• EpicVape E-Nano
    Burl Maple, 2 years old(approx) came with a cpl Holes/Flaws in the body where the plug fits...its been left on up to a month at a time, put back for a month or so and brought back out to be plugged in for another month...all to NO CHANGE in these Character Marks(Individuality). Was Worried at 1st, but, apparently No Need.
    I Agree about the metal screens being Trash...Clog easy, get bentup easy, PIA to remove, then clean, then reinstall. After using the Glass screen stem, Ive Never gone back to the metal screen stem. Also ordered one of the Glass Screen "Ice Stems"...that being a Game Changer for me due to its Cooling/Smoothing effects(I also use the "Ice Stem" with Apollos WPA on the AirVape X, Excellent Hack IMO) !
    The Nano is a Simple, yet, Top Shelf, Pure Convection apparatus. From Micro dosing to Explode your head Mega Rips. And the Taste/Flavor it delivers is matched Only by the MV1, IMO..."TERPENE GUN" some may refer to it as. SIMPLE to use, yet, Versatile in its many uses.
    As far as Value vs. $ spent, its AT THE TOP, IMO !!
  • Enano
    Ive left mine on for a monthh at a time. Had it a couple years. Works like the day I purchased it. I also added the "Ice Stem" recently. I also use the Ice Stem with my Apollo AirVape X and the WPA for the "X". Fits perfectly !
    Maple Burl....usually set at 6.5 i.e. Baron. Seems to be the Sweet Spot for all ranges of load size....0.05 to 0.3 gms.
  • Which wax vape?
    Ouch, I can see that happening easily !
  • Which wax vape?
    Add the Posiden V2 to your SAI ! Works well for me !
  • Show me your “bud”
    Yes sir. Mainly Fluff bud, but, thats what Clones usually produce, at least my experience in growing from clones. Considering that I grow for me and not for show or sale itll work.
  • Show me your “bud”
    4 oz of Jack Herer & 1.5 oz of Blueberry Kush Super Burp out for an airing 3rd day of jarring. Probably 4-6 oz of BBK left to trim off hanging plant.
  • Dynavap
    So, Lower and Slower to get to the same heat/Click point. As where a Hot flame heats the Cap Click Before heating the Load carrying portion...ok !
  • Dynavap
    Am sure thats part of my problem. I have a Large Single Flame and a Mini 4 flame lighter. Ill pass on another torch and go with the IH, If I can get one before all are scarfed up!
  • Dynavap
    My problem is, I get too medicated to figure it out, lol, duh !!!
  • Dynavap
    LOL, I personal feelings go in the Opposite direction. Didnt like the Torch 2+ years ago, Still dont !
  • Dynavap
    Saw that....Hope they last till the 3rd or that Stim ck arrives before then !
  • Dynavap
    I dont think "intimate" is what I would call it, lol.....grrrrr !
  • Dynavap
    Will have to wait on a Stimulus ck or SS deposit before attempting to satisfy VAS with the Appollo 2 IH.
  • What are you listening to right now?
    "Faces, Bright White, Collaboration", amongst numerous others.
    A Long way from his 1965 "Acid Folk Rock" album, "I am a Loner" !
    Was always Before his time !
  • Show us your garden!
    Great choice, both Crop King and White Widow. Grew Crop King WW my 2nd grow, beautiful Frost covered cola's. Looked as tho I had poured Powdered Sugar on them !
    Sorry, wrong pic, this was only about 2 weeks into flower period. Hadnt frosted yet.
  • What made you smile today?
    I Dont Care that you Dont "care", lol. Doubt either of us will lose any sleep tho ! Absolutely No Reason to leave in a Huff. Also No Reason for the "Exit" notification!
    If I got Really OFFENDED about what people say, believe, Id have left the 1st time someone complained about me typing in ALL CAPS ! I just Try and adjust/accommodate to what passes as the Least Offensive to All Audiences. Keyword "TRY" !
    Look at it in reality..."Its Making Fun/Light of anothers choices" ! Unless YOU are getting a Giggle from it, youre looking for someone else to Giggle about it...('cept Baron, he Dosent Giggle, lol) !
  • What made you smile today?
    Im offended when you refer to him as such !
  • That was the worst... oh brother!
    Just harvested and jarred 4.5 Oz of Jack buds. Its good, but, like many others Ive tried, its Just Pot, different taste is all.