• What is the purpose of this forum?
    passionate voices in a still free world sounds alright with me
  • Requesting honest feedback from MV1 users
    hey, Russ. good thread. One of initial1000 and non beta tester, here. Daily MV1 user .. vape entusiast. Like it. Wanna love it, but true love is hard to find. Tbh, don't love any portable, but this comes close. It has my side-eye, however, since it promised more than it delived. Nevertheless it's offered enough satisfaction that we're bonded for now. Other vapes hurt the throat. MV1 is smooth and an incredible extractor. Posted first impressions on the initial thread, back in the halcyon days. Still haven't tried the app. When i do, i'll have a full impression. Worth it? $-wise and sketchy battery life.. jury still out
  • Haze Square
    nice infos! Been keeping a lookout for the square since the Champs demo 2 yrs back? Maybe not that long, but feels like. Even tho i got the shakes for a new portable, i get vibes new devices will windfall this year. Haze might get me with the 4 chamber convection profile. Price is decent, too.
  • Haze Square
    oh oh .. release the fiend
  • Claim Your Free Pick Tool
    Thanks, Bud for the gift..always nice getting free stuff, esp handy to burst one's own bubble. - Cynic 4 Life
  • Ghost MV1 Beta Testing
    seems norm these days
  • Defective MV1 battery + Mouthpiece & ceramic sleeve replacements update
    Looks like leds are the culprit, here. Battery may be dipping sooner than b4, but things are relatively stable after a recharge.

    when you see the 2 green dots for battery.....performance is lost compared to 3 full dots. So I typically charge when I see only 2 dots of power

    Yeah, been doing this since pretty much the start, reluctantly. VC got way more juice than it's seems many of us squeezed, experimenting on different settings in his early vids. I've rocked 2 yellows (default?) nearly forever. Never ever reds, nor concentrates tried w/ MV1. Somehow decided early on to wait for FW update before heading thatway. Never tried w/ FF2, either ftr and, man, they're still in the sticks with their app.

    Hours 'til app debut sounds like pipe dreams, @labpong, but it's a nice dream nevertheless :-*
  • Defective MV1 battery + Mouthpiece & ceramic sleeve replacements update
    It's not running hot, but the light pattern is wonky and haptic weaker than usual. Thought i heard it let out a desperate cry a moment ago. Baby wants its momma.
  • Defective MV1 battery + Mouthpiece & ceramic sleeve replacements update
    Will recharge batts for performance sake but 18650s in tandem may suffer bit if conflicting w/ software.

    @ghostvapesofficial are batteries compromised if in conflict with MV1 software?

    thoughts, confirmations
  • Defective MV1 battery + Mouthpiece & ceramic sleeve replacements update
    Although experienced flashing reds w/ MV1, they've been easy to dismiss with no performance loss.. Lately, today, 3-solid greens when i know (by now folks!) the feeling of this vape. Begging for recharge; lacklustre output (2-greens typically). Now, the 3 begs to differ. Sage advise seeking..
  • Ghost MV1 Beta Testing
    Palm sweating pro's in PC chairs!

    haha..yeah, buddy!
  • Ghost MV1 Beta Testing
    breath holding champs on the streets
  • Claim Your Free Pick Tool
    freebie sluts gettin' the sweats !
  • Cracked Crucible
    yeah, understood .. as far as lids, they're quality unless lost or bogeyed! No prob wit crucible design, just finish; polish..ability to take extended iso baths and stoney oopsies. Don't mind waiting for stronger ceramics & pay more. GHOST could still market og crucibles at lesser $ to satisfy current demand. Negligible loss plus future gain and rep :-$ Just thoughts on this end.
  • Cracked Crucible
    Hoping the delay with crucibles results in better, badder kit
  • Ghost MV1 Beta Testing
    rough guess , 1000?

    ... whilst on monday-hating jokes ...

    what came first the crucible kit or the app ?
  • MV1's Replacement Tube and Glass Mouthpiece
    same here...for now sticking w/ the original set-up. Curious about polished ceramic, re vapor production..any differences. Might be better. Less porous. More vapor? Pipe dreaming over here. Will post if i get around to it.
  • MV1's Replacement Tube and Glass Mouthpiece
    Yeah, outside ceramic has been buffed, but not so much the interior...did the q-tip test. There's noticeable scratching on the glass, too.
    (bit of a shit pic) Scratches under the stopper R- side. Came this way out the box, individually wrapped in plastic. I recall Patrick mentioning something about shaving down parts to correct the fit. Maybe that's why.

    I've come to accept the retractable mp dilemma and opt to leave it extended or removed for travel. GHOST might consider their fixes later in the game once they are in mass production. Fingers x'd. We'd all love a buttery upper tier..

    Also, haven't gotten around to trying the new ceramic tube yet. Anyone notice vapor production differences?
  • MV1's Replacement Tube and Glass Mouthpiece
    Received replacements also. Bit of a bummer to find not much of an improvement with glass clearing ceramic. Still a bit grating, but backups are appreciated. GHOST tried but there's definitely a qc disconnect somewhere along the delivery chain. I have 3 glass stems and they're all different. Gotta take the L on this one, guys.

    App on the horizon is something to look forward to. Trying to keep positive
  • MV1 Update 10/8
    Good News Monday! Keep up the good work, GHOST. Replacements & App arrival = :P
  • Cracked Crucible
    The body of the Cera is made from a, “cutting edge ceramic material that has exceptional purity, and outstanding durability

    Word. Cera was in a conscientious class of its own. OG mech mod 8-)
    The materials used to make the Cera are FDA approved, and the ceramic body is about 10x stronger than the average coffee cup according to TET

    Cera's dry herb attachment was silky af. Would glow red! Perfect for GHOST, but more$. Don't care...i'd buy.
  • Cracked Crucible
    Mine arrived w/ a cracked heatsink ceramic & i've been dubious about these ceramics despite replacements by GHOST. They are definitely not meant to last as is any unfinished pottery. I wouldn't continue using that crucible in case micro debris hits the lungs. @ghostvapesofficial@ should highly consider manufacturing safe and viable parts in the near future as this problem will only persist. They'll still be consumable since stoners will still find ways to break and/or lose things.
  • Received Ghost MV1 - First Impressions
    Follow-up impressions: Front housing runs warm. Heatsink is cooler. Makes sense since it's manually cooled by the user. Battery pack is also cool. Some units run hot but GHOST says app should fix it. Battery stands at averages 60 draws before swan diving vape drain.

    GETS YOU CHIEFED! Replaced mp still grinds the ceramic. But maybe another...the polycarbonate will be the solution? Rather stick with glass and leave the mp extended. But then, points lost for having to be precious w/ things. It's just a matter of time before something gets knocked to the floor.

    Latch eased up with a few days use.

    On the lookout for GHOST mail & deliveries.

    Daily driver potential
  • Battery Charging Issues.
    Here's some findings from past weekend usage. Batt was slow charged from unboxing. Then had 50-60 good herbal draws on settings 1-3. On lowest battery level, dramatic power decline. Vape drain. Same as before. After 2hr fast charge, green lights all day and back in biz. In earlier experience, with other vapes, never had batteries get better.

    When the app goes live, strengths and weaknesses will manifest. Meanwhile, staying positive and wishing for the best. In the grand scheme, batteries are an easy fix.

    Fast charger may be flimsy, but who wants extra weight alongside girthy MV1? Works just fine thus far.
  • Received Ghost MV1 - First Impressions
    First thing I did when I pulled it out of the box was pull the glass mouthpiece up. It made a horrible grinding and then pulled out the entire heat sink, separating from the heat sink lid. Come to find out I guess this is common and stem is being replaced. I didn't know then, and it was sort of a bad first impression.

    Same impression w/ added cracked ceramic sleeve in heatsink. GHOST took care of a speedy and better replacement, but had to postpone first go for 3 days. Still testing and formulating overall opinion but it's alright despite shaky fits & starts. GHOST is honoring their commitments thus far.

    Only heavy gripe is with the ceramic parts. I don't like the raw, unpolished parts. They are prone to breakage and may weaken over time. Not sure of health efficacy, esp when grinding against glass and general wear. But that remains to be seen. MV1 has other fish to fry with app release coming next week.

    Battery seems to discharge in 50-60 draws but still testing. Will post results in the appropriate threads after the weekend.

    I do like: Solid Structure
    Swing Out Crucible Door
    Superior Extraction & Efficiency
    True Convection

    I don't care for: Ceramics
    Ultra Stiff Latch
    Flimsy Mouthpieces
    (replacements promised)
    Battery underperforming
    Plastic Heatsink Covering
    Disco Lights

    Possible Issues: Silicone Seals weakening
    Rogue App

    Better than most. Superior cs and communications with GHOST. A working app may correct certain gripes, fingers crossed. Warming up to the MV1. Lifted for sure8-)
  • Ghost glass stem
    I think they messed up sending you the right glass doe's not look like it will fit into a 14mm glass joint..... ;) (i know....I'm dreaming....)

    Bigger is better I hope that fixed the issue.
    Indeed. Doesn't feel me teeth are in jeopardy!