• 4/20 DEALS
    Go big or go home boys and girls!

    The Art-of-Vapor is having a 30% off sale!
    Never heard of it?? Don't worry, it is one of those more obscure vapes out there.
    More art than vape but a very effective vape at the same time!

    Best to translate the page.

    Few points:
    They sold out their entire stock overnight of the Basic vape!!
    Some Art vapes left but they are $$$$
    The only had 1 US power adapter left, more on the way but only end of May.
    Color choice is their choice as they will be going into production mode and they will ship as they are completed and checked. You get whatever color they have in their hands when your order comes up.

    Here is a review of his vape by an FC member.
  • Best shows and movies to watch

    Did you catch the bat-wing reflectors on the LED's in the grow rooms??
    Good movie!
  • Status update

    These are rough times for everyone around the world.
    Take care and look after yourself and your family!

    How about a PayPal donate button?
    I am sure a lot of us would be willing to donate and keep the forum running expenses less for you to bear alone.
  • Anyone know a great seed bank?

    Lmao!! Not offended at all.
    Just letting you know what the world in general takes typing in capitals as, not just my opinion.

    Info is info! So long as it helps others out!

    Back to what is a good seed bank!
    TrueNorth is pretty good.
    Sannies seeds has awesome Netherlands genetics
    Attitude, Nirvana, seedsman as well as some private seed sellers.
    ThugPug genetics, Ethis genetics etc...
    IG is a great source for quality seeds!
  • Anyone know a great seed bank?

    I require heavy Indica strains to actually help me with my Ankylosing spondylitus, which is an autoimmune disease that attacks my spine.
    A 50/50 strain does nothing to knock out the pain, makes my head feel high but the pain stays.
    I do not touch Sativa's as well for this reason.

    So to waste so much time growing and have something that I cannot use and have to give away, is unacceptable for me. My friends love the free weed but I am stuck buying expensive herb now till I can start a grow and harvest again...

    Just a general warning to go with known seed banks to avoid any issues that may occur.
  • Anyone know a great seed bank?

    Clarification helps...
    And when using caps in a reply, it is most definitely not for yourself.

    So long ad you got what you ordered and they grow and make you happy, then that is good.
    When you are a medical patient like myself, I need to grow strong meds that I know work for my conditions.
    When I buy seeds I expect to grow what I bought.
    If you know strains, you will know if you are growing what you know or not pretty quickly.

    I had a bad experience and gave my views.
    As I said before, if you get what you ordered and they actually grow out to be what you ordered, then great!
    However if you have wasted 5 months of grow time and expense to find you have unusable herb that is not what you ordered, then I have an issue.

    Just a general warning for PSB...
    Your money to do what you want with bro...
  • Anyone know a great seed bank?

    No need to yell bro...
    I made a statement that many others have made as well. Been growing for 20+ years and I know what strains should smell, taste and what effects they should have.
    Pink Kush does not smell like cookies, it has a gassy and earthy smell. Same with Godfather OG Kush, they both have that earthy, kushy aroma.

    Why would 8 plants, 4 pink Kush and 4 Godfather OG Kush all smell exactly the same???

    Also you may have noted how I ended off...
    Hope everyone else got what they ordered.
  • Anyone know a great seed bank?

    Not this one?

    I recently bought 5 Pink Kush and 5 Godfather OG FEM seeds from them.
    Every single one of them is exactly the same strain!! It's some sort of Cookies strain...
    If you do a reddit search or google search you will find many unhappy customers...
    I would not recommend them.
    They very quickly offered me my money back, no new seeds just money.

    Hope others got what they actually ordered.
  • Glass Symphony copper paste and glass rod

    The red with diamonds bit puzzles me...
    JoJo never used or mentioned this so I am not sure what he is looking for.
    Seems the OG poster is not too sure either...

    What he needs is a copper based thermal paste that does NOT expand when heated.
    A LOT of the thermal compounds DO expand after heating and this WILL crack the glass.

    This is perhaps why JoJo had to "cook" his heaters down while adding the compound.

    I do not use that paste, my heater has never broken. It is just an option I quickly found.
    No guarentee on if it will work. I would need to do a LOT more research...

    If I know more about this red paste and diamonds, I can help.

    Otherwise your best bets is a thermal compound that does not expand when heater.
    Another issue could be cheaper/thinner glass that is being used now?

    As I said, mine is Number 1 and still works perfectly and is not cracked.
    Not sure how some people can crack that glass.

    Any extra info on what you are looking for would be helpful.
  • Glass Symphony copper paste and glass rod

    Dude, firstly you need to be more polite when asking questions and not receiving the answer you want.

    Now, red paste with diamonds? Can you link me to where this mix was mentioned??
    I have no idea what you are talking about as I only ever knew the heaters to have a copper heat paste.
    The lubricant I linked you to is copper based and can withstand up to 1100C, so would be a good replacement.

    I own the very first GS to ever be made for the public. My heater is still perfect with no cracks and has the copper paste.

    How does your heater glass keep breaking?
  • Glass Symphony copper paste and glass rod

    Not sure where you read that but it seems to not be able to withstand high temp.
    If I was doing the repair, I would look into some copper anti seize paste that is usually rated to 1800F.

    Try some automotive repair places or parts places, they will have the copper anti seize material. Just make sure it is rated a lot higher than the temps you use your GS at.

    A quick google:
  • Holy Grail/Unicorn of Cannabis

    Genuine Malawi Cob!
    Bought from a dude on the beach, smoked with him and just enjoyed the amazing buzz.
    Best smoke I ever had.
  • Combustion confessional
    I rolled a Fuck You Covid-19 joint the other day.
    First one in a year or so.
    Instant regret after the first hit. How I used to love smoking joints all the time amazes me!
    The taste, flavor and everything just tasted burnt, no flavor of the herb whatsoever.

    Going to be a long time before I try that again...
  • The Klip Grinder
    I have a Lift Grinder, it stays in the box...
    Never liked it and the blades gummed up quickly and there was always herb in the grinding chamber.

    This looks novel in some ways.
    I like that the magnets are opposed and keeps the plate suspended!
    Pity they only mention smoking on the website...
  • Sorry dudes, just need a couple of days
    Take care Bud!
    We are all here for you if you need anything or any help!


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