• Kandypens Data Breach from March 7th 2019 - February 13th 2020
    they say it started March 7th 2019.Azn2101

    TY. March 7th was in the link on your first post as well. I read too fast, and I didn't retain.

    I hope people don't get screwed.
  • Kandypens Data Breach from March 7th 2019 - February 13th 2020
    9 months give or take fAzn2101

    January 2020 would be 4 or 5 months. Still unacceptable to me. If notified immediately, customers could have cancelled their cards.

    How big is KP?Azn2101

    I do not know. I only do flower. I know Bud gave them good reviews early on- before The Sai etc... They aren't a mom and pop company.
  • Kandypens Data Breach from March 7th 2019 - February 13th 2020
    "you may have had your full credit card details stolen by Magecart malicious actors,..........The company realized that someone had planted a card skimmer on its checkout page in January 2020, and immediately hired a forensic investigator to find out what was going on."
  • Coronavirus
    ...perhaps it's the smallest.
  • Coronavirus
    I guess my point was that me personally, I like to wait for solid proof before I say its definitely this or definitely thatzibit

    Yes, patience is paramount. The present day 'news' modus operandi is get the story first and fix for accuracy later, or simply don't fix. Periodicals were so much better IMO. Often, TV/Facebook news isn't 'news'. It's commentary.

    An early teacher of mine said, "Science can only prove what is not true not what is true.'. Science takes the available info, applies the Scientific Method, and an explanation is offered. It may change with new data, new tools, Particle physics. Smallest was the atom, the electron,then quark and lepton. Now,with CERN, perhaps the Highs Boson.

    To get back to the thread topic take SARS-CoV-2. Don't wear a mask unless infected. Wear a mask. This makes sense because scientists didn't know the viral droplets can survive 1 to 2 hours in the air. Other stuff: take a hot bath, use a hair dryer up your nose/mouth, 5G is spreading the virus. Pure bunk a rational mind may easily dismiss.

    Syrian gas attackzibit

    Which one? Khan Shaykhun, Ghouta, Allepo? What was asserted and what has been proven to be 'completely fabricated?' Who proved 'the truth?'
  • Coronavirus
    Florida: the gift that just keeps giving.
    Young man was wanted and tried evading the Police by putting a sign on his door saying he was infected with Covid-19 and under quarantine.

    Critical Thinking is more important than ever.zibit

    I have yet to read one scientist in the field who claims the virus was man-made and explain how.

    My critical thinking tells me the resurrection of the man-made conspiracy theory is a false flag to divert attention from our government's ineptitude and is sauteed in politics. It's Orwell 101.

    Remarkable consistency between @The Rogue Wax Works article and the two below. I will add it would be great if people avoided CNN, FOX, and Facebook for everything other than entertainment.
  • Am I done?
    there are only so many ways to heat up some plant material.Baron23

    I'll ride that boat with you, and really what else is needed? Non-toxic effecient delivery system and after that is primarily preference.

    I don’t remember when that next level desktop made by a NASA engineer went underacstorfer

    @mac47 hinted at it. The Herbalizer was designed by a NASA engineer(s). Young and Pratt the founders were forced out. 2018 the company folded. Word around the campfire is that it was due to the S&B lawsuit against them over the balloon system.

    Enjoy your Simrell.
  • Status update
    I have a good feeling Bud will be okay, he is a strong character,Alexis

    Yes he will and say these words to yourself too- but replace 'Bud' with your name. :victory:
  • What are YOU listening to RIGHT NOW?
    basically touring GracelandBaron23

    I still enjoy that album- every song.

    Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking is another album where every song is solid.

    Roy couldn't sing a lick, but he could play guitar like very few every have.
  • Best shows and movies to watch
    Killing Eve Season 3 began this past Sunday.

    For me:
    Season 1: excellent
    Season 2, meh
    Season 3: Ep.1 was good. I hope the swagger is back.
  • Status update
    when the going gets tough Bud is gone I am done with this byeeeeesteph

    What did you ever do for the forum except clamor for Livestreams? As @okla68m "EXIT" announcements are Unnecessary!" Good Riddance.

    @alexis You aren't leaving until we let you- :joke: Stay around brother. If you're inclined, find a site for mental health or Lyme disease and do 2 forums.
  • Heads up about PayPal
    Sorry brother.... I can't believe Life served you yet another shit-sandwich.
  • Coronavirus
    I use "hick" sometimes to put a finer pointStragewort

    That may be a more appropriate word. At least 50% of my family applies. TY!

    Sooooo I jinxed myself with my wild west comment, got broken into lastnightDankpup

    So sorry buddy. Please tell me no one was there. I've been wondering about Covid & Crime. Be well.
  • Coronavirus
    My current predicament is how nice to be to customers refusing to wear a mask. So many come up to my store, see my sign and go back to thier car and get the mask, but others I have had to chastise and believe me I don’t want to!!!! .....................If you’re still out in this it’s Wild West.Dankpup

    You are on the front lines brother, and I salute you. If a police person/doctor/nurse/paramedic/ or fire person is a hero, you are a hero PLUS. I have one niece who is a nurse anesthesiologist (elective surgeries are on hold so she works wherever they need her now)and another niece who words as a stock clerk for Meijer(major grocery chain here....not sure if you're in Michigan) I would feel equally bad if either got infected, but with the nurse it is a hazard. My stocking niece never signed up for this 'war,' and she is working tons of overtime.

    I only go out to get food or gas. I wear a mask, well bandanna mask, and gloves. I'm not happy with everything the governor has done, but this viral situation is unprecedented.

    I want to also clarify for others, when I said 'rednecks' and 'hillbillys' it's my own vernacular. Half of my family lives one of 3 small towns in Northern Michigan's lower peninsula, and I call them when I feel they are uninformed about something. No hate.

    You be safe brother and thanks for your work!!!

  • Coronavirus
    LOL, aint nuthin ta fuck with :up:bulllee
    You know it brother! Let's have a bowl & a 40 ouncer in memory of Ol' Dirty Bastard. :rofl:


    Hummmm....sounds like segments of the GND being Forced upon people. Be prepared for the Motor Capital of the World to soon Outlaw the Internal Combustion Motor completely.okla68m

    There's a protest at our State Capital today, but my sister-in-law said it's primarily hillbillies and rednecks. They don't understand the extent Urban ex. Detroit/Saginaw have been hit. Saginaw's Mayor instituted a curfew because people were hanging outside of liquor stores and partying. Some people you have to save from themselves. :joke:


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