• DabsRus: The art and science of dabbing
    Happy Birthday to my favorite Canna-Economist!
  • Fluxer Induction Heater
    I’m running a Titanium tip and get my 1st click (full load) averaging 5-6 seconds but the 2nd click comes in around 4 seconds. I have not tried using a SS tip yet.
  • Fluxer Induction Heater
    I have the 15mm coil and I am totally thrilled with this IH!!!

    :cool: :fire: :up:

    Amazing accesory that when used in combination with a Smrell Vortex stem/Titanium tip...AMAZING!
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    Suddenly I feel very old...thanks y’all!
  • FlowerPot by NewVape
    I think I picked up this case for $40 on sale. Comparably sized Pelican was $235!
  • FlowerPot by NewVape
    This is my G43 Terminator Kit using the Apache 4800 case. I would not recommend throwing it around but for general safe transport, it does the job.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape
    Save yourself some serious cash and check out Harbor Freight and look at their Apache cases. For your rig, maybe a 4800 or 3800 case will work for you. I have my G43 Terminator Kit in a 4800 and it has worked out well when I’ve traveled with it.
  • Live Streams
    But it sounds soooo good!
  • Everyone charged up on the Eastside?
    I hope you have a generator and extra fuel just in case. If not get one with at least 5000 watts to run the refrigerator and some lights.
  • How is everyone feelin?
    Taking all that life can throw at you and turning it into something good is the goal so, every day I wake up is the beginning of a great day!
  • VapCap by Dynavap
    I have both. The Cherry enclosure is understated and well designed except that I now wish I had suggested that a small magnet had been installed on top to cool the cap! Oh well, I can always have Austyn put together something a future build of a double garage for my Vortex’s.


    The external power switch is a really convenient option, especially with the optional battery testing feature. I’d order both of these options again!
  • VapCap by Dynavap
    I have the 15 mm coil, and the temp trim is set as was sent to me. TBH, I've not felt the need to adjust the control trim pot is as was shipped to me...perfect!

    :cool: :fire:

    BTW, just replaced the my first set of batteries after 158+ (I may have missed a few) clicks using fully charged Samsung 18650-35E's (3) over the last 4 weeks! I don't use the Flux Deluxe and my Simrell Vortex/ DynaVap Titanium vapes exclusively but, they are definitely high in my rotation along with my G43's, Ghost MV1's, Stempod OG and Splinter Z.

    This is a portable IH Beast!

    :cool: :up:

    Hope this helps!
  • VapCap by Dynavap
    It really is my friend.
    Well worth the wait
  • VapCap by Dynavap
    Actually it's glass, here are some better photos:

    I too thought of customizing the enclosure.. Maybe I'll have Austyn @ Simrell make me something a Galaxy Burl!
  • VapCap by Dynavap
    I’m really loving my Flux! This thing is a beast that keep on heating where the other portables just can not keep up. I ordered mine fully loaded in the Cherry enclosure. It was worth the wait!rmgzzkjt6slan5x2.jpeg
  • Got wood? Show it off!
    That is absolutely beautiful Baron!
  • Volcano by Storz & Bickel
    Damn son, ya did real good on this one! :cool: Nice review Bud...keep 'em coming.
  • For Sale: Extra Accessories for Ghost MV1 SOLD/CLOSED
    if the Fast Charger deal doesn’t work out, I’ll take it, the battery and the 3 dispensers. Need an email address. Thanks!
  • VapCap by Dynavap
    Actually, it was almost 6 months from the time I placed my order to when I received notice I was next in line on the build list and was sent confirmation request for the additional options to to included. The actual wait was a total of 7 months! But I’m glad I waited!

    I too at first thought about going “basic” but upon further reading of the additional features he added from my original order date to actual build well, I went for the “whole enchilada”.

    Take you time and shop around for the best deals you can to satisfy your VAS, and put a little extra aside and get what you want on you Flux Deluxe. You won’t be disappointed.
  • VapCap by Dynavap
    Check out Wavy Vaporizers newest Flux Deluxe review @

    I don’t use it everyday but I’ve had mine for almost 6 weeks and have 142 clicks through it with my Simrell Vortex/Ti tips as of last night (37 bowls) on my first set of 3 Samsung 18650 - 35E’s! And, I think it’s still good for a few more bowls before I’ll need to replace the batteries.

    With all the extras (custom Cherry enclosure, et all) it came to $235 shipped and I ordered it on 1/4/19 but it was worth the cost and the wait. The fit, finish, functionality, portability and quality of parts and workmanship are truly top shelf.

    As I’ve stated in previous posts, torches and I don’t do well together and this IH is simply (IMHO) the best of class. With the 15mm coil and all the options, it just may be the best value (right now) in Induction heaters.

    Hope this helps.
  • Timberhead Designs
    Is that Koa? That’s awesome!