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About Current: Art-of-Vapor VapBong art model

VROD w/NewVape PID,
710 hybrid coil with Banger, Ditanium,
G43 sled version, Elev8r full set w/coil,
Vapman Classic YewTree with Station,
SAI-TAF with Pico mod, blue OG Rio,
OmniXL, Simrell Ti, 2018M, Caldron IH,
Santa Cruz Shredder large 4pc

Current VAS: deVerdamper 2000ml ver.
more Classic Vapmans with egg cases
Current GAS: 3.5" BCG Aquamarine 3pc med
Recently moved on: Plenty, MV1, eNano,
DCup w/obsidian dish, Weed Eater,
Auber RDK300, Ardent NOVA, FireFly 2+
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