• Hazel
    Gosh golly gee where you'd hey that wishbone double slide??? :scream:

    Has anyone testing the g43 tested it outside in the cold or maybe after leaving it in a cold car?
    — Dr green thumb
    I will test this outside the next snow I get!

    It's supposed to snow Sunday... FYI...so get ready with the G ... Wooo-bomitable Budman! :cool:
  • zancru

    Am I seeing a double double decker in next live stream???
  • Dr green thumb
    that sounds good, I would love to try that. :grin: Two g43 double deckers at the same time.

    Bud you have been challenged. :strong:
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    @VapeCriticThe Quadrupal Decker!!!! This must happen! :rofl:
  • Pakalolo2
    @VapeCritic This is a worthy challenge, I mean a serious test of the Budmsn’s ability to consume mass quantities of G43 vapor live would be epic!
  • bulllee
    Please add me to the list
  • Lucic and Chong
    apparently this bloody scissor drink is just basically a Bloody Mary with Clamato juiceCtipp22

    I'm assuming you mean Bloody Caesar, not scissor?

    It's getting carried away up here with people and their Caesar creations. This one would pair quite well with a case of the munchies.
  • Konstantinos
    Hi Bud!

    I have few questions that maybe I missed. How much you put in it's chamber? Is it considered as on demand vape? I cannot find these details about it. I have a eVic VTC mini. Does it have cruside mode? I also need a J-hook glass for using it. Please add it on the list and the mod if mine is not supporting cruise control. Thank you in advance and thank you for adding me to your list.
  • UbarDog

    Vaping with the G43 is a very simple process:

    1) Fill chamber loosely with dry herb (80% full)
    2) Turn on box mod and power on cruise control (11 watts starting)
    3) Insert glass slide into your 18mm female rig or adapter
    4) Wait 3-4 minutes for the glass inside to heat up to full operating temp
    5) Start rippin' it!

    Our firmware supports the following devices:


    VTC Mini, VTC Dual, VTwo Mini, VTwo, AIO, Basic;
    Primo, Primo 2.0, Primo Mini, Primo Mini SE;
    eGrip II / Light;
    Cuboid, Cuboid Mini, Cuboid 200;

    I got Info from Buds previous posts way back on Page 1&3 he gives more Info.
    Yes VTC mini will accept the update
    Load size.
    I beleve 0.2g is the norm. He has tested with ALOT less before and I think some beta tester have filled it RIGHT up.
  • Konstantinos
    @UbarDog thank you very much. I saw these information too. I just don't know how much is the bowl. How much is the maximum quantity. And if it's used as on demand. I mean it heats all the time? While inhaling?..
  • Ctipp22
    HAHA it sounded like scissor the whole time. That’s good
  • Tdog420
    damn that looks amazing!!! Would get you so ripped! :cry:
  • LabPong
    UbarDog thank you very much. I saw these information too. I just don't know how much is the bowl. How much is the maximum quantity. And if it's used as on demand. I mean it heats all the time? While inhaling?Konstantinos

    IT is not an on demand vape...it is a session type. Yes, the heat is always on while using. Max load is .2 or little over. You can attach it to any 18mm joint on any type of glass piece.
  • zancru
    In my opinion and expertise, the G-43 is an “hybrid session-on demand vaporizer”.
    Once you have reached “lift off temperatures” and you don’t let the heater coil temperatures cool down, it’s always an “on demand convection vape”.
    Meaning, you’ll need to have a bunch of 18650s or a power bank up to task, to keep it warm enough, all the time, as an on demand vaporizer.

    “On demand” for me means: any time you inhale, no matter if you push a button or air draw technique sensors, it’ll produce vapor.

    A clear example of this, are PCKT and Palm batteries for C-Cells cartridges, as 100% on demand.
    G-43 actually is a “2 minute primer heat-up on demand” vaporizer.
    Haven’t vaped yet, early morning jobs, my ideas are still not clear enough without THC ;)
  • BobCat
    @VapeCritic you mentioned in the stream today using temp control at a higher wattage to decrease the preheat time. The battery will drain faster and the there is greater stress on your heating elements.
  • Hazel
    :100: :cool: G thangggg :death: :fire:

    Don’t be scurred... it’s just a badass vape! :wink: But if you are see picture #2! :lol:

  • highasakite
    Here is the low profile 18mm female to 14mm male that I found. It looks like it might work great as an Elev8r bowl too! $1.57 each for 100+

    I hope no one ordered these for Elev8r use based on my post. This is what I ordered ucq1qjvfjr2i0hi9.png

    This is what I got...

    Gotta love DHgate.....here is the link - dhgate They will NOT look like the pictures!

    As far as $9 mistakes go though...not terrible. :cool:
  • BudsofWar
    the bowls u received are what I use for the Elev8r. i also have some of the bowls you initially ordered.... those are not good lol so that worked out well for you :up:
  • highasakite
    Really, with the big ring in the middle? I haven't even put a screen in yet, but will try them out tomorrow with flower. I was looking for something like what I have on the right here elev8r-bowls.jpg

    I like it better than the stock bowl on the left.

    They will ALL work with the G43. :up: :up:
  • BudsofWar
    I find the screen isn't secure enough, it great for an adapter tho :up:
  • LabPong
    Gotta love DHgate.....here is the link - dhgate They will NOT look like the pictures!

    As far as $9 mistakes go though...not terrible. :cool:

    This is where you complain to the seller and get a refund or reship! Never allow the payment to go to the seller until you are 100% satisfied with the product....I wait until i use the product before I allow payment to go to seller....this way you have the advantage when something goes wrong.

    At worst....they offer you a partial refund or you have a bunch of adapters.
  • Zachblair87
    Right on. Thanks I saw the artice fox firmeware f o r wismec eleaf and ijoy products I was just wondering if that was a common things on mods cause personally I hadnt seen it. I'm new to herb vaping been learning about it over the past year or so just wanted to c if i was missing something. If u wld make a video on adding the firmware i think that wld B a great additon to ur channel. Thanks again. i got a dynavap on ur recomendation and absolutely Love it. Do u have any suggestions on whete I can get an induction heater thats not too expensive???
  • VapeCritic
    Damn... hit a snag with the whole Temp Control / TCR thing last night...

    First snag:
    The MyEvic firmware doesn't let you use the auto-fire (cruise) mode with TCR, only watts (power mode).

    Next snag:
    Tubo firmware does not load onto the P80 mods I have, but you can run cruise mode with TCR.

    I took out an old mod last night and put the Tubo firmware on it to test it out... I'm guessing it will be possible to somehow configure all the settings to make it work, but in my half hour of testing it doesn't seem like something I want to get hardcore into right now, every setting I changed was drastically altering the behavior of the coil.

    I'm going to send the mods out with the basic MyEvic firmware on them to do the normal cruise mode that I and the beta testers have been using successfully for a few months now (run between ~11-12 watts).

    If anybody has a mod with the Tubo firmware on it and wants to mess around and try and get the temp control working with the G when you get it, I will replace your unit if you blow it up :sweat:
  • Other Side
    In my opinion worrying about temp control is wasted effort given the design of this unit. The myevic solution works perfectly and I'm not sure you would get any meaningful improvement with temp control based on how this operates.
  • zancru

    What I suggested Bud many times, and during last stream.
    If you want to please every millennial with their “wishy washies”, G-43 will never be released.
    Let them trick it for you, let’s see if they are more action than words and suggestions.

    If you want to please everyone that “owns only one favorite portable/desktop”, you’ll have to incorporate a little thing from every vaporizer.
    Then it will be the “next little big thing similar to the rest” ;)
    What’s good about your vaporizer is the KISS design.
    Just start shipping please ;)
    Stay cozy and vaped.
    Big snow storms are going your way.
  • VapeCritic
    I'm just trying to cut down that heatup time :groan: :groan:

    Sorry, I meant to explain more for whoever wasn't on the last stream...

    I was going to try and figure out how to use temp control mode and the TCR settings to speed up the heatup time, by for example setting the temp to 400 but the watts to ~30w, which I was thinking would make it heat up faster to the target temp instead of running at ~11w the whole time.

    But, no-go for now :lol:
  • VapeCritic
    @Dr green thumb
    Is 30 degrees cold enough for the freezing-G43 test?
  • Dr green thumb

    Yes bud as I don't see any of us standing outside for long.
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