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About 70 year old male Oklahoma(2/49)
Total Newbie As of 6/'17
Purchased a AirVape XS today......Wow
Added a Dynavape OG
Added a Burl Walnut E-Nano
After a year now, I purchased an MV1 (can't imagine ANYTHING BETTER FOR FLOWER)
Original XS bit the dust...Apollo Replaced it FREE with the new X....SWEET !
Added a G43 Complete BEAST
Although a BEAST, the 43 was Too Much for my abused lungs, Returned to Bud !
OKLAHOMA is now Legal for Medical as of June '18 !
I now grow my own ! QB''s & COB's, No "Burple" !
Added a SAI TAF Ti with AEGIS LEGEND 200 watt box mod
An Obvious Square Peg attempting to fit in a Round Hole !
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