• What made you smile today?
    Today was one of those days where a thin layer of heavy cloud sits in the valley. Grey and no visibility in town and blue skies on the summits. I spent all day going in and out of the cloud, absolutely beautiful. With a couple of feet of fresh snow it's been one of the bed days of the season so far.
  • Sneaky Pete knows what's up
    I can't believe it's been almost a year since I got my G43. No new vape syndrome with this one, I love it just as much now as I did on day one. First class flavour, vapour quality and a super clean, focused high. A well deserved award, props to Bud and Sneaky Pete.
  • What do you transport your daily supply of weed in?

    They really are excellent quality, mine has seen a lot of use and shows virtually no signs of wear yet. I'm not convinced they completely stop the smell but they do stop the vast majority of it.
  • What do you transport your daily supply of weed in?
    I take vapes out and about most days and my usual combination is a eBay bought aluminum pot for some ground weed and a ryot smell safe pocket case. Plenty of room for a portable and my dynavap.
  • Sapphire by Storm usage
    Welcome dude, I use the spirt by storm as a pocket stealth vape, pretty similar to the Sapphire and I don't think any of the regulars here use one of those. To be honest I'm not sure what could be causing the problem if you have cleaned out the mouth piece, especially with the glass one. Have you soaked it in isopropyl? Could also check the air intake holes, use a needle or sharp pick tool to clean them out, maybe try blowning hard into the oven and see if that helps. If not might be worth sending it back to the supplier. I have clogged my spirit up so badly it lost its draw but a good iso soak did the trick and got it back to working order. Hope it works out.
  • I've returned from outer space...
    Glad your back Bud, really hope the time off has made you happy and I can't wait to see what you are going to be doing next.
  • Show off your glass!

    DH Gate has been working out pretty well when ever I use it. I had one glass piece that did not show first time around but I raised a complaint and a replacement arrived pretty quickly. A few other glass things have arrived no UK customs or tax issues. I did order a torch Iighter and got sent the wrong one but considering I have used it at least a dozen times for various kit I don't think thats a bad track record, especially considering how much I have saved on our good old British prices :joke:
  • CBD weed vaping vs. smoking

    Nice article, I always figured the lungs we're the best way to go. I never seem to get much effect from edibles or other options.
  • CBD weed vaping vs. smoking
    I have had similar thoughts on vapeing cbd flower, high temps do seem to have more effect. I really like using my sticky brick junior or dynavp. I think the mighty would do the deep extraction job better than a iq.
  • Live Streams
    Wishing you the best Bro
  • Does altitude effect the high you experience?
    Yes 100% smoking or vaping gets you higher if you are at high altitude. Much of my life is spent in ski towns and having a session on a mountain top hits you hard. I get super fatigue couch lock body high very quickly if I have a session at the top. Even just a little davinci micro session is enough to get me pretty floated.

    I also think vapes taste better, something about the extra cold air on your lips contrasting to the warm vapour really exagerates the flavour and tastes extra delicious.

    For 4/20/17 I went up to 3500m with a bunch of friends and we all sessioned together sat in the snow smoking joints and everyone got super faded very quickly. The snowboard session back down the hill was so funny with everyone being extra wobbly.
  • Anybody drive a GTI?
    My Brother has a GTI and I have driven it quite a bit. Great cars, awesome to drive for how practical they are.
  • Getting High with the VAPE CRITIC: Sesh'n With Troy #2
    Spot on film, very cool watch. So good to see two legends of the vape industry side by side having a great conversation.
  • What's behind Door #2? (Cannabis after Shrooms)
    I have had nothing but very positive experiences with natural psychedelics like mushrooms, DMT and peyote. I have always smoked week during mushroom trips and think it helps to keep you centered. For me the best mushroom experiences come from mixing several strains of mushroom together. It has changed my perspective for the better in many ways but putting me off cannabis has never been one of them.
  • Volcano Hybrid Review w/ Classic Comparison
    Awesome review, really enjoyed this one. When the hat went back and glasses on everything made me LMFAO.
    While this is obviously a awesome device I agree with Bud's point's about 20 years of progress or lack thereof. I don't see this one lasting as long as it's predecessors. Not all progress is actually progressive.
  • Stick Brick Labs OG fractal

    Beautiful piece, I have a Junior and a Hydro max and love them both. In the max the bowl size is way bigger than the junior and I generally use about 0.2-0.25 in the max 0.1-0.15 in the junior. Is there a big difference in the bowl size between the OG and runt?
  • Cleaning silicon whips
    I prefer food grade PVC to silicone for my whips, I can literally taste the difference and the PVC is far fresher, cleaner taste. I flush them out with super hot water and replace regularly.
  • Portable, discrete vapes that hit near as hard as a Sticky Brick
    I really like cbd in a sticky brick they pair very well and get the deep extraction you want for cbd flower. Something by RBT, splinter or milaana would be the only battery powered vape I have tried that get's the same deep extraction you get from a sticky brick.
  • UK vapers?
    Yes mate, there are a fair number of us here on the forum from the UK. I'm from Leicester, currently in Cheltenham for the summer.
  • Happy Budday
    Happy Birthday Bud :100: :party: