• What made you smile today?
    My Arizer Solo after many thousand uses it went to vape heaven.

    3 days later I found a local shop. They had a display unit and nothing else. Perfect fit I had everything but the unit.
  • Tiny Might
    Can someone show the oven?Is this vape available? Can these vapes be shipped outside of Finland? Is there a waiting list.

    What's the warranty? Feedbacks and reviews?
  • Tiny Might
    I wish no vapes had plastic, rubber, or silicone anywhere.
  • Ghost closing up shop
    That's a lot more plastic and silicone than I could imagine.
    Pure convection etc... I am glad I don't use that vape anymore.

    In addition to corporate Stability is important to look into when buying a vape, after this picture, I will search the net for a picture of the inside.
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    .A casualty of my Vape Extended family! My Arizer Solo 1 has officially died. I am way out of warranty. 6 Years after thousands of enjoyable sessions, The battery died, I really put it to the test. This was a great investment (Vape Critic Inspired).
  • Dynavap
    7'' is almost too long imo. LOL :rofl:bulllee

    That's what she said!
  • DaVinci IQ2
    The IQ is one of the best vapes I have owned. The IQ2 was a surprise and is a good upgrade from the IQ.

    If it were to be looked at from a Landscape of perspective.
    ~ The Original Davinci - A top quality vape. Great investment.
    ~ The IQ - A top quality vape. Great investment.
    ~ The MicroQ - A top quality vape. Great investment.
    ~ The IQ2 -A top quality vape. Great investment.

    With that, I would say you got a great deal at half price. A great investment.

    Hopefully, they are pulling through in this rough market, they make excellent products.

    Glass, and Ceramic Zirconia Mouthpiece... very user friendly. The capabilities with the drawing measurement, CBD usage is outrageous. Just like when the original Davinci hit the market outrageous.
  • Ghost MV1 Door Latch availability

    As of right now, Corporate Stability is something to keep an eye out for. At this time, The Davinci Compay is a very stable company as is Pax as well. Dynavap solid, G43, Arizer, S & B.
  • New price on the MV1

    It's not the only Ghost now its in the online stores and shops. They are happy to see you exuberant at $179, They know that you don't know the company is out of business.

    I am sorry to say it but I checked almost every big Online Vape Store, there is no mention that the company is out of business.

    Casper is pissed!
  • Surprise from S&B
    That is one hell of an amazing experience for you. Congrats. It's also good news because S & B is alive. We can't lose any more.

    It's a sign, that happy days are here again. Bud 2.0!
    It's pretty cool also its the vape you started with...there again in gold
    Call it a comeback, BiYatch!
  • New price on the MV1

    They are Neglecting to tell you their Products and Company are going out of business. The first word to come to mind,,,, Trick You.

    Ghost Vapes and some online retailers show $179 -USD so that you buy it, even though they know that you don't know they are going out of business. And if they did, not how and if warranties will be honored.

    They are not telling you since you might prefer to buy from a company that has a heartbeat.

    They are looking for fools. Not only does it not say they are going out of business but it says
    "Best Vaporizer" Instead of going out of business. I didn't see any online retailers show any signal that the Ghost Vapes is going out of business. Warranty info to come.. they are afraid people won't buy.

    This is a full-fledged scam. This is in violation of the rules of consumer affairs.

    This is a case that any better business bureau should take on.

    It sounds like a crime.

    I should have known, why they were trying to stretch the money out of the customers, with an optional Fast Charger. If its the fastest charger and they both came on to the market at the same time, why isn't the fastest charger in the box? That was a warning sign.

    My Ghost went back and forth with warranty requests 3 times. And that was a HUGE pain in the ass but at least its something.

    I would buy one for $30 USD without a warranty. I would give them a dime for their Super Duper Puper, Shtuper, Fast charger (lol).

    Peace. Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Dry Herb Vape Master ^ ^ ^

    Keep that because you won't be able to get a new one. Save it somewhere, because it has been removed from the app store. Stupid rules about Vape Apps.
  • Dynavap 2020 combustion?

    I would suggest The Vape Critic Video review. It also has a link for free shipping. There are a bunch of reviews and it will give you an exact way to operate the DynaVap without worrying about combusting if that's what you want. Without Question (IMO) you can do with a DynaVap anything you want, Combust or not. It depends if you follow the 2 click method then you won't combust. The beauty is for people who smoke joints. The DynaVap (IMO) is a world-class pipe. No paper, precise. No mess because the flame never touches the flower. It's extremely cool looking. So its a much healthier alternative than lighting up a joint. Or Pipe. And it looks cooler whether you want to combust or not.

    It's a fun vape. I use it around once a week. And every time I say wow this is absolutely brilliant!
  • 4/20 DEALS
    I am not going to invest that into a Vap Cap that I use once in a while. $ 110 - $150. I will stick with my Vertigo Cigar Lighter that cost me close to $100.

    Today was a very good 420 day. I like what POTVS did with the One. $89 USD with the bubbler mouthpiece and $15 Gift card. So for $89 USD, I got the Potus One and an extra bubbler. The bubbler intrigues me. I have a Cloudious 9. But the POTVS One with a bubbler can be what I expected from the Cloudious 9 (Very disappointed).

    The other deal was for $60 I got the small vape x hale.

    I have a DynaVap M and OmniVap, did anyone see, the M was on sale today for $30... wow.
  • Let’s see your most recent fail with the vaporizer! I dropped mine!
    I have the same thing with the Arizer Vapes. Dropped many stems. I bought backups so I dont get upset lol.

    That looks like a seriously amazing vape. I guess on top of that you put a bowl and stem?
  • 4/20 DEALS
    Where is the least expensive induction heaters


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