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    I have been on this third rock from the sun for many years... long enough to recall using TP roll inserts, apples, protopipes and many,many other implements to get a proper attitude adjustment.

    Of course, some of these tools work better than others, and, over the years, I have acquired several tools, including newer technologies, to achieve the desired attitude adjustment. I currently own and use the MV1, EVO, CFX, among others.

    That said, I wanted to second @acstorfer and say that I also own a few VapCaps and use them often. I have owned one for about two years now and am still amazed at how well they work.

    Each and every friend that I have shared the DynaVap experience with has acquired their own and spread the word. For the most part, it’s due to the DynaVap’s efficiency, effectiveness, and elegance in its simplicity.

    I really do agree,at least within the realm of vapes, that it’s a great time to be alive and experiencing all the new technologies.
  • VapeXhale EVO Review
    I use my EVO for both concentrates and flowers all the time and have for over a year without having any issues.

    The best explanation I can think of for my experience differing from those of you that complain of nasty flavors is that I always use relatively small loads of concentrates. I will do two or three smaller loads in my glass tubes rather than one large load. Having more than two tubes is key.

    Also, every month or so, I carefully fill the bamboo with fresh ISO, then use the caps that came on the top and bottom of the glass bamboo to seal the bamboo. I let it sit overnight and then empty the ISO. I let the interior dry without heat, and later I will start at the very lowest heat setting to gradually (over an hour or more) bring the temperature to around 12 o’clock position to make sure any traces of ISO are gone.

    I finish this process off by then blowing into the bottom of the bamboo to “push” out air from the bottom through to the top.

    Another added benefit of using smaller loads is that the nails are much,much easier to keep clean.
  • Bener vs Beener
    Yo, yo, yo.... I don’t want to die!

    Peace :victory: and love :party: is what we need more of in the world, not duels, unless it’s dueling at taking draws off of our Vapes :100:

    I’d be down for a duel of the vapors
  • Dynastash
    Yeah, what Mr. @Rockytdogg said!
  • Dynastash

    Spend a little time with the Dynastash and if your's is like mine, you will notice that depending on how you twist the lid open, when one hole is opened, the other remains covered.
  • Pipes Afterthought Solutions Induction Heater for VapCap

    That’s very nice!!!

    Between yours and @Cl4ud3’s, I’m inspired to build my own. Going to get on the list, it’ll increase my Dynavap enjoyment :up:
  • Crucible rims crushing or chipping
    I've had MV1s since they were first released and have about 10-15 crucibles which I have NOT babied in any way, shape, or form.

    I've used with flowers and concentrates and the crucibles have gotten dirty and stained at times. I've cleaned them by brushing out between uses and have soaked them in ISO and PBW solutions for hours and overnight. Not a problem at all in either case. Have had them in ultrasonic cleaners with PBW solution, not a problem, nothing broken, chipped, etc. (knock on wood). Basically, I haven't worried about it too much and just cleaned things as needed using some commonly available tools/materials.

    I don't know why Mr. @Herb feels one needs to invoke special powers or there's anything weird or special about cleaning these! As far as my experience, MV1 crucible care is easy -- you dump them out, soak in whatever you want, and they come out as clean as new. Really!
  • Dynavap "M" 2018 Model
    how would you compare the experience to the MV1 or the Mighty (I think I saw you have both might be wrong)?G-love

    I like both the MV1 and my Dynacap Ms, I don't currently own a Mighty though I have used those too.

    I think each of these vapes are so very different, the comparison may be moot. I use them differently too. I will usually use the MV1 when I am 'sipping' while listening to music or watching a movie, etc. I fill up the crucible holder (sometimes with a variety platter) and relax to enjoy.

    I like to bring out the Dynavap when I feel like a few tokes from a bong :razz: It's a little less 'passive' in that you do have to pay attention to the clicks, but anyone that's ever smoked a joint can certainly handle the "technical" details :cool:

    One can vary the size of you load with the Titanium tip, and with a little user experience you will learn to finesse the heat you apply to get the size hit you want. So, you can tailor your experience somewhat.

    I'm often surprised by how big the clouds from a Dynavap hit can be :-)
    Don't let its small size deceive you -- it's mighty surprising what a punch it can deliver.

    I think you'll find the Dynavap a welcome alternative to the MV1 experience.

    If you haven't already, check out the Dynavap videos.

    DynaVap Adjust-A-Bowl Tips (for Titanium tips)

    10 dynavap (vapcap) Tips And Tricks

    You also mentioned that you're not a fan of butane. I'm not either, but using a butane lighter for such a wonderful vaping experience, is, in my view, a rather small price to pay. The induction heathers, as @LabPong mentions, are also a possibility. I'm not sure of any timeline or expected delivery for a Dynavap product, but others may know more.

  • Best Desktop Vaporizers // My Top Picks
    How is the Calyx? Is it troublesome to fill in water?Big Red

    I don't think so, but some might ... I feel the Calyx's great performance outweigh its very slight shortcomings. Which are, in my view, 1) filling and 2) cleaning.

    The filling is only a slight challenge because the opening that one draws from is rather small, it's a hole only about 1/4" (4-5 mm) wide.

    The easiest solution I have found is to simply run a small stream of water at the faucet, holding the Calyx's opening under the stream until you have a level of water you like. I go slightly over the perc, on my Lynx I can't put in as much water as I can in the Calyx without getting splashback. I then wipe the outside of the Calyx and it's ready to go.

    Another option is to simply fill the Calyx using a syringe or similar instrument.

    If you've cleaned the Calyx, I recommend that you first dry the joint opening with a cloth and then fill your Calyx.

    Now for the cleaning ... I don't find it hard at all, but on another forum a fellow user stated they had some difficulty. Using the method outlined below, that forum member reported better results with no water marks after cleaning.

    I recommend simply immersing the whole unit in a solution of warm water, and for extra cleaning, you may want a cleaning solution of water with dissolved PBW. I try to keep the Calyx upright while first immersing so as to reduce the possibility of air bubbles forming inside which would reduce overall cleaning. After soaking for a few minutes, I rinse it under running water. Occasionally I let it fill with water, block the joint hole with a finger or plug, and shake it for better rinsing.

    If you are really into rinsing, follow this up with a quick dunk in clear hot water.

    When done cleaning, I hold the unit upside down and blow air in via the mouthpiece to get any of the water that's in the bottom chamber out. It's usually just a few drops. I think you'll benefit from more frequent "light" cleaning rather than going infrequently and doing deep cleaning.

    Let us know if you have any other questions. I think you'll really like your EVO. :smile:
  • Best Desktop Vaporizers // My Top Picks

    Congratulations! :up:

    I am sure you will love your VapeXhale EVO & Calyx. I have had my Evo & a couple of other Hydratubes for a few months and just recently acquired a Calyx. It’s now one if my favorite water pieces because it’s very smooth even at higher temperatures.

    I hope that you will enjoy yours!
  • Dynavap "M" 2018 Model
    I’m rocking an M18 with the Ti tip right now. Compared to the same Ti tip on an M17, I feel the M18 is a bit less restricted, seems like a slightly bigger draw.

    The grip is better, and it’s easier to locate the hole in the new version.

    I had been rocking the M17 with Ti tip for a couple of hours before the M18 arrived, so the data might be slightly skewed :joke:
    Way cool and awesome, Bud!
  • Ordered more VC shirts!
    I will order a large sized one.

    Thank you very much for getting this going, Bud!
  • Vapexhale Spectra (glass)
    If it's China like the rest of their current offerings than that is one expensive piece of Chinese glass!Other Side

    That's just simply not true! AFAIK, their glass and the EVO are all made in the US.
  • Just got my OmniVong!
    Of course there are all the videos on the Dynavap site, but I have found that this Vapelife X guy seems to have a special love for his Vapcap and imparts his knowledge in a way that works for me ... maybe it will for you folks as well.

    Here are two of his videos I found very helpful:
    10 dynavap (vapcap) Tips And Tricks

    DynaVap VapCap M
  • Using water in glass rigs versus vaping dry
    I get that in my glass (with water) when I use concentrates, but not with flower.

    I am not 100% sure what's going on, but I suspect that the water helps precipitate some of the oils in the vapor and they fall as deposits on the glass.

    It's sort of how particles in the atmosphere 'ride' on water molecules and come done as either acid rain or pollution precipitates.

    I'm sure someone else will come up with a better, maybe even clearer, explanation.

    I've tried my glass dry too, and agree that you get more flavor without it. On the other hand, sometimes vaping without water seems to dry out my throat. When having an extended session, I often vape both dry and wet. I start out a bowl with a dry piece for maximum flavor, and as I raise the temperature I switch to using water.

    With my EVO, it's as simple as starting out with the Dry Mouthpiece, then as I go up in temps, I switch to a hydratube.

    One last point. I have been experimenting with using a home-made cranberry extract that I add to my water in my pieces. It makes it so that the water lasts a lot longer without getting funky, and the glass stays cleaner much longer. It's sort of like RezBlock but homemade. I got the idea on another forum, so there's more info out there about this.
  • Santa Cruz Mini Grinder
    I have two SCS that I really like! The blue one is the large-size and it's a 4-pc grinder that has a pollen (kief) chamber. The smaller one is a 2-pc model that is nice for when I want something to travel with me.

  • Android App for Ghost MV1 now available on Google Play

    Thanks for the reply!

    No, I haven't done anything more regarding attempting to re-pair either of the vapes. I didn't want to go the 'extra-step' in my attempting diagnostics and end up with a brick or two ... But, if you think it's a worthy thing to try I'm game. Which vape should I try it with? The one with firmware 1.2.8 or vs 1.3.4?
  • Android App for Ghost MV1 now available on Google Play

    Was that more than one Android device or simply any other device?