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About Vapes Using Now:
Vapbong (great for desktop for dry, it's a steam machine)

New Vape VROD RDK TC (It's great, just lot of stuff on desk to use it) (Expensive)

Mod Box atomizer Sai Taf T-Bucket with Poseidon Bubbler V2 (Great for concentrates!)

Pocket Plus One (love this thing for carts)

Arizer Air 2 (simple for travel)
Davinci IQ (Great for conceal on the go and public use)

What I had:
Vapehale EVO (Loved great taste, just too much glass)

Mighty (Loved it, just for the price I was able to get a Davinci IQ and Arizer air 2 for the cost of 1 Mighty)

Looking to get:
StemPod SI
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