinci. If I wanted to purchase a new battery right then and there, he would sell it to me. So, I bought the battery from him and then went home. Same damn thing man, just wasn't working right...

    I call Davinci. They agree to send me a replacement battery. I receive the replacement battery in about a week. When I receive it and go to take a look, I realize that the voltage is different than the one I received from the vape store and what came with the Davinci. All of the Davinci boxes they had there were opened and they had them all on display. What must've happened is that they took the IQs out of the boxes to display them. Wanted them to light up when demo'ing them so they took the stock batteries out and replaced them with batteries that fit vs. batteries that work. So I call Wizard. I get a girl on the phone. I ask her what the voltage is of the batteries they are selling for the IQ. She gives me the wrong numbers. I tell her my findings. She swears the batteries that they sell for the IQ work. So, thinking that maybe it's just her, I go over there later. I go in, ask the guy behind the counter for a replacement IQ battery, he grabs the same wrong battery. I tell him my findings. He blows it off like it's no big deal.

    Since then, no more purchases in smoke shops for me. Last one I went into was at the shore in Seaside NJ over the summertime. They were trying to sell me, god, i think it was one of those snoop dog vapes. They had a variety of cheapo chinese pen-like vapes priced out from $45-180. Nothing I recognized really. Guy behind the counter swore they were the greatest vapes currently in the market.
  • Bruce
    I am sorry to hear it but not surprised. Unless desperate to buy from the store, I go to Bud's reviews, if I like it I hit the link to buy get a big discount, sometimes extra's and I know its authentic product that hasn't been fucked with.

    When a new vape comes out I will go to the store to check it out but never to purchase at the store (Bunch of Pirate monkeys)

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Hazel
    Unless desperate to buy from the store, I go to Bud's reviews, if I like it I hit the link to buy get a big discount, sometimes extra's and I know its authentic product that hasn't been fucked with.Bruce

    Now that’s...what...I’m... TALKING ABOUT!! :strong:

    Thank you for your support, trust, and continued loyalty it really means a lot Bman!

    #TrustVapeCritic and win at life lol :grimace:
  • Dr green thumb

    Does anyone else like "The Far Side" cartoons?
  • MothChewMoth
    :heart: Gary Larson.
  • Baron23
    My favorite

  • Bruce
    Would be interesting to see what happens if someone got the munchies,
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