• Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    no you need a usb type c charger i thinks its 45w compared to 8w is what you are getting with normal usb cable
  • Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    if you have a android fast charger you can use that! it takes me 40 minutes to charge all bars with my google pixel charger you can get one on amazon pretty cheap. it has to be usb c to usb c
  • What Vape Are You Using as Your Main Vapes?

    mighty + is my go to vape now i have a volcano hybrid but it literally eats through my weed so i don't use it as much
  • My MV-1 Ghost finally died. What's a good replacement??
    use honey and you get a discount in the main website
  • Arizer Air 2 or Arizer Solo 2
    arizer solo 2 i bought both prefer the solo 2 have more power and better vape quality they are on sale at puffitup i think. like always though i advice a crafty over a arizer solo 2, just because its way more reliable in the long run. broken stems from my arizer and such! also if you do decide to get the arizer look into PVHES High Efficiency Vortex Stems make it way better!
  • How works a Hybrid Vaporizer.
    in my experience convection vaping makes my throat more dryer cause you are moving hot air through material to heat it up. when i do conduction i get more clouds but it's a little harder to draw from and take hits. the mighty vaporizer which is my favorite device does both i think that is the money to do a hybrid. examples of both convection vape would be a volcano, conduction vape would be a flower pot.
  • I got The new Mighty+
    that is exactly what i thought of. why have a picture of this mighty standing what looks like is on its own, when you need to do all that to make it stand...O_O

    yes they feel more solid, except the power button i would say is rather squishy compared to the up and down.
    also this is the box

    I have been testing this device and so far the taste is a little better but not sure if because its new or because its a ceramic bowl. so i would say a little more smoother and easier to draw for sure. Again this feels like a remastered more than a redesigned vape. i got a discount on Storz and bickel with honey so it came out to 355 so id say it was well worth the price. i love how fast it heats up and charges with my 45w wall charger i have been using dosing capsules and love how seamless its becoming to do my sessions. again lame that they didn't include the wall charger but with it makes the vape actually worth it.
  • I got The new Mighty+
    funny enough it only stands if you take the pick tool out turn it around and put it back in. its an improvement when you do it that way from the other mighty but it still needs the pick took to stand. kinda mislead everyone there and on the mighty having a fast charge (only if you have a 45w type c wall charger.) to clarify there are 3 modes of charging
    Fast = only type c 45w wall chargers
    normal = usb wall charger
    slow = pc usb ports 1-2.0 , ps4, consoles.
    in the manual and it says you can use a 45w wall charger while in use so that's cool.
  • Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    another slight annoyance no grinder nor bowl loader or even a power brick for my usb cable so kinda lame there.
  • Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    so even if you have it in 2.0 mode i guess you need to have it charging with the usb power adapter so kinda a bummer it charges but it says slow on it
  • Mighty + Out September 23rd.

    got my mighty plus today and wow its way different than i expected it doesn't feel the same and its way faster at responding and cooking up than the other one.
    complaints so far is the charger is picky and needs to be 40w and the Nintendo switch charger doesn't work with it. when you plug it to your pc make sure its in a usb 2.0 slot or else it goes into slow charging mode. the entire cooling unit is the same only the drawing stem has a slight wideness to it. the pick tool is different material but the same shape. the buttons feel more tougher than the other mighty. currently charging for my first use.
  • Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    i got my notice today you should get a notification when they ship it to you

    I can't wait to try mine out and post some videos here how it works!
  • Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    i have two mightys one i use when i go to work and another when i stay home and i can tell you if i can have a mighty with a usb type c that in itself would be a big deal for me less things to carry i can use my google pixel charger with it. The other thing i understand is faster charge time and the bowl is now ceramic coated.
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    i got a switch and have been playing southpark the fractured buthole and loving it.
  • Decision Support
    why not an airzer? the first one is like 100 bucks the second one goes for 180 way better vapes than those two i think. and they are both on special at puffitup.
  • Show us your garden!
    :cheer: damn that is amazing
    :strong: dude those look tall and frosty
    dude i grew that strain!!!! was it from the special the seedsman had last year? beautiful
    you guys are so amazing and inspirational!
  • My MV-1 Ghost finally died. What's a good replacement??
    dude crafty + got released 7 days ago... if you want something that last then i go with crafty. if you want something to just do the job then arizer.
  • Show us your garden!

    sweet gelato and og kush both auto plants that were done in 3 months seed to harvest. using living soil amended with teas and one shot. used spider farmer sf2000 two in one tent. 7 gallon pots
  • My MV-1 Ghost finally died. What's a good replacement??
    no problem you know a firefly 2 would be something similar to that instant vape hit you got with the ghost but a bit better just pricey. if you are staring at $200 vaporizers id say bite the bullet and get a crafty+ just use a coupon code or honey to get a discount. arizer solo 2 is cool and versatile. you can buy different stems with different thickness of glass and joints to put on bongs. downside is i would drop or bang the stems when i was high O_O so that was annoying.
  • Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    oh i will just waiting on their response love your store btw!!!!