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    While Bud was teaching science class last night, I was in my orffice unboxing and setting up firmware for the mods for the G’s! :wink: Until it was time to puff puff pass that is... Check it out. #youocdbrah?
  • Tried “Real” Edibles for 1st Time!
    lol I feel like this is so you. Go hard or go home! Intensityyyyy :joke: But it’s only like 15 min of crazy brain funk or am I thinking of salvia?

    I’ve done those dabs alone - honeysuckle off a dish style. Those are my fav bc I can see sawce/wax/shit :lol: changing chemical states while I eat it up LOL and it tastes yummy and easy to enjoy!! But those are the only dabs I’ve done all to myself. Other than that I think I’ve only done baby bird G dabs and baby bird double deck G dabs.

    I’ve never done them alone on vid tho- only off camera so maybe it’s time I show thy self indulging in the dabulous world of suckling! :lol: :cool:
  • Tried “Real” Edibles for 1st Time!
    lol I’m not opposed to this. Is it only a dab if it’s dropped in rig or smeared on a healthstone? Or when I use the honeysuckle is it still considered a dab? Lol
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    lol of course, you're #176. :cool:

    Hey D whats up! The list you're probably talking about was not in the order people were on the list or the full list. Bud just posted a partial list like the first 100 or something like that in alphabetical order. There's no public list, it's too hard to keep updating everywhere but we have it on our end, and have no fear, you ARE on the list, you're #122. :cool:
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    she tried it right away and it looked like she was into it but idk lol maybe it’s an Indica and she fell asleep! Def not Sativa catnip. I hear zero peeps from her right now. :lol:
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    I JUST ordered this and it arrive today! :lol:

  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    You got it, just added you to the wait list! You're #269. :fire:

    Yes, yes, and hell yes I can add you! You're now on the list and you're #270. :fire:
  • Tried “Real” Edibles for 1st Time!
    Ok guys it was 10 mg gummy bear LOL I think we smoked or vaped right before or after? I was shopping online and looked up and was like :scream: Wait! Did I take a gummy!? I think it kicked in around then .. you know the "body high" everyone talks about lol

    I was pretty tired and think I just tried not to over-analyze it and get weird so I ignored it, shopped some more, and passed out lol. Soit was there... but it was weak enough for me to forget about it for a little.

    I did notice something interesting though. I was thinking hmm it's been a while since I said "lets smoke" lol And although I still wanted to it took longer for me to get there and it was easier for me to ward off (not smoke/vape again when I did want it) because I wasn't totally sober the way I am after smoking a J or vaping after 20-30 minutes.

    I didn't feel "high" but I didn't feel totally "sober" time to hit some shit lol either. Anyone else experience this? Notice this?

    SoOo 10 mg did work but not super noticeable. If I did it earlier in the day and didn't vape before or after I might've noticed it more. If I did it in public at a party I would probably be like da faq and get paranoid. Or maybe not but depends how strong and how many times I tried it before. I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. I only remember a good 10 minutes of it.

    What's next to try? Is there a 15 mg? :cool:
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    I was thinking you'd be protecting dat saucy ass! :smirk: :lol:

    Nobody hurts an innocent Asian boy! When's the last time you read a news article or heard a public announcement that said an Asian boy was missing or got robbed or murdered in NY? Can't remember? That's cuz it's been that long. :lol:

    The hood rats scurred Young Sauce, they scurred of your smarts! They know if they f with you, you'll pull some crazy shit like untie the rope around your hands, use your abs to jolt yourself into the air off the chair and flip over the intruders, and then as you're running out the door, calculate the exact amount of doors you nee to knock on before someone calls the cops (so you don't end up like Kitty Genovese).

    Wow ... such a visual of Sauce being killer ninja sauce! Pew pew :cool:
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    5 min what ??? Tell your daughter to stop watching YT and never go back. The first 15-30 seconds just fried my brain. I’ll never get it back. Don’t let that happen to her lol :roll:

    careful careful, don’t want to burn your tip! Lol Buds perm branding is still taking its time to say adios. :groan: lol

    We went to a gun show yesterday and we’re peepin these. I personally love the G43 9 milly pretty ironic right? lol

    But check it... we got @ssaucyc515 a pew pew.

    Mine’s the G! Black like my soul, and small and sexy like... me? :smirk:

    Young Sauce gets the white pistol because he’s Asian and they don’t get whiter than that! :cool:

    How you feel bout this SAWCE? @ssaucyc515
  • International Munchie Food For Bud and Hazel
    Hell Yea! We'll be eating and blind taste testing some of these to compare to US and/or each other on the streams here and there. It'll make things interesting. I'll definitely post about it though. So excited about this!!!

    Hazel hi lass. :smile:Alexis
    :cool: :heart:
  • International Munchie Food For Bud and Hazel
    It’s going to add up, to be a little bit expensive, on your end, if we ship livestock, a steer ;)zancru

    :lol: :rofl: :ok: put it all on ice baby and pack yo ass in that box too! Lol :starstruck:
  • International Munchie Food For Bud and Hazel
    Bud and I are SO freakin excited for these smoke and snack streams!!! :starstruck: :cool:

    Vape and Veg for those that dislike the S word.

    This is such a fun and yummy idea. Thank you so much for making this a reality lol We will seriously reimburse you for the snacks we love you guys!

    I want the worlds chocolatiest snack lol :heart: :razz: :party: :death:
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    genius! What do you do though when it’s on your... PHONE!!! :scream: :monkey:

    jealous af is the only way to be, duh! JAF Club! :cool:

    Please join my Jealous AF Club here: :sweat:
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    remember when we were talking about when shipping costs are more than the total of all the products your buying? Lol

    I was reviewing one of the quotes I got for the lab desk for Bud ... and saw that the work surface slab cost $350 and the freight shipping cost was $899 plus tax on top of it all. :lol: :lol: I told the guy he was out of his mind and if he wants to match what another company quoted me we can talk but no f-ing way I’m paying you 900 for shipping a $300 slab from Texas. LOL

    Anyway back to M convo. Shadow is nice. Black. Like you Senor Negro! :cool:
  • Tried “Real” Edibles for 1st Time!
    that’s part 2 of this discussion LOL :wink: First I need to know what general pop thinks I took and see if Bud chimes in. Lol

    He snored loud last night. :lol:
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    I f-ing hate you so much right now lol

    1) I can’t unsee this.
    2) I can’t stop looking.
    3) I’m scared to scroll back up the page.
    4) It’s hysterical but feels like #seizuresalad :lol:

    I sent a Barbra Streisand gif like this in text and it was replaying over and over and over again forever... had to force text shit to bump it out of view. :lol: :sweat:


    Not sure if I replied to you about the stands. I don’t know if you need a stand per se but I really like them, they coo

    **Standy makes you dandy!**

    Stand is beneficial if you don’t keep the G in a rig or stored in a case all the time. If you wanted to keep it on your desk for easy access or in a secure holder while taking the basket screen out, stirring, reloading, etc.

    Stand also let’s you make everyone jealous AF by displaying the beauty and sexiness of the glass beads and minimalistic design of the G43 - -

    *Pro Tip*
    :point: If you put G in stand near sunlight the reflection of the glass beads, slide, and stand coupled with the glass rod and silver coil bounce off each other to make the G light up like a million diamonds! :starstruck:

    #diamondvape #notforhaters #myG43bringsalltheboystotheyard
  • Promo Codes & Deals
    Did you see what @Dr green thumb posted above? The code does not seem to apply to the Dyna builder. I think that’s what you’re trying to purchase, right?

    :point: :point: Not sure what’s going on with the codes otherwise. Can someone please update us on if they’ve been able to order items from Dynavap (through our link and use our code) NOT for the new dynavap M and NOT for the Dyna Builder?

    :point: :point: Has our link and code worked for any other purchase in the last 24-48 hours?

    TIA :heart:


    so you’re saying... you should purchase the new 2019 dynavap M, right? :lol:

    :: Subliminal messaging ::

    Delete 2019 M from cart
    Add new items
    Add STAYUP code
    Auto add 2019 M
    I think they’re trying to say something lol that you clearly NEED the new M. :razz: Did you cave @Señor Negro ?
  • Haze Square
    no the YT has to stay!! It’s who you are! :cool:

    Lol trust me I totally get it.. the only other platform I know is FB too lol (mostly). I still am getting the hang of forum life after a year and a half lol
  • Haze Square
    DAN and lily :party: :party:
  • Magicman's Grasshopper diary
    you were too busy hittin dat SAWSE! :nerd:
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    The real question here is... how many la mota's of soopa doopa purrpiddy purp purple haze you gonna fill the bathtub up with... at Bud and I's hotel when we visit your chicken carb loving b-hole??? :gasp: :snicker:

    Giveeeeee :pray: It's like the Es-pagnol ( :lol: :lol: ) version of New York Peppermint Patties minus the Peppermint. lol More like a Cannolli cream patty? What's it taste like? :brow:
  • Live Stream Schedule & Getting Alerts
    lol he don’t even know the question! Iz got the quest-chhh
  • Promo Codes & Deals
    even after you put other items in cart and add code manually (to other items)?