• After a year it comes down to this
    LOL I am sorry but ABV budder is fucking disgusting.. Water cured, soaked in booze... what ever it is nasty AF.. Grow your own shit and make good budder/tincs/subs.. whatever, throw the ABV away :vomit:
  • EverClear Shatter / MV1 not hot enough!
    If a "Flower" vape advertises that it can do both flower and waxes/oils it should in fact do both flower/oil/wax flawless.. otherwise don't advertise as such..
  • Pharmacy Tech... high? What would you do?
    I am doing pretty good, I don't post on here much anymore, still around tho... Just bettering life in general, like I said getting my Bachelors in Biology and enrolled in Dental School at the same time is pretty time consuming.. Very much worth it though as my starting pay will be around 168K per year. I have thought about going past General Dentistry into oral maxillofacial surgery but it adds a considerable amount of schooling and honestly I just do not have the time to do it...I hope your doing well-!
  • Pharmacy Tech... high? What would you do?
    I was a Pharmacy Tech... I am in Dental School now.. all techs do is get the meds from the shelf and count your pills lol if you can't count while high.. you don't need weed in your life... I think it will be ok.
  • A skeptic newbie's perspective upon first using the MV1
    Not gonna lie when the Ghost first came out I fucking hated it.... I soon figured out alot of it had to do with the batteries and the fact they were not supplying the right amount of power... I have 4 batteries now 2 of them are A+ the other 2 are shit... BUT the Ghost is literally about the only Vape I use anymore... I have grown quite fond of it... takes a little bit to get used to if your a noobie but it really is a good vaporizer once you get to know it.
  • What grinders do you use the most?
    The only grinder I use other wise I use trimmers to get desired consistency..Also I love Storz & Bickel but if you take a Microscope and look at your material after grinding with the plastic grinders you will he horrified.. Please use caution with those.
  • Getting Reclaim from Plenty
    That is disgusting lol
  • Mighty arrived and damn.
    I used to use mine daily until I got the Flower Pot now it sits and has not been used for probably4 or 5 months :( RiP Mighty
  • Show me your “bud”
    I would watch out for this shit to.. It amazes me people are so sick that they would run flower thru butane or whatever chemical to get the resin then dry the bud and not only resell it but charge 280$ a fucking ounce for a chemically contaminated product with virtually NO medicine in it of any kind... wtf... Thus why I will never mess with dispensaries.
  • Show me your “bud”
    Wtf.. this PGR shit is news to me.. some of the buds I have looked up.. It does not even look like weed it looks like fungus
  • Show me your “bud”
    What do you mean "Grown with PG" The only PG I know of is Propene Glycol... It is not in flower but a additive in cartridge oils..
  • Volcano or Flowerpot or Cloud Evo?
    Flower Pot owns everything...
  • Fat girl
    buddy uses 6.8 water ph all the way thru.. it's really the best ph for absorption of all nutrients seagrow 16-16-16 for veg and 4-26-26 for flower.. also botanicare calmag EC not necessary for dirt.. a waste of money and buddy says ty.
  • Fat girl
    Here are some pics of what my "buddy" is working with
    Usually put ratios and % up but I am going thru opiate withdrawal and feel like a literal pile of dog shit.. Cheers and no that dark period is bullshit/folklore just like flushing with a 3 gallon pot with 12 gallons of water.. it just isn't necessary at all..Also best way to do a LEECH FLUSH is to just water plain at a p.h of 6.8 for the last 2 weeks of life, then a nice long cure to breakdown the sugars in the flower.
  • Fat girl
    Dinafem Moby Dick.. one of my favorites
  • Finally combusted on my MV1... that's the last straw for me. Also, Elev8r users?
    My opinion of the MV1 is that its very finicky there is just a certain way that you have to use it to get it to work right, It took me a long ass time to figure it out but I have had about 5 months of non-stop good use... The grind,pack,material dryness and draw EVERYTHING comes into play with this vape.. and it does get a tad annoying. Its good for home use but one the go hell no. Id rather use the MiQro... I busted a rap
  • Anyone get gas and bloating from regular use?
    Took me a minute to catch up.... I was thinking it could be anxiety related some how...I got a diagnoses of Panic Disorder w/agoraphobia when I was 19 (34 now) and I have been on Xanax 3mg daily ever since but before they put me on the Xanax I would get HORRIBLE Panic attacks.. I would start sweating like hell,stomach knotted up,unable to breathe with horrible shaking and I would get the shits really bad to...Xanax saved my life literally, it kinda pisses me off that it gets a bad rap because of idiots that won't use it right...Anyway weed does not help my disorder... I have depression and WILL NOT take depression meds... they just mess with me to bad so... Depression, Sleep and to a DEGREE pain relief.. The state I am in is going to have medical in 2019 but the program is bullshit so I will probably just keep doing what I am doing now. My doctor is tapering me off of 80mg of Oxycodone I have taken 4 20mg pills a day for 8 years.. I am on 3 pills now its not messing with me to bad yet... but since I am going off the opiates I am looking for more pain relief from Canna and Rosin.. fuck the premade oil.. It def has a effect on the bowels because to this day I can vape a big booger of rosin and then have to take a massive dump right after lol... It may very well be that drink to or a combo of both..
  • Anyone get gas and bloating from regular use?
    Whenever you have the stomach problems do you get really nervous?... Sweating more than normal,shaky, hard to breathe? I have had panic attacks really, really mess up my stomach to the point of throwing up.
  • Anyone get gas and bloating from regular use?
    I will let you in on a little bit of my history... I have had chronic illness and pain for a while and had to take Opiate pain meds daily for like 8 years now which I am now being taken off of because of the "epidemic".. Well when I first started them they made me constipated for WEEKS it was miserable.. Until I started vaping Canna OIL and I literally was never constipated again...also yes the CHS or "Scromiting" is while your using some people its heavy and some light users.. has your stomach got better since you stopped?.. and back to the point of the Constipation and Canna and there being receptors in your stomach, bowels and even in your skin... they are literally every where and they dont hit the same ones every time.. It really is a crazy and beautiful herb... Also if you keep having troubles go to the doc and make sure nothing else is going on.. Don't wanna take any chances... that is if you have not gone already :)
  • Anyone get gas and bloating from regular use?
    Pure CBD strain would probably be the way to go until you figure out what is going on.