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    stop it!!! R u serial?

    Damn looks cool with the blue RDA!
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    :lol: :lol: :lol: I was talking about the snow!!! That’s soooo funny!! :blush:
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    totally agree. I even considered it... buying from UK Amazon that is. Im going to show him both your massager and @Dr green thumb pad and see what he wants to do. He’s got to at least try something like it since 2 people now have mentioned how beneficial the heat and infrared are.

    I actually almost hit “buy it now” on DG’s and was like wait wait wait lol I wanted to add it to the cart and then save for later. :roll: YES, I’m that asshole that cant just pull the trigger lol. At least not on stuff for him anywys lol

    I end up with mad random shit in my “save for later” cart but I go back to it and buy it lol
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    yessssssssss legit that exact version of the video (if multiple exist). :lol: You know just how to get me. :cool:

    did you get this answered yet? I lm going with yes .. now I’m on pg 31 of 33 so not sure. And plus you’ve been hitting that sucker so I’m assuming your working and in full G swing!
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    Yes! Bud's going to update everyone soon. We're just trying to get a better gauge of how many people are dropping out from the list first. So basically everyone will be getting bumped up the list a bit (because not everyone is ordering), but how much of a bump up we're still figuring out. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest list to be sent.... whenever Bud is ready. lol

    But soon. :sweat:
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    LOL I wont be doing shit for the snow. You know who will? Either Bud or our landscaper and his crew of goonies. We just need to tell them if we want them to come and they show up at 2am or whenever its almost over and shovel it all up. But we have a snowblower. Actually a lovely one we bought that I don't think we've ever had a chance to use because it broke before we could. We waited too long LOL :lol:

    For real?? Infrared and provides benefits a little extra long term? @Alexis actually told me about something similar as well. Interesting you've both had the same long term effect positive experience with these types of heating pads/massager's. I really need to get one! Thanks guys!!!
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    10 inches! You've gotta be kittin me! That's insane and doesn't sound like fun at all. I haven't really been following that much but my friend said 2-4 yesterday from accuweather but closer to 2. Today I think they said it's going to be rain and snow and I see 1-3 but who knows.

    I only like the snow when it's falling pretty and slow and I don't have to go anywhere... and it melts in like a day.

    LOL Whaaaaaat! Your batts seem lazy lol but your use sounds on point! :ok: :sweat:

    Shutdown squibs?? whats a squib??
    Snow prepping?? ehhhh not really
    Did measles got you?? NEVER!
    Are you that OCD?? Umm... Yes, definitely, but not personally w/ rods. pretzel rods. But if I know a you like salt on pretzies, Ima get you the damn saltiest pretzies I can. :smirk:
    Does Bud make you do that?? he made me promise not to tell.
    Should we call 911?? NO! def never call the po-po. Unless I tell you to, then maybe. :wink:
    Are you #metoo??I may have a :flower: , but I'm not :joke: lol
    Does he force himself into you, in a pretzel rods bed, while making rain “$1 dolla” bills?? :cool: :naughty: jajajaja -- Ehem... at the same damn time? :death: :scream:
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    This is what I do for @VapeCritic when I go food shopping and get those infamous pretzel rods aka “rosin rods” :razz: ...

    And we’re suppsed to get snow “supposed to” so the super is packed with every psycho possible getting bread and milk! :lol: Even heard someone say I need bread and milk.

    True love is looking like a dick taking all the pretzel rod bins out and comparing salt ratio. :cheer: :wink:

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    :lol: You know me so well!
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    Def try using a different cable OR plugging cable into back of PC or front of PC (meaning don't use anything that is add on usb port, like those usb hubs that plug into wall giving you additional usb ports - don't use that). I tried using that initially when setting mods up with firmware and it didn't work with my personal usb hub. However, as soon as I plugged into the usb port in the back of computer the mod was able to be recognized right away no problem. Let me know if you fixed it or if that suggestion works. :up:

    @Baron23 I feel like the pic. lol Please sir may I have some more? :fear: :sweat: Good news is... I have officially almost finished opening, setting up, handling, cutting, stripping, burning, stuffing, etc. all the parts that I'm able to help with. As I mentioned before... a wee bit ocd mixed with hoarder prepper. But I don't actually hoard anything... just like to have stock of items. :wink: So .... we stocked and prepped home boys!:100:
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    I can't do it. Makes me hungry or I find it eh. You are more than welcome to try and convert me if there's a good show that a ENTJ like myself would like. :cool:
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    You know those people who love watching the food network etc. in general or when they're cooking? Yeah... that's definitely not me. Not only do I not watch the food network or any of those shows, I hate them. They make me hungry and if I were to even remotely attempt to make what they're making, I'd have to record the show and follow after the fact since NO 1 ever has ALL the ingredients on hand and is ready to cook chef style just like that. :shade:

    Kablam! A dash of this and a dusting of that! :lol: F that barefoot Contessa!

    Those cookies do look FA-BUL-OUS though. Have you ever tried Milk Bar cookies or cake pops? They have locations all over. Amazing!!! You'll thank me and hate me all at the same damn time, but do yourself a fav and order assortment of cooks and pops! :starstruck:

    Milk Bar MmMmM
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    lol if you’re talking about the first row.. I know :groan: lol didn’t have enough to make it even so had to off center it pyramid style :lol:
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    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
    What? Nothing going on here... Just a little artsy fartsy ocd build set up. :naughty:
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    LOL tips can be made in chocolate too! :rofl:

    that’s amazing. :lol:
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    we can we can! Bud said so. :wink:

    @LabPong lol so original. Fun Fact: I recently learned “GIFT” in German means “Poison” in English! :cool:
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    omg did you hear me say that pinky and the brain mentality on the stream or did you seriously just come up with it yourself? I’m really dumb sometimes but I’m really smart when it counts lol

    I love it. It’s a pretty dang close representation of daily life. :sweat:
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    It's a good idea but we don't really fancy the idea of taking funds from people like that. I know it's a good platform that's helped many "kick-start" their businesses and inventions/products but it's just not quite right for us. Thank you for the suggestion though, we really appreciate it and the support! :wink:

    Personally.... if we did anything at all, I like the idea of a very simple discreet "donations" button. Only in 1 spot on VL site, YT, and in Shop (as an "add to cart" or “add-on" option when you're checking out). I don’t know lol Its odd to think about. Ay karumba! :groan:

    Its nice of everyone to offer their suggestions and want to help! You guys are awesome and we seriously wouldn’t be where we are today without you. :hearts:

    Oh and also, if we ever really considered doing something like the above, I wouldn’t call it "donations"... It would be something funny and chill, lighthearted. Like...

    “Give Bud Green” or “G’s for G’s”
    or “Whoo Girl Fan Club”
    “Feed Bud”
    “Vapelife Fellowship”
    “Bund Fud” :up: :down: :groan:

    What would you call it y'all? :chin:

    Would you think that option would be cool or super douche?
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    Get some rest if you can, we would not want either of you to get hurt doing this.Pakalolo2
    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: @VapeCritic There you have it. The people have spoken.

    Did Bud send you email or post you in next batch for ordering? I guess it depends where you are at in the list? If he posted your name as being able to order (since Tuesday's launch) and pm'd you that you could order, then you're all good and you can order. He just isn't going to be posting 10 at a time for ordering again until Saturday.

    So the question is.... did he post and/or reach out saying your turn has come? If so you should be able to see the "add to cart" button and all options etc. in the store and you can go on an order. Let me know and pm me if anything. :cool:
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    Just posted production update on G43 thread.

    haha Buds handling the crimping shit, I handled the cutting. Def didn't love the tool I had for repeat measuring and cutting of wire. My poor hand and wrist...ouchies! There must be a better way. :chin:

    I actually found a tool that supposedly helps with stripping wire, connecting, crimping, and heat sinking (sp) while looking for my length measure and cut tool, but Bud won't have any of it. lol Oh well. Zoom in and look real careful next stream for blisters, burns, cuts, and such on hands. Proof of manly work! :smirk: