• For Sale: Focus V Carta - Custom Glass + more $250
    Plus a video of you pulling a Moonie lol. Essential requirements!
    haha, don’t make it look too strenuous! I’d be envious if I wasn’t somehow resigned to, rather than content with square wheels.

    Thanks for clarifying what I thought and the nice little demo.

    Have fun with it, and good luck with next 365’s fuel.
    Bologna on FC, a seemingly very smart man, I saw I if I grasped it right, praising the Ispire as an advanced Induction heater for the Vapvap tip.

    I glanced very briefly at their product site, it appeared to be for concentrates vi induction heating.

    But he perhaps discovered another unintended forte of the Ispire for Vapcap use.
  • Any vapes out there that people loving if so what?
    Watch This at minute….1:51:44, Jerry shows exactly what the Verdamper is all about.

    Finally, somebody of real credibility doing it full due service.
  • Any vapes out there that people loving if so what?
    haha, we’ve crossed wires twice now. You just beat me. Clarified above.

    I never heard of the Mexican Knockoff Verdamper. If I bought one again I’d get the real deal.

    The Vriptech Heat Wand is the only one really I am intrigued to try, would own right now if it wasn’t so expensive all round from US and so breakable.

    The Verdamper is very easy to look after.
  • Any vapes out there that people loving if so what?
    hi Claude. Jerry definitely has one. He rates it, I asked him straight out, hand on heart, if he has ever known another vaporizer with a higher potential ceiling high than the Verdamper.

    My exact inquiry.

    Nope. He said, and detailed how he can’t remember being so fucked up off of flower.

    Outside of Stu perhaps, and even including Bud, .I can’t think of many we know who have tried more devices than Lazylathe.

    He finally found a Verdamper a few years ago, and has stated it hits harder and higher than any other vape in his collection.

    But I just go by own experience. Of all the vapes I’ve personally tried, none come close the Verdamper for just what an experience it makes of cannabis.

    So it seems wrong that the whole community is predominantly unaware, let alone unfocussed on this special age old creation.

    Edit- sorry Claude I’m stoned, with you know you meant Jerry never tried the GS.

    So Stu STILL needs a Verdamper then? Though he may well have tried Jerry’s or will at a point.
  • Any vapes out there that people loving if so what?
    @Gloeck79 hi. I gave nothing away there, I usually try to make my gist and angle very transparent, at least to make sure nobody takes anything personally.

    I was a little blank and blunt there, but not one zilch in anger or objection.

    I purposely did not elaborate also. Not to play games, it just felt suitable in line with the pint I was making, as I was curious partly who would understand exactly what I was alluring to, and to confirm that 99% of people here will likely have no idea which particular desktop I was referring to being left out all the time when IME and IMO hits better and produces a stronger, deeper, more elevating and longer lasting high from flower alone, but like I say is only mentioned 0.1% as often, if that, as the FP, Herborizers, Elev8r, Evo, (glass symphony is difficult to bring onto the map really, so few out there and no inventor to be found who I personally hope is still simply breathing and hopefully doing well).

    And I would have put money on two members here having a good idea which vape I refer to which I’m forever bemused to see such an absence of fully deserved hype for, the observant legends @Cl4ud3 and @Baron23 .

    Baron didn’t say but I’m sure would guess good, he knows me better than most. Claude is right on the money, he said the word, but doesn’t just presume.

    The Verdamper. Stick stones has admitted to me, hands down, no other vape he has ever used has been capable of getting him so high on flower alone, with the greatest ceiling high potential, biggest hit, fastest extraction and 0-60 potential.

    I was saying to him years ago, he wants to try one. Bud too. The Verdamper was, apart from big and bulky, but really not though, it’s only about 10 inches wide, you can use a whip, or remove the extending glass mouthpiece, and you only need a ceiling of 3 foot max to be able to vertically fit and operate one.

    I really hoped Bud would try it one day. It’s the only vape that I believe would basically remove any desire or need to actually SMOKE weed as well, for super high tolerators for whom vaping never gives enough.

    I only didn’t use a verdamper every single day, morning, noon and night, because my allergenic airways are too sensitive to it and 90% plus of others.

    I have images of an allergy free body, desert island bliss with mountains of ganja and a solar powered verdamper. Sunny days!

    @Gloeck79 thanks for expressing the curiosity to ask, I hoped somebody would. Because I’m not uninformed and that was a fairly grand statement. If no eyelid bats then it does concern me, so I’m glad you did ask and even more so to answer.

    It’s the only vape I really salivate in excitement about, despite accepting I just can’t do it.

    But, a friend has one, he bust the glass mouthpiece years ago never touched it.

    He’s a full time roofer, kids, grows, sells weed, CBD work and all pies.

    Real hardcore longterm stoner, bongs, dabs, spliffs, blunts, edibles etc etc,

    Years ago, he tried another friend’s verdamper the first time. He told me he had never ever been so wasted and buzzed up on cannabis in his life.

    It supersedes the effect from smoking, and any other flower vape too.

    He doesn’t use it because it’s just too heavy for his lifestyle. The Verdamper will really keep you in bed longer, waking up feeling pretty high until gone midday was normal.

    So many people have confirmed this. I’ve seen members spend years on FC searching their dream vape. After me luring them the Verdamper their way, they often make their final post, emphatically declaring heavenly contentment and death of VAS at last.

    I’ve never seen them post there again lol!

    Verdamper users in the wild are very quiet no VAS. Just contented going about their lives.

    The coil Elev8r I won’t ever even bring up, except to make this specific point.
  • Any vapes out there that people loving if so what?
    You know I can’t help feel it will forever disappoint me to always see these threads, dedicated medicinal and recreational vaporists all over shouting all the top vapes, but never if ever a mention of the most dome crushing tolerance cutting flower vape of all.
  • Show us your garden!
    haha, it’s like “Land of the giants” from here. Our Autos wouldn’t know what to do if we dropped them down on your patch.

    Good work, keep it up and really hope you get a decent harvest of adequately ripened Bud, glad to see you still around too mate.
  • Show us your garden!

  • VLF Updates
    @Bruce just to be clear mate, I’m honestly not trying to give YOU a hard time.

    Just trying to throw a little light and optimism in there, ease fears and concerns that’s all.
  • VLF Updates
    Word gets around. Memories are not dead and buried.

    There is always room to grow into, opportunity for renewal, rebuilding, recollecting, resurrection.

    Transitions can take take time. Everybody is under pressure. Most people are trying their best.

    VLF is not exactly an endangered terradactyl.

    I do hope Bud can stream again though and of course hoping he and Hazel are doing okay. They must be moved by now? Surely. Hopefully getting organised, settled, looking forward in life again.

    I look forward to hearing and hope to hear good news.

    Meanwhile, VLF is still here? Every current thread is still running? All non banned members are still free to post.

    Just no visible genie and a magic lamp. It’s the people that make the place, we are the people.

    The whole world is going through a major bummer currently. It will reflect everywhere.
  • VLF Updates
    “Slack” in place of “abuse”? Sometimes we set ourselves up for a bit of slack.

    I don’t feel I have ever been abused here. I sure don’t feel the need for a cop hat to immunise me from any form or retaliation, questioning.

    You’re still the same person, saying the same thing.

    Being an official Mod is not exactly having enhanced self-security, protection and immunity.
  • Show us your garden!
    Introducing, Mexican Airlines Autoflowers 2021.

  • Forum Under New Management
    Of all the things to be focussing on cooking up conspiracies and criticisms, judgements, cries of betrayal.

    Just look outside, flick on the news.

    Matt Hancock for example as a figurehead for a demon. He makes puffitup look like Bambi whatever goes down in the long run with VLF.

    I agree with Claude. I would almost feel a bit stalked. It would be an intrusion in ways, as in uninvited, unexpected.

    Emailing your already established base of actual customers is just common, fair practise.
  • Wake Up Everyone, We Have Been Dumped and Have a New Master
    Whoops, typos above- “heartfull” communication.

    Like, ethical cursing, lol.
  • Wake Up Everyone, We Have Been Dumped and Have a New Master
    Plus, and besides, and okay, I’ve got mega down last year understandably. But there is still no m
    Need ever to bring negative vibes.

    I’m a strong proponent of speaking one’s pure mind always- I call it simply hurtful communication.

    But just purely honestly,,whether in rightful objection or not, but with good underlying intent. Like, no bitterness no need benefit or plover for that.

    Lol, just vaped another bowl of some stinky Bluedream in DiTi. So, pinch of salty with this and any post I make currently tbf, having become Mega mentally edgy lately-
    Long Covid, IN my actual nerves, hence the (long ting enit) lol.

    Resultant nerve and ending damage has temporarily unhinged me. Should get beck to ground, steadied again soon though but for now...not exactly your number one sounding board.

    Cooo, Bluedream Ti HAS kicked my little but lol.

    Cannabis vaporization is a sacred thing to me still now.
  • Wake Up Everyone, We Have Been Dumped and Have a New Master
    You’re dead right Claude IMO.

    This is simply a matter of perspective, and realism.

    To use the term- Dumped! Is just plain delusional and unfit.

    Nobody, has dumped anybody.

    Bud has a right to choose how he lives his life. He owes nobody anything, none of us, no obligations, no divorce settlements.

    He’s remained exactly the same with and towards me personally throughout time. Things just run their course.

    Bud’s time running this forum is over, I personally believe he has held out way longer than suited him because he recognises the value of this social platform, effectively, for so many of us. He didn’t just pull the rug on that, us all, as soon as the going got tough. THAT would be closer to dumping.

    He continues to invite us all into his streams and private life, and he’s made sure VLF is secure to continue, as a social platform still, regardless of subject.

    I don’t feel the need at all to bring corporate conspiracy into this.

    And this is ME lol. Mr Conspiracy.

    So I say... indeed, let’s wake up,to the fact that Bud has not wronged any of us, failed to keep his word, he has every right to move on with his life, as we each do, and we should all simply wish him the best and look forward to still catching up hopefully.

    Certainly not feeling hurt, neglected and aggrieved.

    That’s just how I see it, but I will admit I’m not at all in my right mind, just for record’s sake,
  • Forum Under New Management
    And shoot, most of all- We have community! Still. A blessing I say. Fantastic on Bud for keeping this platform alive. I’d say some sort of celebration is warranted.
  • Forum Under New Management
    So, just seen this announcement. Now, if I’m capable of figuring rightly atm, very sleep deprived, stoned etc plus 600 mics of acid last night...

    But regardless, it seems so clear. Fantastic development I feel. Good old Zac. And don’t worry at all @Bud we’ll be right good boys for the new man in town.

    Good on you Zac @VLFZakk , so pleased really.,I have very bright feelings about you and this. Let it be enjoyable, fun, like it should.

    Tip- Do keep a tight watch on me so I’m a right little troll at times.

    I mean,Bud, Claude, Baron, just too nice and tolerant really lol! Fantastic guys though like a good bunch here man. I like to think I can personally offer some credentials to apply haha.