• Show off your Dog!
    The VGoodiez Doggo's. Both rescues. We Lila tested and she three generations of pure Boston Terrier on one side (including champion bloodlines) and three generations of straight American Staffordshire Terrier on the other. Most loving and affectionate dog we have ever owned!

    Rosie just joined us earlier this year. We're not sure of the mix but these two could not be more perfect together. And it's funny because while Lila is older, she very much acts like the puppy and is always starting something! Lol
  • Vapocane
    they are. I suspect they have had their stock for a good while.
  • Vapocane
    I should holler at Robert and see how he managed to land those. Last time I checked trying to bring them in, I was directed to Vaposhop who then directed me to Greenlane. :angry:
  • Which Vapes Have You Been Hitting?
    Tell me a little aboutBestBuds

    It's a similar design with similar materials. Both use a 16mm coil. Both use a quartz heater (although very different forms). Both are very open draw. That said they require a different technique and provide different results.

    The Elev8R taste better in my opinion. The DeskPod milks quicker with the larger quartz mass and stainless steel housing. I rip my Elev8R hard with the glass beads but you don't need to pull they hard to make steam with the DeskPod.

    Elev8R enail will be cheaper. The optional Stainless Steel housing on the DeskPod will be the most expensive piece of the kit and likely most significant reason for the price difference in the kits. I am sourcing a budget coil and controller option in order to get the Elev8R kit under $200 which will further widen the cost gap.

    But lets me real, the DeskPod is gonna look 1000 times better with that nice stainless steel housing. And the benefits don't stop there. It's supposed to help performance and will keep the coil unexposed for safety.
  • Which Vapes Have You Been Hitting?
    I have been heavy on the following lately:

    Supreme (both v3.5 and v6), I just can't get away from these guys

    Elev8R enail



    BB Vapes Dynavap Midsection, rekindled my love for Dynavap
  • Dynavap
    thank you! I am very excited about this. So excited I am shooting out my one and only unit to my friend Ol' Randy from @PuffItUp today!
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    I just ordered one of these from Ed for my Wall G!
  • Dynavap
    Check out the finish on the production samples! Pre-order still open. I hope to be shipping by the end of next week or early the following. $50 make you holla snd the VLF10% code still works on top!

    Shell-Shock Dynavap Midsection by BB Vapes

  • Magicmans Grasshopper IO diary
    I might buy oneBud

    I carry them. Kinda surprised to hear you'd want one. I didn't think you were much of a fan of the OG. It's lightning fast to heat up, more efficient with batteries and so far a hell of a lot more reliable than the OG.
  • Weekly Live Stream & G43 Giveaway - October 20, 2020
    ↪Other Side meat jerky? Lol, no idea myself. :grin:Alexis

    Lol nope. Those are Supreme ABV nugs.
  • Weekly Live Stream & G43 Giveaway - October 20, 2020
    Thanks for representing today brother! I'm pretty sure the heavies did their job! You were definitely faded by the end! :rofl:

    I see @Bud starting a collection of these after his Supreme experience today!
    Anyone who owns one of these babies will recognize these in a second!
  • Terp Torch
    Bud has a Supreme V6 and Elev8R Enail on the way. He'll be just fine.
  • Live Streams
    not that big of discounts! :sad:
  • Live Streams
    at this point I think Bud may be nervous. Quite possibly rubbin one out! :lol: