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    We are all just waiting for you to do something :sweat:BestBuds

    I guess racism and hatred and discrimination is allowed here. fun. :sad:BestBuds

    Yep!, Along with pics of HANDGUNS & HOLLOW POINTS! ON A VAPE FORUM!
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    Why do people bother preaching what they don't even follow?

    Yes, Rocky, I did like (almost) every post besides yours because I just kept on scrolling. Who said that was an option again...? Oh right. You.

    and c'mon, all you're doing is scrolling.... just keep scrolling right past... UGH, soooo difficult. — Rockytdogg


    And here you are again, creating a message to only delete it... And to do what, stir the pot?

    You're a moron dude. I said I was done with you last time because I was going to game, but this is my last message directed towards you, period. Lame ass low effort trolls like you don't deserve a reply, even from a "13 DaY OlD AcCoUnT" like me.

    While I'm at it, I bet I can guess your next reply if I hadn't written this part of my comment. "Wow haha I told you I could make you reply! Hahahahahah"

    I bet I can MAKE YOU post again... wanna see? — Rockytdogg

    Yes, rocky, that's how conversation works. Congratulations on wrapping your mind around such a simple concept. Pat on the back old pal.

    10 minutes ago















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    All you gotta do is not click on the site, man! It's super easy! :strong: :up: :ok: :victory:

    I do it here, there and other places for months on end when I feel I can't take it anymore.

    That and regular T-breaks help me... try it sometime!

    Might want to consider going the therapy route, too? I've never felt the need, but many swear by it.
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    Nope. For what a couple of silly political memes (poking fun at both sides!) posted in the JOKE thread that are easily "hidden"...? Total bullshit.

    If the "Crybaby Millennial Rule" was in place, only like 10 people would be here... :kiss:
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    Yes, man, I've been on forums for years (before with usenet, iirc all that shit), I know how it can work. fuckin EZBoard you could Ignore... older ones than that... i get it! and honestly I don't care! get it! use it!

    I personally don't. I'd rather have clear rules, proper modding and mutual respect rule the forum... so there wouldn't be a need. I can stand a few wacky characters, after all, this IS a drug forum... BUT this is not the case. Anything flies here! Sure post all guns you want!! Handguns and fucking hollow points! cool! On a FUCKIN VAPE SITE
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    All this shit will be gone in the morning when a proper mod, @Claude, will clean it up for you, don't you worry about it... just come back then!
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    I bet I can MAKE YOU post again... wanna see?

    and I'm having an awesome day! thanks!

    luv fukin with 'tards!
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    you're waaay too easy

    puppet on strings!

    jump, motherfucker, jump!

    i dont play video games, kiddo... stopped like 20 years ago :sweat:
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    Kiss kiss, its warzone time for me. Done with you.v0id


    The Pussy is STRONG in this one!

    And also completely full of shit, apparently!
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    Don't let your own hypocrisy bite you in the ass!

    Go run away, PUSSY! :rofl:
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    Yup, I had thought it was done properly on your part in a pm, my mistake, pussy. :sweat:

    Just like Senor Bebe, gotta do it out in the open, huh?

    But please continue to fuck up this thread...! It's fun!
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    mr joined 13 days ago... :sweat:
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    Dude, I'm sorry, but it's not my fault you're not very bright... seriously, kiddo, stay in school! The future needs you to!
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    Yes, I did.
    And your point is...?
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    no its not... this is a FORUM... a message board with randos from the world over. its implied and comes with the territory.

    take the good with the bad.

    and c'mon, all you're doing is scrolling.... just keep scrolling right past... UGH, soooo difficult.

    It's like that bum at dunky's trying to get your change all the time. Wouldn't you rather not have him there? LMFAOBestBuds
    How insensitive! I think the PC term is "Homeless Person"...

    PoOr PeOpLe ArE FuNnY!! LMFAO

    don't forget those "cancel culture" roots now!
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    Is it so hard to just not read a post and skip right over it?

    I feel sorry for people that can't handle faceless text and feel the need to have software decide for them...
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    Nah, dude, sometimes you need to know the whole story to determine that...
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    Oh no, it's it's fully recognized... :100: :100: :100:

    How about post more super kewl pics of handguns and fuckin hollow points in a vape forum!

    So COOL
  • Show me your “bud”
    Went back here before the holidays...:

    1/4 Bahama Mama (this could be it):
    1/4 MAC (probably the same, too):

    I live in MA and have held an MMJ card for over 3 years now, and while it's great to have more and more shops opening (rec too!), and so close by, I'm still forced to do the 3.5 hour round trip drive (including stopping for the $20 in gas and tolls and other tax-free goodies in NH) necessary to get quality meds at a reasonable cost.

    Case in point, was posted here: I mean, it's not terrible bud and did give me a nice happy buzz for at least a little while, but it most certainly is not worth 48 fuckin' dollars an 1/8th! Not when the product from ME above cost $110...!!

    And then there's the concentrates... instead of only costing 2x as much, and being at best a 1/4 the quality, it's 3-4x as much, and the quality of product doesn't even exist in MA... ugh!! So, I take a short day trip to ME (and tax-free NH!) once a month, could be worse problems, I suppose...

    I also got an 1/8th each of Cherry Pie and Lava Cake live resin and Animal Face and GMO x I95 "loud" resin (+$340), whatever the fuck "loud" is..? Just seems wetter w/xtra terps... but whatever, Maine has a very old med scene, so they have all kinds of wacky names for stuff. I'd post pics but it's the exact same shit as his pics and his are better. The flower I got is a bit more compressed than his pics from the packaging etc and therefore "cakier" looking, but it's still the same bud. I should be good for the month, HOPEFULLY....!

    FUCK MA CANNABIS IN ALL IT'S FORMS! (minus the "legal" one... I can live with that!!)
  • Tafée Bowle

    hey man, PM if you want, I don't want to fuck up this thread with off topic chatter and there are quite a few "karen" type crybabies here, too, that will flag posts of members they don't like, like little twats and pm back and forth to each other and gang up.... haha, sad I know, sorry. But this is VAPELIFE FORUM!