• Butane Power
    Launch Time is the best time of the day. :fire:
  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018!
    Me to I think i might buy an OmniVong in the flash sales if there's a good enough discount.
  • Has anyone been through a field sobriety test for marijuana?
    Mean while in Dublin they are cracking down Big time on Drink and Drug driving, they pull over thousands of people and test for Cannabis.

    I'd love to know what the difference is between Vaping and Smoking cannabis as i believe in a 6 hour window, Smoking would show up more than vape IMO
  • Namaste vapes buy one get one sale
    What an Unreal deal from Namastevape? 2x Hydromax's for 1? Gobsmacked.
  • Butane Power
    What 420Vapezone says about Sticky Brick Labs is so True :fire:
  • Butane Power
    Yes :starstruck:

    Big Drop :fire:
  • What would you do with your AVB?
    Lately I'm extracting around 90/95% THC so i'm still throwing my AVB away, I've come to realize it's a bit of a waste to keep AVB as it has 5% life in it and IMO you are better of trying to squeeze everything out of it in your vape.
  • Vapelabs Project A
    Would Project A be able to work instead of a Butane torch for SBL products?

    Or does the intake need to be 18.8mm

    Be interesting to see if that works on similar Butane vapes.
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love
    There’s alot of Chopping Board wax’s out there but SBL Butter is more of a liquid form than wax so it feels like it does the job better plus dries in quicker witch is a must for me.

    @StickyBrickLabs Kenny did mention to someone else of the forum to be careful with some chopping board wax’s are they use ingredients that can go rancid.

    But safety first guys, Don’t use non food grade products on your Butane wood vapes, easy mistake to make also.
  • Storz & Bickel new Factory Tour
    yeah but they also don’t want anyone to know anything about what they have in the pipe line so I’m doing the same to them, not following them and like they say, I’ll see it when it comes out. #nohype
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love
    Mate that stuff is really good but i don’t think it’s food safe. I think you are only supposed to us natural oils/wax without Parrifin ect as your be directly inhaling any dandergous components dried into the wood around the chamber area while using your Butane torch.

    Look out for chopping board conditioner or just get the very best SBL Butter, stuff’s legit :cheer:
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love
    Always being prepared to over come the start of combustion by a dramatically change in draw speed always brings me cleanly back from combusting. It’s like hitting the Breaks on a car, or i tactically bring the flame very close and get a thick mp but then pull the heat back quickly, gives you a nice quick throat Rip, like smoking a pure cannabis joint
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love
    yup the JR awakens sense’s you didn’t know you had.

    You can hear clearly when your flame is in the center hotspot, and once there is just keep that chamber temp steady. I like a good size flame always.

    Try keeping your draw speed/flow the same always and just move touch back and forth to counterbalance overheating.

    It’s all about dialing into the right temp then staying at that thoghout the Rip. clax9g57mf29e57d.jpeg
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love
    Try with a bigger flame, let me know :fire:

    I’m interested to know if that helps on the Bubbler. Also Yes I need to go Aquavaping :sweat: and get my first Bubbler
  • Vape hot air
    all battery vapes should come with 2 batteries alike a digital camera so you quickly replace for a fully charged one and be back vaping within seconds.

    This is why I’m 100% Butane :fire:
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love
    Also while in the middle of the Rip i'd let my finger off the Carb Hole for a second and that heats up the chamber.

    I'm new to this heating up the intake "personally" I haven't felt a need to preheat Glass and i don't know what that actually does for the ride? Please don't think i'm knocking this as I’m more intrigued.

    I like to use the sheer power of the flame to start pushing hot air through the vapor path of any sticky brick, then when I feel that connection and start to see vapor appear I then start drawing with a very steady pull making a small hole with my lips as honestly no one needs to be drawing hard at all with these bricks :starstruck:
  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018!
    I supposed on a sense they have the same’ish vapor path so both “on paper” produce the same Rip in definition. But the bodies are different.

    The JR is Compact and up close, it’s straight to the point without holding you back in anyway and can be thrown into a bag without needing a protective case.

    The Runt is Yes an identical MIni OG, and will fit in most vape cases and I’ve definitely found myself using the Runt more in the day time with smaller bowls, and my JR for stealth and OG for the evening. In respect to witch one hits harder? I truly believe that’s more down the bowl size and torch temps, when I was Beta testing the Runt I started off by using the straight intake and holy god did it punched me off my feet! Try that for yourself guys but have your whits as it turns the Runt into a supercharged straight through exhaust pipe, and will have you Sparko.

    I’d personally like to have a straight intake half the size of the normal intake to use on the Runt with the added Restrictor disc. But the path to bowl is shorter than OG so the bent intake is good at compensating for that. bf6y2cnv92dn5g7g.jpeg
  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018!
    Witch Butane you guys going for, At least with Butane their all good!

    Very apparent that Butane is becoming a very popular choice :fire:

    I cannot wait t see the Exotic Paduak Runt :starstruck:

    I'd love a Sticky Can or Mini Sticky Bubbler
  • Best 3 Piece Grinder?
    Yes I too am falling in love more and more “just:fire: a fan, not connected to the Ripper”

    The weight, I’ve got used to it and it actually feels lovely in the hand, if I ever go out with weed on me I pergrind as why would you need a grinder, but I understand someone might like to carry a grinder on them when out, Not me!

    It live’s on my stainless steel coffee machine and now that area is my cannabis corner.

    Now yes moist bud? Yes it does Sticky to the metal the same as bare aluminum grinders, no more no less because bare metal is going to do that but in the long run you are guaranteed no coating chipping off but It will steal 0.02g per month witch is fuck all so I’m ok with this and once it gets to a certain build up it stops so it’s really no issue, in fact a new batch of dryer bud helped remove some slight build up.

    If weed was legal in Ireland and the cost wasn’t criminal I wouldn’t care about it slightly clogging.

    I think if anyone received the Ripper they wouldn’t go back to aluminum, I tried to go back to Space Case but struggled due to a few surprising differences between the 2 grinders witch took me by surprise :starstruck:

    And of course it should cost $200. I don’t think people understand how hard it is to machine stainless steel as like @HerbRipper has.

    Fare fucking play Kevin, I know your Ripper will be a big player on the near Future :fire:
  • Best 3 Piece Grinder?
    when you say not perfect what is your pros and cons for the Ripper.

    I only ask this the Ripper has grown and grown on me.

    I love it and I love the Stainless Steel
  • Best 3 Piece Grinder?
    Herb Ripper are having a grinder smashing competition, check it out on there Insta
  • Best 3 Piece Grinder?
    ha this is me getting rid of my plastic grinder with a Stainless Steel Ripper. No prisoners w9757ef4ozxxutv8.png
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love
    Mate I totally know the feeling, pulling off an outrageously big Rip without combusting awesome!!!

    No messing with Butane, slap’s your smile clean off :fire:
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love
    yeah I’m intense person also dude, we’re a rare breed my man!

    Yeah I’m counting the days down til I get a Exotic Padauk Runt, very excited. And I was looking at getting a Battery vape purely for portability but there’s non that have me Gripped. That said the MV-1 Stealth is a nice game changer in the look’s department. And I’m just going to make a very quick legit decision and get a Dynavap Omnivap :fire:
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love
    yeah there’s no doubt that lid is a god send