• Vaping kief (in a Ghost)

    The issue I have with that is surface area. If you're pressing it into a hash disc, I can guarantee that you won't experience even extraction. The advantages of keeping it in its powder form are in that there is more surface area for full extraction, and the powder is more likely to "melt" than bits of a pressed disc.

    Pressed discs might work better in conduction vapes, but even then, I'm seeing issues regarding how the innermost oils could boil out when they're trapped inside.
  • Ghost MV1 Usage Guide & Tips For Best Performance

    OMG Ghost Train Haze was my first flower when I got my card (on 4/20 this year!!! lol) and holy shit, I haven't experienced anything with such a pungent aroma. Opening the bottle with only one eighth filled my entire 1,400sqft apartment with its scent. That's a #1 for me, tied with Chi-Dawg (review uploading in an hour or two!!!)


    I will say, I prefer the Ghost to any other device for concentrate use, and this includes dabbing on the FlowerPot.

    - I get far more draws for the volume I use.
    - I get far greater flavor than any other device I use
    - I use far less to achieve the same effect than any other device I use
    - I've put wax, shatter, live resin, terp sugar, budder, dry sift, and RSO through this thing, and it handles them all spectacularly.

    - There are some particularities with using concentrates, but I feel these will disappear with the app
    - The crucible definitely gets more gunked up than with flower, and the staining is more pronounced. They are ceramic, very porous, so this is to be expected. I doubt it will have much effect on performance.
    - My unit has finally succumbed to the overheating issue with concentrates, however, I feel this is less a problem with the device, and more the fact I'm pushing it to see how much it can handle before a problem occurs. I'm drawing until it overheats, at which point I'll remove the battery to top it off while the unit cools down. Then I'll put the battery back in, and I'll be able to finish off the load (I'm really pushing the amounts)


    I have something coming down the pipeline involving some very high quality concentrates that I will be taking videos of. I'm not sure of the exact timeframe, but exciting things are happening for the channel.

    This means lots more Ghost videos will be coming soon, including the full review! I'm specifically waiting for the app to be released and ironed out for the full review and many of these videos, since they will be on YouTube for much longer than these firmware issues will. =)
  • Vaping kief (in a Ghost)

    Thanks for the shoutouts!

    And yeah, so far what I've done is making sandwiches using herb and kief, or just mixing the two together in a 1:1 ratio (give or take, depends on the consistency of both) and stick that in there.

    I've also been looking into methods of vaping kief on its own without flower, as I'm just about out of meds (*sad face*) but have a bit of dry sift stocked up. I'm thinking that perhaps putting a concentrate pad in, putting in good layer of kief on that which should maintain maybe a 0.5mm gap around the edge of the pad, then put another pad on top of that to keep it in place?

    Other than that, I've used *pure, organic* cotton in other vapes, but idk how well it would work with the Ghost, at least before the app hits. I'd be worried about combusting the cotton until we have full temperature control.

    I will experiment with other methods, and once I've found one, I'll do a video showing how and if there are any draw techniques involved.

    I'm still experimenting crazy style with this and other devices, and trying to make videos as frequently as possible. Now I need to get a *professional* logo designed incorporating elements of the "techno" and "Hippie" parts of the name into the typography, with some kind of medical imagery involved. Also need to design a couple different business cards (for different audiences) and pamphlets/flyers to distribute to local dispensaries.

    Lots of work ahead of me =P
  • Best Grinder for MV1 & Best Grind

    I don't have the SLX yet. So far, I really like the Lincig, love the blade style, but honestly, I think both are necessary.
  • Best Grinder for MV1 & Best Grind

    I'm definitely looking forward to getting one for myself one day.

    This actually sounds like a great video topic. I want to start getting informational videos published, this sounds like a good one. I'll try and get it done in the next few days. Spent the last two clearing out my office and setting up a decent recording space. In the process of testing lighting and audio, and trying to figure out how to get Premiere to recognize my camera as a capture device so I don't need to try and sync audio with video. Doesn't wanna play nice with a D5200.
  • Best Grinder for MV1 & Best Grind

    Going to depend on the flower itself. I've had best luck with fine and medium plates with the bevel side up. Coarse works good if bevel side is down, but it mashes the material a bit more that way since the flat side catches on the material.

    Edit: my material is fairly moist, so if you have dry flower, might not be a good idea to use the fine. Might come out too fine, but I won't know until I get some drier material. Maybe next visit I'll pick up some Aeriz product. Everything from that cultivator is on the dry side.
  • Best Grinder for MV1 & Best Grind
    The fine grind through the Lincig, bevel side up:


    Honestly, I think this is the best grinder I've owned. I'm very much looking forward to the official Lift once I can afford it

    Edit: also, usage tip, I've found I get more cutting and less mashing if I move the lid back and forth instead of one direction. If you only turn in one direction, the bud can get jammed in between the blades and inner structure. Doesn't cause it to stick, but you're crushing material there. Back and forth seems to chop it up nicely.
  • Ghost MV-1: First Unboxing & Initial Thoughts Video, More To Come
    @Chronic Pain @MurknyaVapes

    Thanks so much! Lol, without the encouragement from you all, this would probably fizzle out quick. I'm so happy to know you all are enjoying them and getting something from them. Definitely keeps me motivated =)

    Uploading another right now, the NewVape FlowerPot with ShowerHead. I show how to use it as a desktop herb vape, a dab rig, and then both together, along with a short review of Rythm's Redheaded Stranger sativa dom hybrid.

    About 15min remaining as of 10:17am CST

    Edit: UGH I keep forgetting it has to process. Just started processing (10:32 CST), so soonish?
  • Ghost MV-1: First Unboxing & Initial Thoughts Video, More To Come
    About the state of the channel:

    I'd like to apologize for the quality of things so far. I haven't had time to record an intro video, do any graphics, or set up a proper recording space. I have one more video to upload about the FlowerPot today that's already shot and I just need to put together.

    After that's finished, I feel I should have enough content for now to work on making some room in my office so I can get those higher quality videos to you all.

    Thanks for being so patient with me while I'm getting things together, and thank you for your likes and subs!
  • Ghost MV-1: First Unboxing & Initial Thoughts Video, More To Come
    Eh, guess I couldn't get em up yesterday. Apologies again.

    Ghost MV-1 comparison to Yocan NYX, along with review of Redheaded Stranger going up now, uploaded and processing should be done within half an hour or so. (Should be available by 7:30am CST)

    NYX destroys my lungs, Ghost is smooth as butter, same stuff, same amount
  • Best Grinder for MV1 & Best Grind

    If you think about it, when they get damaged, the oil is no longer contained. In most grinders, some of it is going to stick to the teeth, so you lose on potency. I also believe you get a much nicer vape when they remain intact.

    I'm not saying toothed grinders destroy all trichomes, but I think a blade grinder will do a better job at preserving them.
  • Glass Symphony

    I apologize. I had originally posted in this thread asking how it compared to the FlowerPot. My second post was in response to a question I was asked.
  • Glass Symphony

    I have no idea if it is, but I'm sure it can be shipped.

    The FlowerPot is amazing for a desktop. Idk why I'd use my Volcano unless I had a specific reason for the bag or I'm short on time but want the desktop experience. For flower, idk about the other heads, but the 20mm shower head is crazy efficient. Even at 650, which is kind of low for the device, it can fully or near fully extract 0.1g in one draw.

    Still learning about concentrates on it. At 550°, my standard for my flat coil, it seems the dish must be 100-200° less. I took my dab with flower, the flower was cashed, but the dab kept going for 2-3 more wispy draws. I think this might be a 700°+ device (first experience with barrel coils) for dabs, but I gotta test. When the handle is installed correctly, it looks like the following image, but very little coil is in contact with the dish. I'm considering turning the coil upside down to see it its flatter and will make more contact. But I don't think it will, since it's a pretty thick spiral. Going to be a learning curve for these barrel coils coming from a flat coil.


    Will probably do a short video on it today since I have the time. I wanna get some stuff on other devices up soon.
  • Best Grinder for MV1 & Best Grind
    My pleasure!

    I used to be a tutor and teaching assistant, lol.

    Just to update, the Ghost handles all of the following grind consistencies very well.


    Only deal is I had to let the latter two dry out a bit. I actually just left the grinder lids off over night.

    While all 3 consistencies work great, I still recommend a blade style grinder. The Lift and Lincig let you adjust the grind on the fly with those plates, which comes in handy since different flower will grind differently. I've also never seen so many trichomes preserved in the final product.

    I can see the SLX having a similar effect, with its non-stick surface. I think it probably still mashes the flower, but the oils likely soak into the flower instead of collecting on the teeth. This is just an educated guess.

    I love the leather (probably fake) case the Lincig comes in. Wonderful for display.

    Edit: Also, Amazon ain't giving me shit. I was a top performer in both AFE and Pick departments, would frequently be #1 on the speed charts for pick, and I could box 3 orders in a minute in AFE.

    Fired me because I had a massive flare up (Crohn's disease) and ran out of PTO (personal time off, functions as their attendance policy. Run out, you fired! My NDA ran out, so I can talk about this stuff, any of you from Amazon reading this...)

    I still buy from them though. Prime benefits are too much to pass up.


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