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    Dude, that's the craziest thing I've more hand blown glass for me, Shark it is...
  • Rosin of the week!

    Ugh, I hope that plays out differently. Do they sell seeds or will they keep them totally in their hands?
  • Tips on best way to collect reclaim from glass stems

    I like to make vape-stem milk. Heat some milk on the stove, drop in the stems, let the stuff melt out, strain through cheesecloth or something to get the bits (if there are any), then you gots the good milk :) Fatty milk not skim.
  • Sh!t Hazel says...
    I come off like I'm a dude with nuts.Hazel

    Man I wish there was an out of context thread... I can say this tho Hazel, you definitely not a dude, but if you did come off like a dude, it's better to be like a dude with nuts than a dude that's nuts ;)


    Seriously though, it's all good, we appreciate you the way you are :)
  • Ghost MV1 not working, need help

    It took me a while to get it right as well, and I'll say that if you have wet-ish payload it won't work as well, and you'll have to take more prime type draws. If you've tried everything else, and have damp payload, dry it out on paper beforehand, and make sure your draw speed is moderate but consistent.

    I only use power level 4. one red dot.
  • G43 Mods & Firmware
    @Dr green thumb
    I think any RX2 based mode will work with it. I use the 21700 version.
  • 420EDC TiWarez: TiStash
    Mine is good, a little smaller than the space case one, but sweet Ti.... If only it was Rasta ;)

  • New Ghost MV1 Stealth Edition

    In concentrate mode yes, it has to be held. The first draw is a prime draw, but with each draw you do have to hold the button to take the whole draw. Did that answer your question? You have to hold down the button for each draw, not each session. I don't like it as much for concentrates, but a lot of people do.

    @SirCrackKillaH working on a pic for you ... my trail is a treadmill, but I got a shot poolside today. Got it:
  • G43 Mods & Firmware

    I'm going to make an app that shows the screen, so it can stay off and not need cooling ;)
  • G43 Mods & Firmware

    Did you go into the interface and change the contrast all the way down to 0? Sometimes on the larger screens the screens make it get hotter, faster. Baron thinks I'm crazy with this, but you should try it at least. :)
  • Silicone tubing

    That looks fine to me, make sure the Inner Diameter of it matches what you need though. Also, you can get blue or black, which keeps the light out and people say that it helps keep bacteria and things from growing in the tubes...I don't know about that, but I use the black and blue ones :)
  • G43 Mods & Firmware

    Good one bro, I likey.

    Nitecore get it done sir. I have two. One that is an overnighter, that turns all lights off :) other one is a 2 amp but i never use 2a, only 1 or .5
  • G43 Mods & Firmware

    That's interesting.

    My G43 is pulling about 1.5 - 2 on each battery, assuming it's spread evenly and given variance in resistance due to a bunch of factors. Are you saying if they get hotter they will run out faster? I guess that can happen. Mine seem to actually go back up on charge if it use them a lot, let them sit for a bit and check again. Like it might get to 80% after a couple of uses, but after leaving it for 10 minute it says 83% ... not sure how accurate those things are, and I don't really trust them other than to say when they get to 10% charge the batts.

    Is your point to do something different? I think it's pulling more than .8 amps on every device. On single battery devices it's pulling 3+ amps I think.
  • G43 Mods & Firmware
    Well, I don't have a dog in this hunt (as they say in the hills), but I generally will charge my batteries when they get to 10% or less on the register, regardless of what the voltage says it is. I use a nitecore charger, and it can go to 2amps but i charge at 1. unless it's really low battery then yes at .5.

    The mod is set to what 3.1? I'm not sure I'm ready to change that, or that it should be argued about for the G43. Aren't the same settings used for the Tubo? It doesn't stay on as long I guess, but I've had mine on a lot and it's been ok. So long as I don't overdraw it, and by the settings the mod will turn off if it detects a battery problem, overheating, overdraw, etc ...

    It's not next to my face, I feel safe with it. Should some people set that voltage thing to 3.2, if they have sketchy batteries, then yes, be MORE safe, but it's relatively safe with the protections already I think ... which is just IMHO, I'm not a Dr of anything unless it's BS.
  • Mobile browser problems with forum?

    Works ok for me and I mostly on android...just clicked it to reply to you ;)