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  • What are the best upgrades to the Mighty?
    I have the Crafty Plus. It is so good. I don't use it a lot because it is too good for me!

    Would you say the Crafty Plus and Mighty plus are the exact same just different sized batteries..?

    The crafty Plus is like a machine, once it starts producing vapor, it just keeps going and going...

    I can handle it on a low temp with WPA and Water tool (percolator). For those special days I want to get hammered.

    Peace, Love and Vape,

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  • What are the best upgrades to the Mighty?
    The Mighty Plus! I take it your a power vape type. As far as portables For a power vape type, I would say the Mighty Plus with a water pipe adapter on a nice water filtration, you can literally triple the length of each draw. My answer The New Mighty Plus and a WPA (I got mine on super fast shipping, their WPA excellent quality as well (They usually have a 15% off).

    Letter err rip with a Mighty Plus with an WPA.

    For Power Vape Types if its a desktop The Plenty and Volcano.

    I am not a big power guy, My favorites are the IO, Pax, Davinci, Arizer. I do use a WPA on each. People have different views.. but my experience is the if you know what your doing when you buy glassware, I can pull at least three times as much vapor in a draw, and it hits much faster. Any loss due to filtration come out of the end when your finishing up. My opinion.

    I am in the minority so I will mention it last. The only true Convection on demand is the IO. The IO is anything you want it to be. If you hit an IO the exact way your hitting the Mighty you have, I dont thing you lose a thing, the main difference the IO is not harsh on my throat, the Mighty is very harsh for me.

    The Mighty Plus just based on the specs I am overwhelmed by the changes. They may seem minor but in real life.. its major. The Plus is Micro USB C. Your no longer married to the Power cord of the Mighty.. Mighty Plus Micros USB C. Very convenient. Ripple effect it charges much much faster, They say up to 40% more battery life. The screen is clearer and Brighter. The outer core is more smooth and it stands up by itself. They listened to everyone's wish list. Great Company as well.

    If you do get the Mighty Plus - I recommend The Dosage caps, Much Cleaner and it sort of leans things closer to convection style, and it DRAMATICALLY reduces maintenance. Also the WPA and you can PM me I can tell you what to look for in glass filtration. Just dont go into a headshop and expect good advice! You gotta know first or Many sites like have glassware. Some of the name brands are very good.

    Whatever you decide I hope that your vaping - in good health, good state of mind and happy.

    Peace. Love & Vape

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  • The Best Vaporizer Ever Made
    I would like some feedback from other Hopper IO customers.
  • Today's Video Premieres!

    Fantastic reviews.
    I have the original Davinci excellent Vape, The Ascent, The IQ, The IQ 2, Davinci has a habit of making great vapes and customer service / 10 year warranty. The Ascent is still one of the best vapes out there, in my opinion. Its a tough call between the IQ's and Pax ( 2 and 3). I lean toward the Pax 3 because its easier to clean, the expanded oven lid allows me to have control over how much herbs I use. The IQ and IQ2 have glass spacers to shorten the Oven but I like the oven lid more because my glass spaces have fallen many times and is pretty hard to find and its not durable (Glass). Pax also has a ten year warranty with excellent customer service. I haven't needed the customer service with either the DaVinci family of vapes and The Pax 2 and Pax 3. Its a tough call. I am fortunate to have both.

    The Mighty Plus seems to have more improvements than I expected. I am still holding onto my Crafty Plus. Its the S & B vape that fits my needs for vaping.

    Fantastic Review on the Volcano. I never regretted selling my Volcano. While I have the utmost respect for what the Volcano had done for the "Vape World" since its inception, its not the vape for me. I think its slow, and I needed a lot of expensive herbs. I am not a fan of making the oven smaller with a concentrate pad ..method. I am more geared towards the X Treme Q which I find to being more visually pleasant The Volcano Sticks out and the X Treme Q looks like its a really advanced Vape. I am experienced enough that if I am making a bag for someone more geared to a Volcano, I can adjust the X Treme Q to put out some majorly potent bags". The one thing that is truly amazing is the Volcano's Valve system, It is very easy to use. In a perfect world I would have the X Treme Q and Volcano, but the need for a desktop for me isn't as important with the power of the Semi Portables, Portables and Ultra Portables, In the meantime, My X Treme Q looks like an a high tech DVD player with remote! I also use the Aroma Therapy aspects that I truly love. I also truly love glass, and the smoothness of the X Treme Q.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

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  • Dry Herb Vape Price Drop Thread
    From Hopper IO website. If you get one I recommend the glass mouthpiece ($20 USD and 15% off) its a game changer (Works only with PFE (Performance Front End). I would also recommend getting at least one extra battery ($14 USD and 15% off) I would also recommend the PFE (Performance Front End) (Needed if getting the glass mouthpiece).

    Peace ✌ Love & Vape,

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  • What are the best upgrades to the Mighty?
    There is a WPA, that I purchased from . Very inexpensive, works great with my crafty plus. On high tempts it hits like a hammer and lasts a long time. I waited to drive 6 hours until it completly ran its course. Dosing capsules is where its at.
  • The Best Vaporizer Ever Made
    I don't think Ghost over did anything. I don't want to beat a dead vape.

    The issues all come down to BS'ing the vape world.

    They hyped the pre - order for almost a year.
    I am sure they know that all the stars need to be aligned to get a good convection on demand hit.

    As loud as they came in is as quiet they disappeared. like a mouse (squeak - squeak).

    Without warning, they sold many vapes without telling the customers that they wont be around to honor their warranty. On vapes that need warranties. The lock does not shut. Ton's of silicone, that they said was harmless. The taste was silicone. ...

    At least the Hopper is alive. At least it works like a lion. With the glass mouthpiece.. its the best but I would buy it again as long as they trade a faulty part. there are 2 The clicker and mid section. I have swapped twice. Easy. Advice I would give a buyer.... look at all options. There are great vapes out there with fantastic customer service.

    To Hopper Labs credit, Many customers have zero idea how to vape a on demand vaporizer. It doesn't need to run for 45 minutes. That will cause battery problems and a lack in performance. Click - Draw - Draw - Light turns off - Draw - Draw. The vape is cooled at that point. Its Hopper Labs job to communicate this but for some crazy reason they don't do well with that. It would be nice if things are different, but totally an enigma company.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

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  • The Best Vaporizer Ever Made
    I have the Ghost. When it works right I get 2 on demand convection rips.
  • The Best Vaporizer Ever Made
    Since I posted about the Hopper IO with the glass mouthpiece is the best dry herb vaporizer ever. A working hopper with a glass tip... is wicked amazing. With the glass mouthpiece since the vape is (100%) On Demand Convection. You can really rip it more than most vapes, and you can choose to take tiny puffs. It true On demand convection means nothing is vaped until air is pulled through the dry herbs. The Style I like and the pen look does make it a bit less stressful when I am out and about.

    OK. That is the amazing good.
    #1 - There is a huge difference in drawing from an on demand convection and a hybrid or conduction ovens. With the IO its instant. Click it and pull. when done Click it. The next draw repeat...... Its not like a Pax or S & B. This is the way to use it. The battery isn't designed to be used any other way. So that is why there are battery issues.

    Then the variables, what are you vaping, quality ... etc.....

    I clean mine after every use. This may be why there are so many performance complaints.
  • Dry Herb Vape Price Drop Thread === They lowered the price of the Crafty + to USD $199 and then a site wide 20% Total $160 something, for a CRAFTY +!!! I tested it and went to check out was working until then. I am not getting one because I have one. The price is so good that its tempting. It accepted the coupon code when you go on the site. - sitewide 20%

    Arizer.... A Solo 2 under USD $ 70
  • I got The new Mighty+
    I forgot to mention, The Mighty Plus and Mighty ---- Crafty and Crafty Plus you can buy pods. Pods make the vapor cooler, there is probably 10 times less to clean and maintain. If you go for any S & B, I recommend The Pods. They also help cutting down on needing repairs because the Pods keep the herbs.
  • I got The new Mighty+
    Licking my chops. But I like my Crafty +.

    So I am excited for the Mighty Plus and who ever gets one, I would assume with S & B's reputation that its much better than the original … USB C, Not proprietary Power Wire anymore and its much faster. With that power Much Faster Charging, With the power they can made the screen brighter, New Oven is an upgrade. Still not convection on demand, hopefully soon, but this hybrid oven is still of tremendous quality. I also heard that its easier to hold. Doesn't get too hot. I also heard that at least 2 hours of use before charging. That is a major upgrade as well.

    Storz & Bickel doesn't need to advertise. They go by reputation. Which many think is the gold standard in portable vapes.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • The Best Vaporizer Ever Made
    I bought 2 IO's on there sale days and I traded in 2 legacy's for an IO.

    Its an extreme contrast vape. Most of that lies in their warranty dept. I wish it were different, when I get 10 months and a warranty issue, I can use another.. and send it in, and the daily email reminders that I have to send.

    I dont know why they haven't fixed the issues with Customer Care.

    What I said is my opinion. With glass mouthpiece its the best vape ever. Strong as my Crafty but smoother. Then add in Water tool ready out of the box... Hits me real hard,,, I dont think there is better,, WHEN the going is good.

    I want something strong and smooth. Its so good, but the issues with CS is mindboggling.

    I am sure they survey sites like this, it so obvious what the issue is... "Penny wise Dollar foolish"
  • The Best Vaporizer Ever Made
    I respect your opinion and experience. It's The Best Vaporizer Ever, It's best at being used with a water tool. It's built for it and now with the glass mouthpiece it makes it the most ultra portable. It is as strong and potent than my Extreme Q. There's no coughing. Battery replaceable. that is not just convieniant but if the battery goes it cost $12 for another. A great portion of vapes need service due to the battery. If the top part breaks they will send a new piece very quickly, the same for the body. Out of warranty these pieces can be bought.

    So yes the weakness is Customer service but they have gotten better.

    I have an original, they sent me a brand new IO.
  • The Best Vaporizer Ever Made
    It is smooth and very powerful, Ultra portable. With the glass mouth piece the vapor is more cooled. Its out of the box ready for most water tools. (The Best). Ultra - portable. Looks very cool.
  • VLF Updates
    Zack your great. I am excited for you and Vapelife. Its my time to say goodbye for now. Please delete my account, I am looking forward to seeing your newest video's. They are very well done. Bruce
  • VLF Updates
    Okay, but as "other" moderators commented what they have to say about me. If that is all true being fair I deserve to be banned.

    I have nothing else to say.