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    I love VapeCritic! :100:

  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    :). I think I’m on but would like portable G, extra cooling MP. I was on original list :party:
  • Dynavap
    that is tight AF
  • MV1 Troubles
    If you want to bother there’s a way to prime your material, just start off on level one and then go to the level that you like. This will dry out and prepare it. That should eliminate
    the moist bits sticking to the lid and such and will be much more evenly toasted
  • Vape hot air

    @VapeCritic prefers it that way. ;)
  • Ghost MV1 Usage Guide & Tips For Best Performance
    Wow, you filled the whole world with vapor, I can see it as far back as the mountains! :sweat:

  • Live Streams & Giveaways // Official Thread
    @LordVacuity Oh, didn't you know that was a joke? He doesn't really send anything.


    :chin: :wink:
    Naw, I'm just being a douche. He does. :lol:
  • Dynavap, so long to wait for new wood! What happened to apricot wood, or was it mango wood he was looking at?

    Am I the only one going crazy for new official wood? No jokes please I see that one coming a mile away.
  • Weekly Live Streams // Official Thread
    @Bruce Hilarious! I see where you're going with this, LOL.

    I'm standing in line OVERNIGHT for the Vape-Critic Boxers with built in spare battery pocket and ABV tube (for impressing the ladies! ask @Magicman
  • I want to make a review video today, give me some requests!

    Are you serious the firewood???

    Between me and you, you don't love that vape man.

    You need to do a review of the tubo, it's long in the making and overdue!
  • Weekly Live Streams // Official Thread
    Lesson of the day is don’t do streams unless you are happy

    Can you post an Amazon link to that chair you use?
  • Ghost - who loves it? who’s on the fence?
    If you have 400 bucks and want the best convection vape get it. Simple.

    Notice I said 400 because you’ll want the package.
  • Vapelabs Project A

    I had a couple ideas regarding the slide, what about leather wrap on the glass handle? That seems like a great idea.

    Also concerned, how do you set this down without burning the surface? A two prong to handle that would stand up right might be a better design next time.
  • Ghost MV1 Crucible Managing App

    Man dude you crack me up —love your posts. Your a forum treasure.
  • Weekly Live Streams // Official Thread
    Did someone say impromptu stream? :rofl:
  • Weekly Live Streams // Official Thread
    LOL, I can imagine Bud at 3 a.m. being more sedated than normal. haha :smile:
  • Weekly Live Streams // Official Thread
    Anyone who even thinks about justifying a bunch of complete losers who swarm a channel and accuse someone of the worst possible thing you can accuse some one of, is WAY off my Moral compass. Like you’re on Mars, and I don’t give a #($* what you think.

    I don’t hate because you’re telling the ‘truth,’ you sound like every other smug ‘progressive’ who thinks they have a lock on what ‘truth’ is and anyone who violates their ‘truth’ or doesn’t do what they think is an absolute DEPLORABLE. Sound familiar?

    So if you make a video, expect to be attacked by (who knows what) if you don’t appease the producers of the product? You must be fricking kidding me. Dont’ try to ‘normalize’ this behavior, it isn’t normal. ‘This is an organized attack and has nothing to do with your grasping at justification attempts.
  • Weekly Live Streams // Official Thread

    When you see a fast influx of ‘new’ people it’s a pretty good indication they are trolls; especially when they are all accusing you of BS. I would ban and tell them to come to the forum if it’s a mistake but you have no choice.

    I also respect your ability to ‘stay up’ mentally and that’s a big reason (the biggest reason) I love to watch your streams, because of your positive attitude. You have to guard it against negativity with vigilance. I’ve always looked up to your ability to deal with trolls and negativity in the streams and think you handle it really well. You just must develop another contingency plan for this latest attack.
  • Weekly Live Streams // Official Thread
    That sucked serious trolls. Next time just ban hammer. Was enjoying it up till then. Sigh