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About Current collection: The Vape Critics G43, Tiny Mite, Arizer Extreme Q, RBT Splinter V1, RBT Splinter Z custom, RBT Milaana 2, FireWood 5, Elev8r, Lotus, Rogue wax Works SmokeStack (homemade), XMax Starry :down: , Boundless Tera V3, Ditanium, Simrell Vortex with ti tip and Lucid IH.

Vapes of the past: S&B Mighty, S&B Crafty, Vivant Alternate, DynaVap M 2018, Davinci IQ, Pax 2, RBT Splinter custom (regretted selling this, replaced with the Splinter V1 above), Sticky brick Jr.
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