• Ctipp22
    Yeah bud tries a lot of the heavier units
  • LabPong
    Pete says it is the Best Desktop of 2018...not "the best vs everything prior to 2018"........right?

    With that said...what other vapes would be compared to the Ditanium to make that assertion of it being the best DT of 2018?
  • BestBuds
    A best of list of all currently produced dry herb vapes. That is a video I would like to see.
  • Alexis
    this is what I meant. I didn't make it clear enough in my post, when I said the DigiTi and Vrod are probably nearest competitors to the Ditanium, I meant as 2018 desktop releases.

    I dont think there have been any other notable desktops released (last) year in this category but I may be wrong?
  • Alexis
    The Glass Symphony, that is a grey area regarding official release.
    It still is in the upcoming and unreleased section on FC. But it is out there. I bought mine at tgevend of 2017, and I wasn't the first.
    But it definitely wasn't considered to be "released" at the time.

    So when do we decide the GS was officially released? 2017, 18, 19?? (20?)
  • Cl4ud3
    I count that as 2017 because they are unchanged since then and were, and are still ,available via Jojo. I don't know why they are still classed as upcoming on FC, and no idea what delays there have been with the website.

    Edit: to me the only desktop last year was the Ditanium, I don't class the VROD as a new vape and is the DigiTi even officially out yet ?

    General question would be how many desktop reviews did Pete do last year, because he might not have even tried some of the niche ones.
  • Alexis
    sound logic Claude as ever, I agree on all points. Yes I think we can say GS was a 2017 release, except it missed all the baftas lol! :grin: Jojo could have a nice emblem sitting on mantlepiece otherwise.
    What was the best desktop of 2017?
    Some would like to say the GS Im sure, it has some real passionate fans.
    The Herbo Ti analogue and FP OG, WA, and SH were other nirable releases in 2017.

    Yes the DigiTi is officially released inside 2017, so that does qualify. I dont remember Pete doing many desktop reviews though.
  • beezee420
    herborizer is the best flavor. Better than flowerpot
  • Alexis
    its a strong contender for best 2018 desktop, but obviously depending how we look at things. For flower only- smoothness, taste, AND potency weight for weight, I think the DigiTi may just pip the Flowerpot.

    But there are numerous other variables and factors which come into play, so ultimately the whole concept of awarding one specific vaporizer top spot is a little flawed in some situations.
  • Alexis
    Yes the DigiTi is officially released inside 2017, so that does qualify. I dont remember Pete doing many desktop reviews though.Alexis
    Whoops, just spotted this. Inside 2018 is what I meant, clumsy muppet again me!
  • Ctipp22
    Anyone get in on this piece yet??
  • juxt

    It's a good vape. I don't like doing double deckers on it the way you can with a FP or SUB, it just seems clunky.

    The herb want is horizontal, which I think Bud doesn't like. It's wanded and whipped and a lot of people don't like that, but it's fine to leave just sitting there, and its the only one I feel protected from, and haven't burned anything on.

    It also works pretty good. Dabs are clean tasting, but the cup can be hard to clean if you don't keep it swabbed well. The rest of it stays pretty clean.

    It doesn't have the Ti personality of the Vrod, but it's a good vape for the price for sure. My main complaint is the lack of exact temp control.
  • Ctipp22
    Hows the plain herb extraction and taste? Clouds?
  • juxt

    I just hit it again to check. It does well enough, and is safe enough, to sit on the edge of my desk. It extracts great i'm at about 1 o'clock on the dial though so maybe high. Tastes great, but if you've ever used a whip you'll know what I mean in that it gets that whip tinge to it. Hits hard though, nice throat hit higher on the dial.

    At my normal setting it's not CLOUDS it's more clouds, I don't expect it to extract in one draw like with some, but maybe I should since the other complaint is the whip is too short and I keep pulling the wand off the heater.
  • medicalmark
    I have one as well and enjoyed the dab piece I find it takes a lot to get vapor using flower I have to milk it quite a bit to get it going
  • Tdog420
    Has anyone been using this?? Thoughts??? All other reviewer's seem to like it a lot and say it hits hard w both materials.
  • ssaucyc515
    would like a regular users input as well. I don't like the way you out herb side ways...
  • Tdog420
    the only thing i think may bother me is the whip and not being able to keep it clean. However a replacement whip is only like $8 dollars which isnt bad.
  • Bad Dog
    Seems to be a good bit of nitpicking but not a lot reviews on this one so far. I'm interested in the ditanium it's on my list of desktops I'm thinking about getting. Was wondering what the maintenance was like, does the gum up fast with concentrate use?
  • Tdog420
    i have seen this option not a fan. Looks goofy and a weird angle to hit it from. Also looks easy to break....... Some1 neeeds to come up with a 3rd party adapter of some sorts that is better then this!! Appreciate the thought though.
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