• Firefly 2+ (FF2)
    This is also my go to trick for button fire, just tap a finger to my tongue and I'm ready to go, especially when the air gets drier in the winter
  • Apple bans vape apps
    I'm pretty pissed. Pax and Firefly apps are gone from the store... still on my device, but gone from the store.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)
    Thanks LabPong! I think it's the pad I'm using. The one that FF shipped with the unit seems slightly too large for the bowl causing it to not sit evenly causing the excessive airflow. I'll try out a new pad after a few more puffs and see how it goes.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)
    So, I decided I might as well have a backup vape anyway and picked up a handsome Zebra wood FF2+ this weekend. The airflow seems the same as my accidental mod, and they both seem to whistle when I draw. Do you all have the whistling thing happen with your FF2/+ or am I just drawing too hard?
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)
    Say all you Firefly fans, I get overzealous in cleaning my FF2 sometimes and was wondering if anyone knows of a place to buy any of the parts for the heating chamber, especially the little black gaskets? I seem to have damaged one in my FF2 and leaving it out gives the device almost too much airflow and a bad sequel when used.
  • I broke my Firefly 2, what should I do?
    I was able to get it working! Turns out I had the little contact bridge in upside down or maybe backwards. It would still be neat to know if there’s a source for any individual oven components. Part of the ceramic diffuser is cracked and the thin gasket material is showing it’s age.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)
    I use alcohol wipes on my FF2 (non-Plus) for my mainly concentrate use and they work like a charm... they do break down whatever adhesive they use on the lid seal though. Even with super careful use I've not been able to keep one section from coming loose.
  • Arizer stems
    I've received multiple Arizer stems from Arizer directly for my Solo 2 that don't fit. They claim I'm just using them wrong but they stems aren't consistent in diameter from Arizer so they don't always fit in the chamber, I've actually had two break inside the chamber. At this point I've given up on Arizer and my Solo just because of the crappy glass. Total bummer because I enjoyed my V-tower from Arizer.
  • Oil Pens - Rubi
    Nope, they are just loaded into glass syringes (or I've seen ones like the dabarattus that have a steel tip) but are normal extracts. The syringe just makes it easy to dab right out of and control the quantity. I used... (runs to check)...Half a gram and it half filled the cartridge. But at half a gram with the fully honey consistency it would have been difficult to load any more without it settling. I've got some cartridges on order as I think it's a cool product and can't get Pax's version in my state, but when I use the new carts I'm going to start by thinning the oil to see if its any better.
  • Oil Pens - Rubi
    I picked one up after watching Bud's review and immediately filled it with some honey-consistency oil one of my medical dispensaries packs in little glass syringes. It works, but if you can thin it out just a little bit with propylene glycol or terpenes (which is what I'm seeking out) I think it would draw a bit smoother. So far no burnt taste with the thicker liquids though, its just a bit hot/harsh if I draw for more than 4 or 5 seconds. My throat gets toasted fast though.

    Also... with honey I wouldn't use it right after filling as the oil need some time to get down to the goods. I filled my cartridge (about half way as I was nervous about the consistency myself) and put the cartridge in the Rubi, the I let it stand upright in for about 30 or 45 minutes to let all the material flow to the bottom before priming (remove the cartridge and draw a handful of times) and using per the instructions.
  • IPhone X and Apple Removing Access To Vaping Apps
    None of this app nonsense is Apple's fault, it's vape manufacturers having lazy developer partners and getting caught up in the app-ify everything craze. The bananas vape design though... totally seems like Apple, although not for vapors you'd ever want to inhale from my guess.
  • Cracked Crucible
    I've always superheated ceramics to clean as opposed to using ISO since ceramics are OK with that... but I'd ultimately consider any loading capsule/pod/pad/crucible/chamber to ultimately be consumable. Just like screens or glass bowls, pack a spare or 3.
  • New to Vaping - Suggestions?
    And that pass through use, that is one feature I want to see EVERYWHERE
  • New to Vaping - Suggestions?
    I hear the Source pens are pretty much tip top, I became overwhelmed by all the options and went with a Prism (the Prism+’s little brother) and have not been disappointed. That being said, I’m sure I’ll eventually get an Orb 4. Different vapes fit different days
  • What's in your vape?
    Purple Kush in my... umm... poor man’s paper and lighter vape by Raw, and some Khalifa Kush nug run shatter in my Prism.


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