• Dynavap
    Don’t know why. Possibly aesthetics. Two sets of two.t89qzo183vnbm4xk.jpg
  • Dynavap
    Was fortunate enough to receive a 2020 M a little early. I can definitely vouch for the new improvements. Captive cap is my favorite for sure. Most robust M to date. 073nuheakt181u28.jpeg
  • Zapcap by RastaBuddhaTao
    It’s basically RBTs version of the Beast by Mistvape. The Beast takes about the same time to heat, which is what turned me off from it. The pros of these over an IH is the compact size factor. This coupled with the right mod could be super stealthy, but again, 15-30s is too long.
  • Wanted: RBT short straight stem
    I have a handful of these I’ve never used in various colors. I’m sure we can work something out.
  • Crafty & Mighty Hack: Glass Beads in the Cooling Unit
    I’d be interested too if the offer still stands. How long have you been trying this method. Does it gum up the cooling unit faster?
  • Heliyum Haze - indigogo campaign vape
    Thanks for the reality check. Guess I won’t be taking advantage of the Black Friday special lol.
  • What will you buy on Black Friday? Another vape? Weed specials? New accessories ?
    Dynavap sent out an email to watch out for their Black Friday reveal email coming on Monday.
  • Carta V2
    From my understanding, I’m not sure this situation is considered a “hostile takeover”. Sounds like there’s some fraud and a legal court battle coming soon. Their post does not go into detail about the ownership of the company though. Hostile takeovers are usually completely legal and above the table, not as “hostile” as the moniker implies. They usually involve one party either purchasing enough stock in a company or pooling together a majority of the stockholders to then claim control and replace the board.
  • Battery Powered Portable Induction Heater for DynaVap
    There are a few out there. I believe Pipes over at FC makes a portable IH. It’s barely portable though, the batteries and electronics are a cumbersome thing to try to shrink down.
  • Linx Blaze
    Linx just released their new “Budder Cups” for the Linx Blaze. They are little glass? concentrate cups that fit inside of the flat ceramic atomizer chamber on the Linx Blaze. They work pretty well too. Great microdosing solution for on the go. My full review copy-pasted below:

    “I have also had the pleasure of using the new Budder cups for the Linx Blaze Onyx. For anyone not familiar with the Blaze, it’s a great device for concentrates on its own(comes with a ceramic flat coil atomizer as well as quartz chamber atomizer). The case it comes in is pretty nifty too.

    But it’s the new Budder cups that stand out. The little case that the cups come in is brilliant. You slide the tray out and inside are 8 neat little cups. Each one comes with a little rubber cap so you can preload each cup and carry the whole case on-the-go.

    The Budder cups are meant to be used in the flat ceramic coil atomizer. Once the mouthpiece is screwed on, the cup fits nice and snug in the Blaze. The Budder cups, as mentioned above, are super small. I only put a tiny amount of concentrate in each one.

    The Blaze has different temperature levels so I started at the lowest and worked my way up. To my surprise, the 2nd level was the best for me. I thought it would take the highest heat since the atomizer needs to heat up the cup but I got great flavor and clouds on the second lowest setting and the cup looked pretty well spent after just a few rips. And that’s why the cups are so novel. You don’t have to keep loading/cleaning the same cup after each use. Just swap out one cup for another, you do get 8 of them! Lol. And the swap is easy, just unscrew the mouthpiece and it slides right out.

    I would absolutely recommend the Blaze with Budder cups to anyone looking for a discrete, clean, and portable concentrate microdosing device.”


  • The Rio by Stache products
    As in will the atomizer die? Not sure. Mine hasn’t yet, but it’s only been a month or two and it’s not my DD. But if it does, Lifetime Warranty. Would still be an inconvenience though.
  • The Rio by Stache products
    Definitely a cool device. My main reason for preferring an electronic device though is the temperature control. This is basically a portable torch dab rig so you have to go back to manually controlling temperature with a torch. This device is tempting though. If you don’t like replacing atomizers, the Oura by Kandypens is good too.
  • 2019 Vape Pen Recommendations
    Short of cartridges, I am not aware of any coil systems that are completely contained. The best ones unfortunately need to be upright in order to not spill out. Linx just released the Hermes 3, which is a self contained cartridge tank with a ceramic cup under the inlet holes. But it hits more like a cart than the Sai.
  • Oura by KandyPens
    Ahh, I see. I knew it sounded too good to be true.
  • Oura by KandyPens
    True, I was bummed I didn’t wait for Labor Day weekend to get mine. I got an email from KandyPens they were doing 40% off for Labor Day. The 25% discount is really good anyways though.
  • Oura by KandyPens
    Battery life is great. I haven’t done a test to see exactly how long it lasts but I barely ever have to charge it. I’ve used it once while charging so yes, it does do pass through charging.
  • Oura by KandyPens
    They certainly don’t seem to be as popular as similar devices. Might be some people have a problem with KandyPens or just not good marketing. They were the last of the big 3 of these devices to drop. I mentioned the Oura to someone recently and after they looked it up they said it’s in a bunch of rappers videos. Not sure where they were looking. Lol.
  • Oura by KandyPens
    My Oura is still rocking. Not my daily driver but I go for it often for big dab rips.
  • Linx Hermes 3
    I was fortunate enough to receive a few of these last week and although I’m not a cartridge person, this one is a pretty good option. It apparently has a ceramic bowl under the inlet holes in the tank so it’s not a Wick or coil system. It holds a little bit more than .5g and I’ve run about 2g of distillate through it now with no drop in flavor. It doesn’t leak either. I use it on the lowest temperature setting. If you are into filling your own cartridges and getting the most out of them, this refillable cartridge/battery is a nice setup. Super small and discreet too.

  • Oura by KandyPens
    Nice review video by Troy on YouTube !