• Favorite Glass for Vaporizers
    I love it. But I wouldn't recommend it. The tube from the bowl to the body is going to be a son of a whoo-aah to clean. I am going to try to clean it every night but once that fails I might have to get that pbw stuff. What a great little bubbler though.
  • Introducing the "Shell-Shock" Dynavap Midsection by BB Vapes
    It's cold out today. As I loaded the dynavap tip I put my SS stem outside my window on the sill. After I was done putting the nug and a little kief in the tip I popped the tip back onto the S-S...
    It was pretty cold after only 15 seconds or so. And it was an absolutely fantastic 3 hits! I love how it is so chunky that it holds the cold. Pop it in the freezer or on your window sill and give it a shot. :nerd:
  • What vaporizer will give you biggest clouds the fastest
    I haven't tried the Supreme myself yet. From what I've seen, and the general feeling in the vape forums, the SV6 is a top tier vape. I mean did you see how f*cked up Bud got on that live stream? Whoo! :fire:
    Most times there will be a compromise made on something when choosing a vape. You have already pointed out the one sore spot. If you can live with that, go for it! Then let us know how you like it because I want one. :snicker:

    If it was my money, with the things you want, and already having a mighty, and If you are not afraid of using a torch to heat your vape. I would buy a Elev8r on a coil with some glass balls for your desktop, and an Elev8r with a w.p.a. bowl and a good torch like a big shot blazer. Or a propane torch like plumbers use. You'll have a plug in beast and even an option for if the power goes out.

    @Gloeck79 has some great suggestions too the Vapbong (I've never used) and the Evo are great vapes. I think the Evo will require more of a draw than what your looking for. But damn it's a good one if not a freaking expensive one.

    I still think a Elev8r on a coil with some glass beads gives me the fastest extraction of everything I've tried.

    Another thing to think of that is often overlooked. Think if what it's like to use the vape you're going to buy. As you know some vapes are easier to use than others. I have some great vapes on a shelf because I don't like using them. The ritual is important.
  • What vaporizer will give you biggest clouds the fastest
    Honestly the first place I would look is Butane style vapes such as dynavap, stickybrick, Lotus, Elev8r and so on... There is also the TinyMight. It's a fantastic performing vape with a nice clean air path, but it has glass parts so it's not to be treated roughly. The fit and finish is not the best either but most importantly, the customer service is really bad. In my experience just as bad as S&B customer service.
    If I use my Elev8r on a coil that Vgoodiez sells and put some glass beads in it you could get almost instant, thick vapor. That damn thing is no joke.
    You can also do the 420vapezone hack and get a SSV (silver surfer vape) and fill that with glass beads too and that gives some instant heat calories like crazy. Unfortunately that would have to be through a whip.
  • Favorite Glass for Vaporizers
    Oh! I smell what you're stepping in. My pipe cleaners should get that clean. I usually run boiling water through my glass every night after I use them so they never get too dirty. I'll let you all know how I like it when it arrives.
  • Favorite Glass for Vaporizers
    Nope, just a everyday rig for me. Not much inside to catch nasties, It looks like it would be fine with a iso swish. What makes you think it would be hard to clean? (Honestly asking. I can be blind sometimes) :sweat:
  • Favorite Glass for Vaporizers
    I just pulled the trigger on the Grav Coffee Mug. I found a really good deal on Groupon of all places. $56 Shipped! :love:
  • Favorite Glass for Vaporizers
    you can get some really nice wine bottle stoppers that would be cool on that. Or a simple cork. I really like those. :starstruck:
  • Favorite Glass for Vaporizers
    I found a few that I like the look of and seem to be what I'm looking for in a small dry vape glass piece.
    I love these if they were bigger.
    I oddly like this :lol:
    This just looks like that glass retort thing I was talking about last year. I can digz
    This one is just for fun, but ......
    :rofl: can you imagine a G43 Tree?!?! :death: :pray: :death:
    It would be 20 G43's and a mouthpiece. :yikes: @Bud do you accept the challenge? You can break the glass at the end on purpose. :joke:
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    Those ruby balls are giving me blue balls! :starstruck:
  • Tiny Might
    I thought my TM was on it's way back from repair per the website. I have trouble a few days in a row getting on the site :brow: so for some reason I look at the tracking for when I sent the vape to them.... I'm not happy about what I saw. .....
  • Introducing the "Shell-Shock" Dynavap Midsection by BB Vapes
    :yikes: great! now I don't know the right way either! :sweat: :nerd:
  • Elev8R "E43" Enail
    I don't have the same pid. I have a super cheap one. I run it around 700° I let it heat soak for about 5 to 10 minutes. After that you only need a minute or so for it to recover for another huge rip. or you can puff puff on it like a pipe and it doesn't really need to recover then. My bowl size is a new vape scoop and a half. I believe those held approx. .1 of a gram. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.