• Boundless terp pen unsafe?
    Easy children ... you’re giving us ajeta. Love you all but play nice. Sheesh let’s go one day without a post needing to be flagged due to being inappropes, looney, aggressive, spam, or argumentative. Pretty please? You think we can handle that? :pray:
  • Site updates
    lol welllllll Bud and I were born in early 80s so it counts for something! Cool by birth association LOL #nomillennialmindset
  • Bud's Foxbody Mustang
    21 Jump Street knew what was up with the cars...

    But Bud was one step ahead eyeballing the boxfody when he was a wee chap at 16 yrs young.


    Right @Dr green thumb ?! :wink: DGT when you and Bud going to have a stang meet up?? When this thing is done we gotta meet somewhere and chop it up! Lol right @VapeCritic #stangbros
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    The 80's called and they want their html jkGonzo

    Ay! Dontchu give us no 80s lip! Lol PLUS .. weren’t the 80s the best? Best movies came out and best humans were born? Aka Bud and I? Jk jk jk

  • Bud's Foxbody Mustang
    I like it and it won't antagonize the police (I think! haha)Baron23


    lmao I’m down with that first one! :smirk:

  • Bud's Foxbody Mustang
    Soooo how do you guys like the idea of the plate BOXFODY????

    Bud isn’t a fan of incorrect spelling/shortcuts like FOXBACH or OUTFOXD (OUTFOXED was taken).

  • Live Streams
    the face lol the ginger hair and frecks! :lol: I can’t even lol
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    hey!! Yes, we saw your pm, Bud is going to be responding and we’ll be taking care of this as soon as possible. :pray:

    Poor G! Poor @Razshiro ! Gotta get you back up and running! :cry:
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    that a boy! :smirk:
  • What made you smile today?
    Ahhh I just saw this!! :roll: :cry: What an awesome pic of you two!!! Love the shot and the "I'm showing my face" lol. You guys know I know what that's like. Do I wear a wig? Do I wear glasses today? Do I be real Hazel hair and face? lol :monkey: Decisions, decisions. But in the end, isn't it great to just be like F it, this is me errrebody! lol :cool:

    "Look mah! No hands!" :cheer: :wink:
  • Ghost crucible dispenser "out of stock"
    Yay! That's great news!! Thanks for the update Nerissa! :cheer:
  • What made you smile today?
    What made me smile today? The birthday card I picked up for Bud’s grandma LOL

    I also picked up a nice thoughtful card as well of course. At 91 (in a few days), the card mayyyyyy not be everyone’s cup of tea. But then again, as I’ve mentioned before, she’s technically more active and youthful than Bud and I combined so I said F it! I’m getting the card lol

    #EnergizerBunnyBattGrandma :joke:

  • MV1 Tip
    lol no worries, no offense taken. :kiss:

    Everyone is different and for me personally taking a long slow draw on any vape is difficult. It's like drinking a smoothie that's too thick through a straw; too much resistance and/or inhale/sucking/whatever required sometimes. :death:

    However, as you mentioned I have found a workaround for this for the MV1/Stealth and a few other vapes like the Milaana! :strong: I call it "revving" up the heater and vape chamber lol

    With the Ghost it's not really a "rev up" because the device is already heated. I just can't inhale very long. If you (not meaning you specifically Keb, meaning anyone reading this) watch the LS where Bud and I use a spirometer, you'll see the vast difference in lung capacity between us. Granted I'm a female and a smaller individual overall, so it would only make sense my lungs would not be as big as Buds to begin with, however just because one is physically smaller I guess doesn't necessarily mean you do or don't have smaller lungs. lol :chin:

    What I'm getting at is for me specifically it's difficult to draw on anything for more than a few seconds. I literally run out of space in my lungs to continue inhaling. Its crazy. Again, see video of us using spirometer lol, BUT I do workout a lot and my lungs are "healthy" and "clean" to whatever respect anyone wants to take that. :smile:

    When I workout I do not breathe well. I die when I run despite how often I workout, despite how often I do cardio, despite how often I do calisthenics, despite how often I lift, despite it all. The amount I die has certainly decreased as my stamina and fitness level have gone up but I still (personally) don't breathe the way the folks that can run for 30 minutes straight on a treadmill do. :groan: I don't have any lung defects that I know of and I've had my lung capacity tested when I thought I had asthma.

    Anyway, I digress.... Whatever lung capacity you have, big or small or in between, everyone is different with what they can handle. I would say a majority of people do not have a problem (physically) inhaling for 15 seconds or standard vape draw times like me. It seems most people (in this category) just don't like the fact that they have to inhale that long to get a hit, but again, everyone is different. :nerd:

    So whatever lung capacity you have, whatever draw time desires you have, whatever whatever whatever you have lol, IF you want to get a potent draw from the Ghost and have experienced difficulty with it due to the above... I suggest trying out my method like Keb mentioned! I just do do two deep draws in one button hold (if that makes sense). To avoid overheating the unit I wait maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute before pushing down button again for next draw.

    Sorry for the novel, just been a while since I posted and wanted to explain my experience in case anyone feels the same or wants to try my trick for killer hits with the Ghost. :kiss:
  • Live Streams

    1000000000% !!! And when you land on the homepage it should have Senor slide in from left side of screen and Negroogle slide in from right side of screen to meet in middle with your voice in background like prophet pronouncing it. I can see it now!!! :starstruck: :starstruck:
  • Live Streams
    EU timed stream Hazels B-day and I was still late to the party ><UbarDog

    Ahhh was hoping you were gonna be able to make it! We were trying something different out, a little daytime stream. Brighter lighting, earlier time = Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed lol

    Hope you got to check out the replayyyyy.

    Popped in for about 3 mins while driving.Startedat52

    While you were what... DRIVING??? :scream: :gasp: Scary mary! I so do that sometimes too though. Red lights are for watching quick streams right? jk DEF do not try that at home ... anyone. lol :pray:

    Did Bud get you a neck brace for riding in the 5.0? :grin:LabPong

    HA~! I forgot about thattttt. Nope, still waiting for it. :wink: Will report back once neck brace has been gifted and bedazzled. :rofl:
  • Live Streams
    @VapeCritic Birffdaaayy streammmmage , celebrations continue!! Now instead of bday weekends I’m going to have birthday weeks lmao :lol: :party: I can just see it now lol :sweat: n9iq2yfd3hzz4f4h.jpeg

    Thank you all!! Can’t wait to see ya on the streamerrrr :kiss:
  • Live Streams
    def only funny last night haha now I’m like ehhh new nickname time lol :heart:
  • Live Streams
    ahhh nooo! We gotta make sure we get you on the next one. Where ya at?? What time zone!! I always forget :halo:

    of course you’re still cool Seññy (idk it feels like the right nick name right now lol :smirk: :snicker: ) . Was wondering where ya been but I’ve been more mia lately if anything. Silent partner :sweat: lol
  • Live Streams
    FYI - Posted for B&H love not the pew pew lol

  • What you do this MDW?? Show us your pics!
    Sorry ↪Bruce I can't feel your loss because I do not watch Game of ThronesSeñor Negro

    Ditto! Sorry GOT peeps.. Bud and I have never watched Game Of Thrones, not one single episode or even a few seconds of it. Just can’t get into that jam.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    As long as he is already potty trained and he can remember where he lives....its all good.LabPong

    :lol: :ok:
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    should I be looking through your stuff now to see if you bought this? LOL I think it needs a disclaimer of exactly what kind of ladies you’ll be attracting these days lol

    And quite franks... you my doll... you should not be attracting any ladies but me... or ELSE!! :shade: :shade: :death: lol
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    Hahaha true true. Live streams from stang with the custom stang G holder. Gonna have to ask stang place to install custom LS camera and mic holder now too! :sweat:

    This kids killin me smalls.. I think he’s going through a midlife crises. The more I think about it ... the more that might actually not be a joke, he is turning 37 this year lol All good on wife end though. I ain’t go not probs with what he’s doing or enjoying lately... but maybe it’s poll time? :snicker:
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    unfortunately no, we’ve been a bit delayed in it all. Had a bit of stuff to do on the backend we put off for wayyyyyy too long for the site etc, some part ordering, some mental decompression, some brainstorming next steps, some g sled making and then breaking :lol: :monkey: , a few replacement parts to take care of, a few backlogged folks that were waiting, and etc.

    So now that I’ve explained and used every possible scenario to cause delay lol, that’s what's been going on. We’ve had quite a bit of work on our end that needed to be taken care of and we just kept putting off before we continued to move forward with the air list production in full swing.

    According to Buds brain.. we should be sending out more invites soon which will mean production will be back up in “normal” swing soon.

    We anticipated to be back much faster but as we all know, one thing leads to another, and before you know it here you are.

    We promise to send more invites out soon and get back to making G’s the good old 5-10 invites per day way soon.

    For all that have requested to be on the wait list the last week and a half... :point: I PROMISE are get you on the wait list in the order your request came in AND reply back to you with your number on the list any day now. I’m going to be updating the list in bulk. I HAVE seen your requests and appreciate your patience tremendously!! :heart:

    #truth #notexcuses #hazelloveyou #budbuildsthegreatestvapeever
    #tuesdayrant #patienceisavirtue #hashtagsmashtag #ihihihih