• Hopper IO
    make sure you get it registered so you have warranty if it breaks.
  • Hopper IO
    see you have a plan :wink:. Works for ya, I have a question for you. Did you have problems with the IO work well then all of a sudden it just doesn't work meaning no clouds and vape.

    I'm in the process of organizing the shipping labels and stuff for it to go get fixed. Just was wondering if you had any similar issues like that.
  • Hopper IO
    absolutely I agree with you on that Once was good enough for I have no idea reasons why, but I guess they have their reasons lol. :wink: .

    Also, to note, no I probably wouldn't buy another one because I have a lifetime warranty that takes a life time to get fixed or working lmfao .
  • Hopper IO
    and sometimes you just want to get something just to get it to see what the buzz is about. I like innovation, and sometimes I definitely like to buy every once in awhile to splurge on a vape or something people talk about that I don't need (lol) but want because of the nostalgia of the product.

    To me it was why is there so much talk about it and I bought I get it, I get the mix Its because the vape when works is amazing, but the problem is when it doesn't I understand both Probably because I bought one and now it needs to get fixed. I will say, when working it was my daily drive every day vape and even took over my desktop vapes because it tasted and worked so well. Great with the bong but sucks when not working.

    It's like a memory or dream of what once was a great experience of heavenly We remember how great it was when worked and we just can't stop wondering why, oh why did the company fail so bad on one of the best little vape on the market "when working "
  • Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    I think Mighty is more like a Porsche 911, the engine hasn't changed because the engine is almost perfect.

    That being said, I think the Mighty vs other vapes is like comparing a Porsche 911 to a Mustang GT500 with a Hennessy Venom supercharger. Which vehicle would you rather have? Both are great vehicles, but I find the Mustang fits more of the price range and you get more for your bang for your buck. 100k+ vs half the price 60kish and the mustang takes gase or doesn't need special ethanol gas.

    Again not comparing Porsche 911 to mustang because I was just making the point it's all about preferences and what you are willing to spend and get for your money. Some people are fan Boys to Porsche or Mustangs too so that has some to do with it.

    Mighty is a great vape, but for me I have had 1 mighty and it broke 2 times so the original I bought from Storz site is 1, then the replacement broke that's 2 so they gave me a new one then that new one broke so they gave me another one. So I'm on #3 Mighty on 1 order. Talking $300+ for that machine and it's great when works. It was usually a 1 year thing. Every year or other year it would break. I had plastic break by the seems and I twisted it top on and it split the I had it not turn on, I had many issues with it.

    The upgrades to me seem not worthy of an upgrade. Like others said the plates ceramic wears off and lightening the plastic is not reassuring. USB C on a Mighty sure great, but it already had a long enough battery and pass through technology not that inused it because the battery length was good enough. So the up tick in recharging is great but you save what 45min to 1 hour?

    I'm a IQ2 person, I have had it and I believe it out performs my Mighty that I use my Mighty as a brick or paper weight.

    The IQ2 ceramic pod system is the best pod system in the industry, tey them load them up pack it in there an you got your dosing packs that taste so much better than the Mightys capsule system because Mighty uses aluminum where IQ2 uses ceramic and zirconia ceramic for the spacers which are great for normal usage. The price costs less to and the carrying case you buy, is size of the Mighty, so I can store a pick, spacers, materials in the sealed capsule you can buy, concentrates which work great in the pod system where you can mix concentrates and dry. Easy water tool, they both are great vapes.

    Comes to preference and technique on how to use them. IQ2 takes technique like how much to load how to use spacers properly and cleaning the IQ2 is so simple as they fixed the anus cavity from the IQ.

    I just think for the price the Mighty is just holding onto old technology that works well, but lack ingenuity that they once did.

    They are both great vapes and company's, comes to what you like or preferences, taste, convenience, easy to use, and the list goes on.
  • Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    The real question is, if you have a Mighty or the Crafty +, does it make sense to buy a new Mighty + or the Crafty To me I don't see any real big upgrades that makes me want to go buy this or upgrade the Mighty I IMO, I'm a bit disappointed again with no real upgrades or anything that's wowing me.
  • Just sayin'...
    Lmfao, yes she is right indeed. My brother is a cop in NJ and he said I'd much rather deal with any stoner than alcoholic. He also said if pot was federal he be smoking it I believe even if the state legalizes it he would not be able to smoke it unless medically prescribed but I'm not even sure on that.

    Icecream hell yeah, and funny speaking of burritos I'm making your own tacos and burritos for dinner tonight lol. Now I have to figure out what strain to smoke before
  • Santa Cruz Shredder - Industrial Size
    OMG, if you need that to grind, you may have a problem of over Joking I know it's for a farm, but there should be a Meme to go with this picture lol. Thanks for sharing :wink:
  • atomizer life
    The Session Atomizer lasted me about 2 months? I'm honestly not sure though. I have Gpen connect also, that atomizer still lasting, 3 months still, but I think the Session I didn't clean and I used more.

    I just bought a new atomizer for the Session so I'll have to take note next time and clean it better. I probably say, on average you probably will be 3-6 months per atomizer? Not really 100% on that, I think some variables are there as in how often used, cleaned or taken care of and not over flowing it making it harder to clean.

    I have the Sai Taf and the coil/atomizer is still going and it's been over 6 months of use and hard use too. So that I have heard of someone that I know said it lasted 1 year before they replaced their

    Hope this helps, it's not exactly accurate by me, but I haven't really been checking.
  • Hopper IO
    Lmfao! Maybe I understated stated it a bit, think your on target with
  • Hopper IO
    Yeah, not the
  • Rosin to Carts
    I enjoy them, also a dispensary by me make only one good cart called Sour Banana Sherbet (SBS), tastes nothing like its It's good though and I believe its CO2 or So I only get SBS or Rythms Their dry isn't good, so Curaleaf is the only other near me so there Dry is better, but there are better out there and I have had. Northern NJ has a better market right now than Southern NJ so it's a

    Why doing this shit myself is easier and at least I know what in everything. Also, nothing better than free swag .
  • Rosin to Carts
    I stand corrected, you are absolutely correct. I went back to website (the dispensary by me, online), and saw, it was Kindtree that was distillate. My
  • Hopper IO
    Best way, keep emailing them and then tell them you would hate to report them to the BBB. There customer service is not good, they send my IO and I couldn't register it for warranty. Then they register it and register it as a SS not TI which I ordered titanium not stainless steel. So they said they would send a replacement part because the back end might be SS not TI.

    Personally, they are scamming everyone right now. They send me a new one not sealed in any plastic. Then its dirty on the inside and then no ID code for registration warranty. What they are doing and I worked in manufacturing industries is repairing their products selling their repaired products as new. No other reason why they would mess up and not have the ID code on it or the lack of registration for warranty.

    Great product when works, mine now doesn't work like it did. I personally want them to replace mine 100%. No fucking waiting, just replace it with a new one, send a new one and a return address. I want a new box, with wrapping on it with a fucking sticker on it that says ID code:.....It's not hard, perhaps engrave the base too.

    So, my device was working absolutely fine, and I loved it. Now, I can't get any clouds through any water pipe. Weird right, I thought hmmm...maybe dry my materials, nope, just doesn't work, I can get and do it natively but that takes forever to get any could and needs to be on level 5 maxed out and that's barely clouds with that.

    So yeah I'm with I'm actually going to email them
  • Rosin to Carts
    Thanks, yeah I have heard of the distillate carts, they have some I believe by Rythm at the dispensary by us. I am looking to figure out how to do the distillate process. I have the rosin, I have to just figure out the how to process but make sure it's the correct how to process lol. Plus, I want to do it safely and also be healthy for the lungs well not something that will kill lungs or Carts are expensive here in NJ and without medical card as they haven't opened recreational yet, waiting for them to implement that. 1 cart only .5g is worth $60 us tax...crazy I can press for less or buy rosin less so figured make my own save some money for
  • Rosin to Carts
    That's what I have been finding out on my own research too. I know you can winterize it but I believe that dilutes it and makes it way less potent and at that point might as well drink it, Joke!

    Thanks, if I hear of anything I'll post it. .
  • Dr. Dabber Switch
    LMFAO! Awesome, thanks yeah not too much videos out there on it. It reminds me of the Vapexhale EVO but easier to use or quicker.

    Question, hows the taste? Like I said I'm tired of setting up my quartz banger all the time and thought this just might be easier to use around the
  • New Vape Day
    Try the IQ2, much better, also it works best with the material in 1st then a spacer ontop. The IQC needs the airflow, otherwise it's the same as the IQ. They basically just got rid of IQ and will replace it with IQC, and then probably eventually replace the IQ2 with IQC2. Personally I think they should have just came out with a IQC2 and then the Mini IQC2 so the mini would have better airflow.

    But, in a sense the IQ and IQC are the same. Maybe some small differences.