• Ghost MV1
    If there's anybody that wants to get rid of their Ghost pm me I will take it off your hands.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    Is the video of bud building the g43 still up from a few months ago if so where
  • Ghost MV1
    I recently used my mv1 haven't used in a while but I always thought that when it was working good it's the best vape out there in terms of effect, taste especialy for the amount being used. I own mostly every top vape out there. I always noticed that it worked great when battery was just fully charged.
    So other night Got great hit first pull but diminishing next few. So i decided to plug in and use it plugged entire time and basically every hit was great. So anybody who has mv1 try it plugged in and I like to hear from others on how it works for you.
  • Tiny Might
    Anybody use the extra long stem and is it better than the original stem
  • Does this exist - external heater?
    Don't know if this is what ur thinking about but take a look at the lamart tetra x
  • USPS Hell!
    I ordered the piro on good Friday i actually got tracking info but all info dissapeared a week ago and still have not received.
  • G43 Plug-in Wall Adapter DIY (WallG)
    Would I be able to use the original power supply that comes with the Woodscents.
  • Tetra P80 just hit the Lamart site
    Yeah I had same problem
    I got it out by rolling up the end
    I thought it might have stretched but not all .
  • Ghost Support
    Velcro straps work good.
    Amazon has cheap ones
  • Ghost closing up shop
    Here's a pic I forget who was trying this
  • Ghost closing up shop
    It sucks to hear I'm one that really liked the mv1 and was looking forward to the next version with all the kinks worked out.
    The best customer service I've ever dealt with.
    But in these times were gonna be seeing a lot more places closing. Great vape technology one of the best tasting vapor with the smallest amount of erb.
  • Ditanium
    I bought 2 of the original style stems like
    2-3 weeks ago from vgoodiez when he had them in stock . I went to put the it away and the mouthpiece lightly hit the stem and broke it at the end of it off Was very easy to break.
    If anybody knows where and when they are available somewhere if u could please post.
  • Ghost MV1 latch wont close
    For now try holding the latch release down then close and then let go of latch button
  • Tiny Might
    I put about 20 of the 3mm glass beads in the longer glass stem that came with it . It def made a big difference in taste and cooling down the vapor. First I put a rimeless screen in then the glass beads then the bud and cap with rimmed screen. Dont care for cooling unit besides that Great vape!
  • 4/20 DEALS
    Where is the arizer 1 for $63
  • Tiny Might
    Thanks man yeah I wiped with iso around the heater but I will def have to do all of what like you said.
    I have VAS so I do have many many vapes I never had a vape that put off this bad of taste. I will try to clean every piece . Also i guess u purchased the glass piece for heater path from tinymight?
  • Tiny Might
    Got my tinymight yesterday . I did like 3 full session burnoffs . I still got this really bad taste in my mouth and lips that I can still taste today.
    Has anybody else had this.
  • RBT Milaana 3
    I think the reason a lot of people that come here and to other vape sites is to get info and honest reviews on vapes and vape company's and how their product performs but also when something goes wrong with them how they take care of the problem but also how they treat their customers. So big ups to all you keeping it real.
  • RBT Milaana 3
    I guess mine should have out days ago my #1041
  • RBT Milaana 3
    Has anybody received their milaana 3 being it's now the end of February and was told by Cole on Feb 10 that they were starting shipping the next week which would have been Feb 17. Haven't heard any word from rbt.