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  • UK vapers?
    plenty of UK folks on here! Plenty of folks from all over the big ol world lol
  • Welcome home Mickey & Theo!!
    wrote this yesterday but never finished typing or posting lol —-
    so I just read up quick about it to confirm I’m not doing anything bad. It’s been a long long time since Lana’s been a kitten so I don’t even remember what we did. I’m pretty sure we gave her catnip toys fairly quickly though.

    Anyway, looks like it’s totally safe to give kittens catnip, but they probably won’t react to it until they’re 3-6 months old. Some kittens even avoid it before then. But totally safe. Phew! :sweat:

    I didn’t give them any to really eat. I rubbed some on the scratchers and they had a smidge to eat off them but that’s about it. The rest has been in the toys. Looks like they’re old enough to react apparently bc they f-ing LOVE the carrot.
    It’s actually the same one I got Lana over the holidays lol - YES I have a stocking for the cat and put cute stocking stuffers like catnip toys in it - we celebrate Hanukkah & Christmas btw). Lana LOVES the carrot too lol. So if you’re looking for the good stuff.. go with Yeowww or Petstages nip toys. They’re sure winners lol
  • Welcome home Mickey & Theo!!
    @Cuckfumbustion FYI - just got them a catnip carrot (just like the one Lana girl has) and they’re loving it. Mainly Micks. I guess he likes veggies! :lol:
  • Live Streams
    totes agree with all you said. And I should edit post but instead i’ll add here - I told her what’s up lol and she has chosen not to talk to me since. I just haven’t reached out in addition. But I would never cut mom out nor would I ever get away with that if i even wanted to. My moms a Ukrainian Jew - she’d rip me a new asshole on the daily before us not talking long term. She’d get more satisfaction out of it lol
  • Live Streams
    enjoy!!! Cuties aren’t neutered yet even. They’re only 2-3 lbs each lol my little rambunctious boys.

    Btw for all you folks that watched the meltdown stream and heard Bud talk about how my mom is infuriated with me for adopting 2 more kitties instead of having human babies.... update: haven’t talked to her in 2 days. :roll: :shade: #imnotcrazyyourecrazy lol
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    Are they old enough for catnip? :naughty: Semi-seriously, is there some sort of legal age where cats can consume catnip?Cuckfumbustion

    Oh I gave them cat nip lol :naughty: but they’re not neutered yet so only a little, they’re already wild boys lol

    Edit- did you both make it to training on Saturday?Alexis

    Absolutely not lol

    A that was such a kind and thoughtful response. Everyone’s has been. :heart:

    Lana certainly smells the kitties now. We have a gate up so visibility and smell are in full gear. Hoping she warms up today to the idea of these little runts.
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    On the bright side.. we officially named the kitties.
  • Live Streams
    I’m just going to call Crayzel and tell her to never ever come out again, she’s not invited anymore.
  • Live Streams
    pretty fucked up that it happens live though. Everyone has issues and bs but to be fucked up and live with an audience and then have that happen.. terrible. Some people have only seen that and that’s a turnoff. There is a fun Bud & Hazel. There’s going to be a hate thread about me soon.
  • Live Streams
    thanks I really appreciate that. Things have been going well so this really really really sucked and clearly upset me.

    Does anyone know if there’s a “delete from life” button you can buy?
  • Live Streams
    Better off not watching lol