• FS: NewVape VROD Twax Bundle - $440 CLOSED
    Taking it to $375 - plus shipping - No bundle breakups I am sorry :)
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    I'd like to be added to the list :)


    Thank you
  • FS: NewVape VROD Twax Bundle - $440 CLOSED
    $400 - Plus Shipping
    - Going down a bit, wife wants it out of the house
    (wherever you are could vary a tad)

    Also willing to trade - make an offer
  • FS: NewVape VROD Twax Bundle - $440 CLOSED
    No problem, sorry about that. See attached k4ub51blatzw92b5.jpg
  • Questions about tolerance
    I have tried this to a degree. Somewhat works and I feel really good for the most part. But I need the thc to help balance as well. Just too addicted and needing it..
  • Questions about tolerance
    Well, going from a handful of pharma pills that did all sorts of nasty shit to me (gaining weight, fell asleep at the wheel, hallucinations, no-sleep) to only one now for the MS that halts the progression, I feel excellent. Hard to argue against it and stop at all. I am truly also addicted to the high. I did a 2 day T break last week and had 17 'episodes of withdrawals' that I counted. Sweats, irritation, full-blown for like 5-10 mins each.. I just flat-out love to be high, and want to at all times :)
  • Questions about tolerance
    Edibles on the weekends - anywhere from 300 to 1200mg+ through Fri-sun - No more large nasty bars, just high-end tinctures (re-leaf) or powerful RoBHOts gummies mostly. Drinks do nothing for me.
    Prism Plus for car/inside home use - Just wax/shatter/mid/lower grade
    Vape carts for inside the office, trapped with fam, public places etc. (best for concealing smell)
    Dab Rig (few various ones) for home use with a torch
    VRod Flowerpot for home use (<<<this increases tolerance to the max - I was dabbing Pure THC CRYSTALS, dipping in terp sauce, then a hard-hitting CBD flower.)
    Flower for outside use or car use (Not as often, flower smells too much to be discreet)

    - Selling my VROD Flowerpot - BTW

    This all adds up as you can see. Usually a re-stock every 2 weeks... sigh

    Thing is, is I feel like I'm holding back lol..
  • Questions about tolerance
    Yep, would love to but wifey just cannot come to the grips of it. Idk .. sucks.. Even then I'd need quite an abundance of product & plants lol. I dream of moving to more open land within 10 years... Then she's good with it. Very clean suburb home and area I live in now.. Crazy because I could be growing extra plants since I have MS.
  • Questions about tolerance
    Tolerance is out of control.. Yea, it's a true battle. I'm spending over $1k each month. (yes, I'm getting sick deals too usually - even some edibles made 'locally'..) Anyone else around that? More? less? Is this 'normal' for a heavy weed user? (Colorado - med patient - use for all reasons)
  • For Sale - USED New Vape Flowerpot Showerhead Essentials Bundle
    Selling mine guys - this exactly.

    I'll post soon, I have to clean it up. I am in Colorado. :)
  • FlowerPot VROD Review
    Hell yea can't wait. Ordering within 2 weeks!!
  • NewVape FlowerPot
    Wow good pointer on the water guys.. Tx for this thread
  • NewVape FlowerPot
    Looks amazing.. Ordering mine soon, I simply Cannot Wait!!!
  • NewVape FlowerPot
    oh damn, like Christmas x 20 LOL.. I'd be too excited to sleep while I wait:lol:
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Ahh OK makes sense!

    OK, soo then this bad boy is what I'm after. (flower focused - is what I'm after)

    and the others - perfect I see OK - Dude, thanks so much for the help! Gonna sell my Ghost MV1 1st so I can get this! :victory:
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    OK, so my Stratus coil is 'interchangeable'. I can attach any size apparently.. see pic..
    How do I tell what coil size this is? lol.. Sorry haha, noob questions! Heh, I just wanna make sure I don't screw up the order hehe..

    ---and this is what I am wanting/shold work...? What else do I need with this/suggestions?
    coils (43K)
  • NewVape FlowerPot
    killller ok I'll check it.. Thank you!
  • NewVape FlowerPot
    nice write up! I'd like to know your thoughts 1 month from now.

    Right, yea I already have the glass and enail.. But not sure it all would work together, I need to really take a look..

    So far though, all I am hear is great things.. Price, I'm not as worried.. I just want parts that work and a unit that gets me what I'm after hehe..
  • NewVape FlowerPot
    thank you great points!