• 2019 Plenty Review: Most Underappreciated & Underrated Vaporizer
    No question. I owned one. Too Strong for me. That is power. It's a big vape, manual and awkward to use. But, its all time best, but its a few years behind in workmanship and features. I hope Storz and Bikel are interested in dry herb vaporisers.
  • Ghost MV1 Crucible Dispensers are back in stock!
    Any pre loadable cartridges in the future for the G43?
  • 2019 Plenty Review: Most Underappreciated & Underrated Vaporizer
    Nicely done. I had the opposite experience but I do realise I am in a small minority. This is a very popular vape for a reason.

    I found the size and the overall experience not siple. Vape production is incredible.
  • Small sips and inhale vaping
    Sounds like me. I am a lightweight and enjoy flexible sessions.

    I like the Pax 3 Basic Edition a lot. T

    he DynaVap is extremely impressive on the demand vapor as much or as little as you like.

    Boundless Tera Version 3 (Aqua Box) is my choice over any midsize portable vaporiser. Pure convection, new edition doesn't have epoxy on the oven.

    The G43 is unique. and a must have,
  • Firefly 2+
    Great point. That puffing session was BS. I am sure more BS to come.
  • Firefly 2+
    Agreed. Consumer confidence needs to be repaired. I think the Pax 1 was terrible. But things change The pax 2 and The Pax 3 are excellent in my opinion. So a FF2 plus is exciting but the job of FF is to make it, and in time people will come around if it actually vaporises materials something the FF2 does not do.
  • Dynavap
    Dynavap - Is amazing. In every-way possible.

    It hits really hard without sitting for a session.

    That dude in the lab coat is for real!
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    Whats better than a G43????

    2 G43's
  • Boveda packs can go "bad" without hardening
    lately I have used a cotton ball with a drop of water and taped it to the top of a mason jar. Very nice. The tiniest drop of water I recommend. A drop goes a very long way.
  • What you do this MDW?? Show us your pics!
    Your Vapeness. It was a long Sunday night without Game of Thrones. However the Dyna Vap made up for it.
  • The best dry herb vaporiser is...
    What dont you like about the Pax 3 ? The reviews on the G 43 have been off the charts.

    Which vapes do you like?

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Mighty alternative: Argo?
    I have the Argo and I have the Mighty. The Mighty is a power tool. The Argo is a light vape. Both are high quality.

    I never use the Mighty because i find it to be too harsh on my throat.

    The Argo I rarely use. It's for a very light session.... or I have ramped upthe heat and use it as a 2 to 3 draw mini session vape.

    I have many Vapes. The Boundless Tera is a much better vaporizer than the Mighty at half the price. I use it all the time. It's outstanding.

    I like less intense sessions most of the time, and the Pax 3 is the vape I use the most.

    A must have is the Vap Cap Vapes, the M for $60. or the more expensive ones are the very best short session and big effects vaporizer. I absolutly love my Dyna Vap's.

    The other must have is the G43. If you water tool, its crazy good. $ 100 very well spent.

    Desktop I still a big fan of the Arizer Extreme Q. It is as good as the Volcano. The Volcano I used to say is an undisputed best. But price, and the size of that beast make me say no thanks. The Arizer Extreme Q is glass and class.
  • Anyone own the MagicalButter machine?
    The yield is okay. You use a lot herbs.
  • Firefly 2 superior vape quality
    Great news on the Dry Herb Vape Front!
  • Live Streams

    Yo BiYatch's ----- 1 0 0 0 Replies 2 0 0 0 Comments and 9 3 Discussions.

    I love this forum. Bud is cool and Hazel too.

    Peace, Love & Vape-

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  • Dynacoil is definitely worth it.
    Love my Ti, I use it several times a week. Amazing. Enjoy, That dude in the lab coat is a genius!

    Hey, are those lab coats available?
  • New Firefly?

    The road to success will be paved via what the Vaporizer does and what people experience.

    "Build it and we will line up to buy it."
  • New Firefly?
    The Apple of Personal Vaporisers in my opinion is the Pax 3. The most reliable and durable vape I own. After hundreds of uses it works like out of the box. It is so easy to clean brand new every time in 30 seconds. The app is solid and a very good compliment to the Pax 3. The Pax does not need the app it works very well without it, the app is very well done and is good for optional enhancements.

    I own a lot of vapes. When I get a new strain,I always choose the Pax 3 its the most reliable and consistent. The Pax is built very well. One of the most durable vapes I have. The battery is fantastic.

    More room for great Vapes, I hope the FF3 is a rousing success. However, Due to the FF2 being a major disappointment in my opinion. I hope the people at FireFly are patient and let consumer opinions be earned by the vape itself, not by words but actions.
  • New Firefly?
    I will assume I am banned from buying any Fire Fly Productions :}
  • POTV One vs Fury 2
    Priority get the G43. Then all others can get on a line. )
  • Learning Curve is a Myth
    I agree.

    Buying a vape is not like buying anything else. Most vapes are not easy to find. I also have my own stories about headshops and it's a leap of faith because (the headshops ones around me are sleazy). They also by nature of the vape, won't take them back at all. When you swipe your credit card, you will not see that money again. Same jungle for online purchases.

    The only thing I can do to make an informed decision is read reviews and watch video reviews.

    That is the reason, I appreciate The Vape Critic (Bud). I made my first purchase (Magic Flight Launch Box) and then many more.

    Has anyone seen the Vaped Crusader (Bud)? Since that G43 came out, the city he lives in put a fog warning out. The 7-11 by Bud has run out of Pringles and Skittles. They are now taking pre-orders orders.
  • Your Vape Rankings (March 2019)
    I prefer the left one :}
  • Herborizer Ti or XL?
    Thanks for clarifying that. Never good news to see a company fail, people lose jobs etc.. those people who shelled out big bucks are not pleased. I normally do not suggest eBay, but if you need parts from company's that aren't around, they do carry many parts for vaporizers. Be careful it is eBay.
  • Herborizer Ti or XL?
    Are the Makers of Herbalizer up and running?
  • Learning Curve is a Myth

    I think we should make a Vape Critic Appreciation Day.

    Bud, is probably considering,,, G43 Annonymous. That poor Critic is hooked.

    Peace, Love & Vape

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