• Linx Eden?
    Finally able to try one, I’ll let you know how it goes. I love Linx products so I expect it’ll work great. Not a cloud chaser so it should be all I need.
  • Vapexhale: The Hanu Stone
    I like that this uses ceramic heating.
  • Drug Driving Laws - How bonkers are yours?
    Those hard limits on blood tests are ridiculous. They have no relationship to impairment.

    The people tested in this article started the test, before smoking, with 90ng/ml. Even after smoking so much more than I would ever consider safe to consume and drive their driving was not impacted as much as I would have expected. Also interesting to note is their blood levels did not change much.

    No one should drive impaired but there is no hard and fast limit to know that. I hope places figure this out and find a better way to keep impaired drivers off the road.
  • Linx Eden
    This might get me back into flower.
  • PAX Era pods vs oil THC carts
    No and sorry for the delay. I’m talking about things like PG/VG/PEG. That’s the stuff common in ejuice. Gives me a headache and makes me feel ill.
  • PAX Era pods vs oil THC carts
    Are you getting pods that are cut with fillers? Those always give me headaches. The uncut pods are fine.
  • Linx Blaze
    Am I right that the chamber on the bucket doesn't have the silly litle raised nub like on the Hypnos Zero?

    I like that this is shorter than the Hypnos and seems like it might have better airflow. I havent used my Hypnos since getting the Pax Era but I might get the Blaze if the chamber has a flat bottom.
  • The Pax Era: The only way I vape
    Era is now available in Massachusetts. I've been using the Rubi from Kandypen for a few months since that came to MA first. The Era blows the Rubi away. I can't wait for more pod options to be available. I've pretty much stopped using flower and I'm not sure I'll ever really go back.
  • Vapman Vaporizer Review (w/ Station)
    The Vapman is awesome. Smoothest draw of any vape I've tried. Always an impressive hit. Great flavour.
  • I'm never complaining about vape prices again
    Mine cost somewhere between $600-800 but then I stopped wearing it and cracked a tooth and am now looking at over $2,500 in repair work.
  • Anyone seen Disjointed yet?
    I read a review that says the later episodes get better as characters develop but I kind of gave up around episode 4 or 5. Not enough there to keep me watching I guess.
  • VapeCritic's 4/20 Giveaway - 12 Vapes - 6 Winners - Do The Math
    Nice. Thanks for setting this up. You're the best!
  • VQStick
    This is what I got back from the company:

    "Our cartridges are made of high grade plastic, a cotton wick, kanthal wire for the coil and a stainless steal tube."

    Should I be worried the cartridges are made of plastic?
  • VQStick
    I've been waiting for something like this but am concerned that it is made with safe materials. Doesn't seem to be anything on their site about that.
  • Anyone puffed on a pax era?
    Thanks for the side-by-side with the Hypnos. Based on form factor alone I really want the Era to come to my state.
  • Linx Gaia!
    The size is pretty appealing to me. Maybe a little thick.
  • The Election and Weed!
    Excellent results all around (except Arizona :(). One city in CO also voted in social clubs! Love my adopted MA!
  • A problem of choice
    The Vapman is awesome. Such a pleasant way to sit and sip. Feels great in the hand.
    I'd call it even :) Maybe if my grasshopper had come before I got the Zero it might have had a fighting chance. But as much as I love the grasshopper for what it could have been for me the Hypnos just does it all better. And once I learned how to make rosin that was it. I'm still looking for something even smaller than the Hypnos that can compete. The nice thing is, it'll come eventually.
    1. Hypnos Zero - beautiful, small, fast, efficient, easy
    2. Hypnos Zero - I squish all my flower now