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About I'm now 5 yrs combustion and nicotine free. Ive successfully used herbal vapes to completely quit smoking. My first Vaporizer was an Arizer Solo. I stopped smoking cold turkey the day I received it. My second Vaporizer was an Arizer ExtremeQ that I brought 3 weeks later. I've never combusted or consumed any Nicotine since.

I'm now a hardcore Vaporizer geek (medical patient) with well over 40 Vaporizers and 4 E-cigs.

I have high tolerances and I vape around 3g a day on average.

Home Vapes: Arizer ExtremeQ, Daisy by Triihouse, HerbalAire Elite, LifeSabreVaporizer by 7th floor, SilverSurferVaporizer by 7th floor, S&B Plenty, S&B Volcano, Sublimator Adapt-A-Dabmaster Kit(sold), Sublimator Eliminator, Vapor Brothers, Vapir Vapirrise, Vapexhale Cloud Evo.

Portable Vapes: Alfa by Goboof, Arizer Solo, Boundless CFV, Boundless CFX, Crafty S&B, Dabbie, Dabstorm 2.0, Davinci Ascent, Dynavap Vapcap, Dynavap M, Firefly OG, Firefly2, Flowermate V50s Pro(brought as a present for someone), Grasshopper, Hammer Pro, Haze v3, Indica(gave to a friend), Inhalater 5s, Lilly by Triihouse, Lotus, MFLB, Mighty S&B, Milaana, Miva, Pax2, Pinnicle Pro, Protovape, PuffitX(rubbish and broken), Smart Evo, Smart Mini, Storm pen, Summit by Vapium, Vapir Prima, Vaponic, Vivant Alternate, VT1.0, WISPR2.

To be honest I've definitely got more, but I've forgotten some of them. Lol

E-cigs: Kangertech 30w Dripbox, Smok Alien kit, Smoke Vape Pen 22, Smok V8 Stick.

Ive only started using E-cigs over the last year or so. I've never ever used any nicotine in an E-cig.

I use very high % CBD crystals 500mg-1000mg into a 10-20ml 60/40 VG/PG flavoured E-liquid.

I also use very high % THC herbal infused E-liquid. With 8g of 4 strains (2g of each strain) of pre-decarboxylated high grade bud (preferably 2 indica and 2 sativa) into 10-15ml of 70/30 VG/PG flavoured E-liquid.

E-cigs with high % CBD or THC herbal infused E-liquid are definitely the stealthiest way to medicate in public. The results are also very potent. I mainly use it when I'm admitted to hospital for a while.

All the best!

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