• Yo Bud - Rec Legal in NY??
    When it happens I will be on the next bus vaping in Time Square.

    Bud has had issues with the G 43 Assembly. Every time he starts building them he wants to try them, not much production going on other than Vape Production...

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Dynavap
    Bravo! That is brilliant!
  • Magicman's Grasshopper diary
    Your response from Customer Service is not the norm based on my experience and what others have said on this site.

    The Grasshopper out of the box shiny new, would be the vape I use the most. It's what happens after that.

    To be fair Baron, who is a real "vapeologist" reports no problems over an extended period of time.

    I give the benefit of the doubt maybe things have improved if so, based on all categories it would outscore the Pax Vapes, however the Pax vapes are rugged and durable. If you could add rugged and durable to the Grasshopper, you will have "THE" vaporizer that "MUST" be owned. I hope that comes true.
  • CHAMPS Las Vegas 2019
    Vapemobile Bumper "I stop for Vape"
  • Vaping marijuana oil with Dynavap M

    I am not that experienced with concentrate is with oil also a drop goes a long way.

    The concentrate coil looks like another winner for Dynavap. That dude in the lab coat does an excellent job of getting the word out. I haven't heard a complaint yet. Its perfect for what it does. Love my Omnivape and my M. Just being real. I like it hanging in the hood, coolest looking vape.

    The concentrate coil demo is available on youtube Google: Dynavap Coil.

    Peace, Love & Vape.

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    I bet even Bud might get this question right............

    What is better than 2 G43's???? 3G43's BiYatch
  • Live Stream Schedule & Getting Alerts
    I know what you mean. I promised myself if I could ever quit (over a thousand times) that I should remember how badly the shaming and mistreatment. The last thing I needed was the shaming etc... I didn't quit smoking it quit me, I can't do a cig anymore. Every smoker, trying to quit and ex-smokers should SUE because we are discriminated against. Even as an ex-smoker it comes up, and I hear oh my Gawd, How I tried thousands of times. Thats a thousand times failing. Its a substance that is legal and doing very well in. smokers and ex-smokers I don't know why are really good people. 420 is not legal. If they banned tobacco in the '20s.

    420's in the stores instead of cig's......there are parts of the world like that and they look good happy, healthier and will live longer.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    The G43 Taste the Rainbow.

    The G43 Snap, Crackle, Vape.

    The G43 “Probably the Best vapor in the World".

    The G43– “Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s The G43"

    The G43 – “Because You’re Worth It”

    The G43 - A G43 is Forever.

    The G43 - "Just Vape it"

    The G43 - “It Keeps Going, and Going, and Going...”

    The G43 – “Vaped for Life”


    The G43 - BETCHA CAN’T vape JUST ONE


    The G43 - CAN YOU Vape ME NOW



    The G43 - GOOD TO THE LAST Hit

    The G43 - Got Vape?

    The G43 - Vapes IN YOUR Bowl, NOT IN YOUR HANDS

    The G43 - MMM MMM GOOD






    The G43 - SAY IT WITH Vapor

    The G43 - THE CHAMPAGNE OF Vaporizers.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    First, there was fire,

    Then the wheel,

    Then the G-43
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    The G43 - I'm Lovin It

    The G43 - Vape Fresh

    The G43 Vaping looking good

    The G43- Vaping Good in The Neighborhood.

    Have a break, Have a G43 Bowl.

    See Y'all Biyatch's

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Need a new vape! Poll!
    You forgot the G43. The ones you listed are very good as well.
  • How do you preserve your herbs?
    Thank You, I appreciate the link.

    Thanks, I had been doing that, Boveda packs are very hard for some reason.

    What do you think of moisture stones?
  • Live Stream Schedule & Getting Alerts
    There should be an interruption of all broadcasts nationally and internationally, around the country to say..... That dang Vape Critic is on the air.....

    Peace, Love & Vape

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  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    Yo Yo Yo - Bro's, Mo Fo' and Hoe's,

    America was Columbus,
    Electricity was Franklyn
    Edison was the Telephone
    Cheech & Chung to Marijuana
    Bud - To Vaping (G 43)

    Yo' talk later.

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    Serious question: has anyone ever tried to vodka in a water tool with a loaded batch of dried herb?

    What is Bud's idea of a balanced diet?

    A loaded G43 in each hand.

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • G43 Mods & Firmware

    You can't buy happiness,
    But you can buy the G43 and that's the same as happiness.

    Make sure you take Bud for a walk and give him treats.

    Peace, Love & Vape

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  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    If you aren't vaping with the G 4 3, then you probably should reconsider your priorities in life :]

    Peace, Love & Vape

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  • Dynavap
    Congrats on the new item!!! I am sure its made incredibly awesome like all the DynaVap products.

    Click, That's my DynaVap.

    Bud, got this right. It's a must own. For $60 for the M, wow.

    What the Dynavap does for me is it gives me a non session vape. I like to vape before lectures Quick 5 minute session. Beautiful green clouds. Immediate long lasting effects.

    This is what I call great workmanship, straightforward advertising and realistic demonstration.

    It feels really nice in my hand and as far as the "cool factor" goes, this is right up there at the top. Especially since the portability is pretty awesome.

    That Dynavap dude in the lab coat does a great job! I am sold on the M love it, and the Omni vape.

    Of any vaporizer (even the super durable Pax) this vape would probably win a torture test.

    Peace, Love & Vape.

    YOU, Have just been vaporized by the one and only......

    ^ ^ ^ Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Live Stream Schedule & Getting Alerts
    I dare the Vape Critic and or Vape Woman - Too...
    Vape the G43, The Ghost MV1 and the Plenty simultaneously one bad ass session. Continuously.

    Overpacked chambers, no coughing and lastly no munchies for 30 minutes.

    Nobody can accuse me of not being evil!

    Yo To Yo - Top of the Food Chain:

    Very Important: I couldn't figure out what happened to my live update notifications. I thought Bud was vaping off or something . I turned off my notifications when I blocked other notifications on my chrome browser. So I fixed that and now again getting the bad azz notifications from that dang, Vape Critic and his posse.

    If your Browser doesn't allow notifications (Chrome) from the Vape Critic Live Show.... google changing notifications in chrome.
    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    I can't wait to get my G43.

    The G43 is so powerful it can blow a bubble with a Now and Later,,,,,,

    The G43 don't leave home without it!

    I am either wearing a G43 or nothing at all.....

    The G43 will knock you off your ass or you will get your money back..... (Proof of not knocking you on your ass recquired.

    The G43 so easy a Vape Critic could do it.....

    The G43 Lets Make Vape Great Again.

    There is Batman & Robin and then there is the G43 and Vaping

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Unreleased Products // News & Rumors
    The G43 is the first on my list... no question, I cant wait!

    I heard Boundless is coming out with something very big and very different (Spring 2019)
    The Tera has been more to my liking than the Mighty or Solo (1 & 2!). It has fantastic build quality.The version 3 is brand new. dont buy online or in a chop shop - Ask clearly this is the version 3. be careful because with some non major changes on the inside of unit, make it better, faster, smoother and harder than any vape. An important thing is the box for v. 3 is aqua. I think that Boundless should state it. But, then nobody is going to buy the version 1 and 2.

    Cloudious is working on a Pax Sized Vape no water filtration, The much anticipated Hydrology10 late this year or early 2020. Would love to see a Pax 4. Modernised S & B's. Maybe its an up to date Volcano and Extreme Q.

    Peace, Love & Vape!

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • New Ghost MV1 Stealth Edition
    That is beautiful. A piece of art. I can see your talent lighting up this industry. You should send that pic to Ghost.
  • Dynavap
    There is a difference. A big difference in price. $60 will get you a real masterpiece of design and an amazing vaping experience. The Omni is also if you get the $60 M, you will love it, If you have the money than the Omni is better but either way you're getting the Dyna Vap experience.

    Dyna Vap is made with incredible workmanship. I kind of root for them, because they wear their heart on their sleeve and put out a must have butane vape. I have the M and Omni, I use both. Its perfect for when you don't want a long vaping session and just want the effects.

    The dude in the lab coat is really a likable guy and a source of excellent marketing because it looks like word of mouth has a big impact on the popularity of this device.

    Thanks for the great product.

    Peace, Love & Vape.

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^