• Terp Torch
    I was extremely high the night before they launched, browsing to check it out. Apparently Brian was testing the store at the same time. I saw the buy link and said what the heck. I'll say fwiw I wasn't originally planning on buying this, based on design, but it hasn't left my setup since I got it.

    I have plenty of thoughts on it so far, and will put together a more in-depth review similar to some others I've posted. For now, I'll say that that without question, the Terp Torch belongs in the new top tier of vaporizers, based soley on it's performance.

    For my personal top tier of desktop vapes currently, it's the ball vapes. From my armchair expert position over here (lol) I think it's just the sheer heat calories stored in the balls that give you the super fast extraction I'm looking for. G43 (still mod, planning wall setup), SSV43, Herborizer, Terp Torch, Elev8r w/ coil and balls. I'd assume the Glass Symphony is on this list too, but not included bc you can't get one anymore, and I haven't used personally. These ball

    Noticeably absent from this list is my NewVape lineup. For me, it's still a great vape, but requires that long, slow draw to get good thick hits (see Ditanium, SSV, etc etc etc). I just want the same extraction/flavor faster!
  • Grand Reopening Giveaway!
    While I'm stoked the forum is back open, what I'm really thrilled with is to hear from @Bud. Hopefully by now he knows how much we've all missed him, not because of his knowledge but just because we like hanging out with the dude!

    VLF, for me, was a much more approachable way to the forums. FC is a great wealth of knowledge, but sometimes for someone new, quite overwhelming. It's a great crowd there, but just a different vibe. Despite our shenanigans over here, I really grew to dig it, and I'm thrilled it's back. Cheers y'all!
  • How you guys doing?
    THE BALL REVOLUTION. You're certainly not new to the party, but people are finally starting to see your vision :cool: . Exciting times :fire: :fire: . I'm also a bit of a glass whore :rofl:
  • Who's got two thumbs and we're all psyched to see?
    Now we just need to get him to silently join one of our live seshes...where's @420vapezone when you need him?

    I smell a VIP vape guest episode of Think Dank? No pressure @Bud, but this would be rad whenever you're up for it :heart:
  • How you guys doing?
    Fuck, I'm high as balls over here trying to remember how to use keyboard text controls up in this bitch :rofl:

    @Bud, I'm sure you know I've been inquiring around about you for a while. Hope you got my messages; I couldn't be happier to see you post. We should talk sometime soon, as I think you and I have some serious life parallels (if you're up for it).

    If you're ALSO up for it and haven't already done so, do us all a favor and create some super secret account on IG or one of the platforms so we can show you all the cool shit going on while you've been away! We need Bud in our lives in whatever forms he's comfortable with :heart:

    Much love bruv! Seriously smiling ear to ear hearing from you.

  • CLOSED: 25mm coil and banger setup
    I may have a setup for you, let's chat
  • Do I or don't I?
    Do I or don't I keep this t-break going?

    Two weeks into a mental health reset, and I honestly couldn't tell you if the weed was helping or hurting. I've got so many variables that I felt cutting it out would help me single out other issues, but so far I'm not sure I notice a difference.
  • RastaBuddahTao
    I'd sorta just forgotten about it until I got the delay email. At this point, it's like a Kickstarter campaign to me. I'll forget about it again and it'll just show up at some point like a cool present to myself :rofl:
  • Ditanium
    I'm on a t-break for a while, but coming in with the hot take after picking up a weedeater on black friday.

    I like the Ditanium better, for larger bowls. I'm still dialing in the weedeater, but getting a great hit just seems like more work so far. Once off the t break, I'll have more thoughts. Cheers!
  • Ditanium
    you've got the new style glass. The OG glass doesn't have a built in screen like the new one, so gets far less dirty. I complained about getting the screen in place with the OG, but I think after all that I prefer it for the more open airflow. It also gets less dirty.
  • Ditanium
    I mix kief in with my flower regularly, and would recommend the same with hash. Hash will work in the quartz too, but I'm not sure how it'll taste vs in with flower. Don't be afraid to experiment with this; the worst that'll happen is having to run a burn-off to get rid of hash leftovers. Know that doing hash/kief bowls WILL get your screen/whip dirty over time. Concentrates of any type tend to start the gunk process much faster than flower.

    You also mentioned micro-dosing, and you're right; out of the box it's not great for micro-dosing. Take a basket screen of appropriate size and insert to the desired depth. This will effectively shrink your bowl size and get your load closer to the heater. Thanks go to @420vapezone for showing off this handy trick!
  • Ditanium
    I like dhgate for certain things, but taking that kind of heat isn't one of them. Definitely don't want to skimp on main manufacturer's parts IMO :wink:
  • Ditanium
    yup, but I got an 18mm. Make sure to get a set of titanium screens to fit; they're different sized than titanium bowl.
  • Ditanium
    I actually would anticipate similar or less cleaning with the vrod, just because there are less parts. With the weed eater, I don't really expect to clean anything other than the glass bowl.

    I sit between 2-3p for flower these days, just for efficiency's sake. With A FULLY loaded stem, this is about 2 massive rips, then 2-3 more that taper off in flavor and size.
  • Ditanium
    I ordered a Weedeater for black friday, so I will soon be reporting on relative strengths. I expect it to extract a little faster than the Ditanium and potentially taste slightly better since I'm going direct to glass (w/glass bowl) instead of through a whip.

    @Pud and @BestBuds welcome to the Ditanium club for super cool kids!
  • Ditanium
    @PuffItUp and @Vgoodiez are both awesome retailers who carry the Ditanium and will treat you right. I personally like the Ditanium flavor better than a volcano.
  • Ditanium
    turn it up to 3ish and you'll get some thick vapor :ok:
  • Farewell to my Vapelife family
    Fear mongering genuinely makes me upset. C'mon man.
  • What will you buy on Black Friday? Another vape? Weed specials? New accessories ?
    New Vape Weed eater, Santa Cruz shredder, two dab slabs, a dab tool holder, and a mobius binary matrix all for stupid prices.

    Hope my wife doesn't murder me.

    Oh and an instant pot :rofl:
  • Why have flower strains with THC and significant percentage of CBD vanished?
    it's all about having choices, and I agree with the op that some strains seem to be very hard to find in certain areas. It's troubling to see flower only trending towards higher and higher (mind the pun) THC percentages while writing off CBD strains.

    You seem to like mixing, but not everyone wants to do that when other options exist, or SHOULD exist. I'll assume that you don't generally mix different beers together... So why should the craft market be any different for weed?

    I'll answer op's question and say that the market will eventually get there; hopefully strains aren't lost along the way.