• The G43 Vaporizer // Official Thread

    It might be the display, set it into stealth mode by pressing fire + down at the same time a couple times... It'll say contrast mode or something
  • The G43 Vaporizer // Official Thread

    I got the 2 21700 model not the 3 18650.

    I'm sure the 3 battery one is good also, but the 21700s rock.
  • My Awesome Shatter Platter!!

    Yeah how long does that tray last? 20 minutes? j/k ;)
  • Linx Blaze

    Haven't tried the blaze no, sorry. Any of the cheaper pens that actually have cups not exposed coils are ok. I think they crystal does that, the source orb 4 has a quartz bucket atomizer (but I can't recommend) , SAI and Sequoia are the top of the line IMO but they have a bunch of knockoffs, if you need to go cheaper. And you can get coils for them...some amazing looking ones in fact, and some people like the coils and say the buckets are too wispy. Some coils like the 'donut' are where the metal coil is coated in ceramic, those can be good, but I don't want to muddy the conversation. I like the buckets the best.

    Specifically the difference is in a coil the wax touches the hot coil and vaporizes, the more impurities in the payload the dirtier the coils get, and they wear out quick this way. Buckets are where a metal or quartz 'cup' sits against the coils, the coils heat up the 'bucket' which then heats the payload. It is a little more wispy, but it lasts like 1000% longer. You can clean it with a qtip.
  • Linx Blaze

    Agreed on the coils bro, I only do buckets now. I'd love to try the peak.
  • Grinder Rehash

    The grind you want for the MV1 is a medium coarse grind. The holes on the SLX and the Space case are similar enough that normal use (turning until all the product has fallen into the collector out of the teeth are) will give you a 'good enough' grind for the MV1. You'll have to experiment with it from there, fewer turns, more turns, upside down all change things but the default works well with those two.

    BTW, it probably works well with just about any medium/coarse grinder ;) Just of the ones we've mentiond I like these two.
  • Grinder Rehash
    I have all three of those mention, space case, slx and santa cruz. I like the slx the best because nothing sticks to it. Other people have worried about the coating coming off, but I've used mine a lot and never noticed even a dink in it. Next is space case, which also does really well with sticky stuff but not as good as slx. Santa cruz is one of the top tier other ones, but not enough for me to compare to the other two.

    BTW with any grinder you have the control...if you want more grind turn it upside down so the chunks don't fall through so you can grind it more. If you want less, then like Econ said just do one turn, etc.

    MV1 works well with medium grind IMO, needs some larger chunks in there because of the convection like someone said.
  • What kind of vape suits best for new beginners?
    Or was my first the Crafty? I traded that one away a while ago so I didn't think of it.
  • My Glass Rig Setup

    Special dude maybe ;) remember who it was? not CCG probably
  • What Herb Has Been the Tastiest in Your MV1?

    No, it might have been express but I would think he would remember it ... he couldn't tell me, only 'pineapple something' so there you go :) probably, but who knows.
  • My Glass Rig Setup

    Nice rigs! Those mouthpieces are special, are they custom?
  • Help buying first vape

    Lol... I thought you meant something else, then I got that you were talking about weights!

    Yeah, tell us about your stones!
  • What Herb Has Been the Tastiest in Your MV1?
    I had some from my guy that didn't know the whole name ... pineapple something. It was the frutiest thing I've ever tasted. So good my friend could not stop talking about it.
  • What kind of vape suits best for new beginners?
    I agree with the guys on the Arizer, but I'll add that my first vape was the Mighty, and while it has been supplanted for me, it was a better, harder driver for me than many that came after. It really took the Ghost and the G43 to knock it off my list.

    It just ticks so many boxes, it's hard for me not to like the Mighty for a new vaporist. With that said, you will probably need more than one in the mid to long term anyway, so that's a consideration.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    I agree with @Cl4ud3 here, temperatures between units aren't going to be exact, and it seems you have a different enail controller than the one NewVape sells, so trying to get the same experience with the same settings is probably not going to work well for you.

    I'd suggest like the others have said, try modifying your draw speed (but if you've had it for a long time you've probably worked on that already right?), but if nothing else then just don't worry about the temp setting too much, especially for dry flower, set it to something that gives you the extraction you want.
  • Where to find 90 degree adapters?

    Ha, have you tried the EVO straight up yet? Or upside down even? I missed it if you said somewhere that you did. The y adapter is good, but a good hydrotube is an awesome addition as well.
  • The G43 Vaporizer // Official Thread

    I use the 21700's with the wismec rx2 mod...they last a really long time.
  • Ditanium Review Thread

    I just hit it again to check. It does well enough, and is safe enough, to sit on the edge of my desk. It extracts great i'm at about 1 o'clock on the dial though so maybe high. Tastes great, but if you've ever used a whip you'll know what I mean in that it gets that whip tinge to it. Hits hard though, nice throat hit higher on the dial.

    At my normal setting it's not CLOUDS it's more clouds, I don't expect it to extract in one draw like with some, but maybe I should since the other complaint is the whip is too short and I keep pulling the wand off the heater.
  • Ditanium Review Thread

    It's a good vape. I don't like doing double deckers on it the way you can with a FP or SUB, it just seems clunky.

    The herb want is horizontal, which I think Bud doesn't like. It's wanded and whipped and a lot of people don't like that, but it's fine to leave just sitting there, and its the only one I feel protected from, and haven't burned anything on.

    It also works pretty good. Dabs are clean tasting, but the cup can be hard to clean if you don't keep it swabbed well. The rest of it stays pretty clean.

    It doesn't have the Ti personality of the Vrod, but it's a good vape for the price for sure. My main complaint is the lack of exact temp control.