• Highfive Duo e-rig
    I have been using many different ways to vape my concentrates in the past several months. Nothing is like using the e-nail for me...(710 coils). With the e-nail rig (no metal parts like old Ti ones) you get unadulterated vapor from your cup. With almost all the all in one e-rigs.....this is not possible to have all glass. So the ones that separate the vapor out of the cup and then pass it back down and around the atomizer.....ALL SUCK for taste and harshness in vapor quality.

    Almost all the e-rigs do this.....I am not sure how many do not...but the Duo does not do this and I feel it is obviously the reason why the vapor is so much better than other e-rigs I have they all dirty the vapor by passing it around the atomizer and nuke all the cannabinoids / terps.

    I got the Oura after trying a Carta and Peak. When I soon tired of the Oura because of this vapor path issue......I then figured out that using my e-nail was going to be my main use for trates. Then a week or so later after not using the Oura......I needed a way to use when I was away from the house. So I rigged up a BB9 with Ti tip dynavap with a custom formed steel trate pad in it. This quickly became my only use with this dynavap and my portside mini. Now I was set with use at home and away.

    But I was left with not enough lasting medication time with the dynavap method...though it works extremely well to get me up for a good hour or so when needed for pain. This is basically my "i cant sleep and need to because it's 3am" vape.

    So then I heard things about the Duo and that it would be separating the vapor path from the atomizer area. Which it does! The vapor is direct proof that this is a must with these e-rigs. I only use quartz cups in all the e-rigs so understanding the vape's ability with vapor is easily apparent.

    The Duo is the closest to a e-nail I have tried so far. The rig works great stock, but you can tweak it to work more comfortable and better for your needs if you want. The one HUGE change for me was to use the bent neck bubbler that is made for the Carta. Carta rigs will mount no problem...they are just a tad bit bigger...but not enough to matter as it fits fine.

    Hitting it with the bent neck bubbler allows me to draw with less pressure on my jaw and muscles ....I can totally relax while hitting....instead of bending my neck down (back issues hate this) to take a draw.
    Also I like the flared mp's much better. I'm totally satisfied with my Duo until they def. have a better cup/bowl. I am holding off on their Sic ones and others they might come out with until they get fully vetted by users.

    To summarize.........if your going to get a e-rig...give the Duo a try as it has excellent vapor compared to the others....and you don't have too spend tons of $ to hop it up so it hits others! lol

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    Loving the 4 foot wire.SouthboundPachyderm

    4 ft. wires....nice! mine are only 3 ft...... :confused:

    The schlong is long with this one!
  • Recommend my next big hitter
    You could try a Terp Torch for low $. FF2's wont be strong enough for you. There is also the Elev8r, Sticky Brick, Dynavap (stony buzz) and desktops Flowerpot, Herborizer, and several others.
  • Tiny Might
    The hype is real for me....this vape kicks arse's all over the field of vaping when used as a instant on demand full powered rig vapor producer!

    I have three....because I can (I'm older, single and no kids).....also I have about 20 diff strains of flower at all times (i like to grow and have a med card)......also the need for pain medication and trying keeping my T levels usable....if

    That many pairs of shoes do you have?
  • Tiny Might

    Keep in mind.....what you see and hear on FC, just a very small minority. The amount of TM's out there now since probably close to 1000 units I am guessing.

    There are a couple quirks with it when you have a problem. First is what people are reporting as it does not heat as well....its weaker. Most of this is caused by a bad contact in a few possible places. Battery cap and contact strip to top metal top piece are pretty much the issue there. Cleaning contact points and such instantly help.

    CS issues....well I foresaw that and many do not understand what type of business TM is not a perfect running business with capitol and many employees. It is a one man operation and he happened to make one of the best vapor performing on demand portable out now! So now since the demand is extremely high....higher than most all vapes out now. And you have what you have.....I would let things setting down if you are still nervous about ordering. Just understand that if you do order....most likely you will need to allow longer times of communication and warranty service if you have issues.

    I can also understand the anger and total disappointment of those who got that his first vape a while a ago.

    That said...I own 3 now...... to tell you what I think about it.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    I'm using the fattest wire I could squeeze in the JST connector, which is 18AWG with silicone vandal proof sheathing.Hippie

    I'm using 16awg silicone wire....made it fit into the stock connector from my mod G.
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    totally trippy tree :fire:
  • Tiny Might
    I get where you are coming from for sure. For me...i do not expect much from any small vape maker. I always have to tweak, hack or what ever to get the vape to perform so I am satisfied with it.

    All I care about is a safe but super excellent vapor producing device. I will forgo any of the service stuff and bling I can rebuild and normally make things work regardless. Obviously there will be some exceptions here.

    I just want a vape that can perform........and the TM totally performs on a high level !

    I might think otherwise if I used the vape direct draw to lips....but I go through water with a wpa...and almost no other vape can do what the TM can do in this setting. I admit....using the stock stems with the cooling unit for direct draw going to need a lot of constant cleaning...and could put many off.
  • Tiny Might
    @kebcatmorgan If you have any questions or need any assistance...hit me up. I just wrote a nice little diddy on how to get rid of the wood smell over on FC.

    I only use it with a wpa made with a RBT short stem...on demand mode. It is one of my DD's.
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    crap.....very sorry.....I thought it was going to be on after 5pm.
  • Help buying a convection portable vaporizer
    OP......the truth is.......if you want convection for great get what you pay for!

    But.....there are some that do not cost much...but come at the cost of using a torch lighter. Elev8r, Sticky Brick, to name a few of the best.

    Also it sounds like for you, you need a vape that is not hard to to detailed to load, use, unload. These are things that most do not think about until after they get a new vape. So look for comparisons with usage info as well....not just what bells and whistles a vape has over another. GL
  • Highfive Duo e-rig
    John....feel free to ask any q's........
  • Weekly Live Stream & G43 Giveaway - October 20, 2020
    Dabs and grinder ready!

    Since I was lucky enough to be a beta tester.....if I do win a give-a-way ...I shall give the G to someone else that doesn't have one yet! :point:
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    Sometimes I need to trouble shoot electronic issues on various this PS allows me to power up or run power through circuits to check resistance and if the circuit is closed.

    It allows for quick powering at diff voltage/wattage needed for said device. TV, PC, radio, fans and various stuff I work on from time to time. I am a fixer of anything I can...especially around the house.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    Will...not sure what you mean....what else besides the PS and the G glass piece?