• Best Vape Shop in London

    What exactly are you after, CBD flower, a vape, CBD e juice? Online is much better than in store in UK, as @BestBuds says is the best selection of vapes, are a good source for CBD products. Camden market area in London is a good bet if you want a actual shop for CBD products and you can get your hands on a pax, storz bickel or davinci but don't expect much selection for hardwear, online you get way better options.
  • Status update
    Sorry to hear this my friend, such shit times for so many of us right now. I'm unemployed and have no idea where my next pay check is coming from in a post corona world. I'm right there with you in the holding pattern, everything is uncertain, impossible to see whats next and it fucking sucks. Just hope you and Hazel stay safe and well.
  • Coronavirus
    It's been a seriously wild few days for me. Being in Europes viral hot bed on the French Italian boarder has been a interesting life experience. Saturday daytime everything was normal but by the evening it was announced all ski lifts, bars, restaurants and any non essential business would not be allowed to open on Sunday morning. All tourists and overseas staff like myself were advised to leave immediately. As I had no plans to go anywhere until May my car was somewhat buried behind a bank of snow so my buddy and I set out with shovels and pick axes to get it free and running to take us home to the UK. After a solid days work by around 4pm Sunday the car was free and rolling.
    The cops and military were out on patrol, constant cop cars rolling by checking up on everyone. The major ski resort tour operator's got everyone out in 36 hour's and the ski town's went quiet. On Monday afternoon I was stood in the street talking with a group of about 15 people and the cop's rolled up and told us to seperate, go inside and close our doors. For this to happen in France, a country that has chopped the heads of its ruling class and gave birth to post modern liberal philosophy and politics it was crazy to experience such a level of social control.
    Tuesday morning I made a run for the boarder, 12.5 hours of driving later we hit Calais and the late night ferry back to the UK. I have done this road trip a bunch of times but it felt tense as hell this time, busy road's and heavily laden cars of many European nationalities everywhere. Usually French toll motorways are quiet and easy driving but not this time. The atmosphere was intense to say the least but people at rest stops and petrol stations were all unusually friendly with sympathetic smiles and nods all round. A real sense of community within a dramatic background situation. It's great to see people like this at a time when shit is most definitely going down, it can bring out our best or worst.
    Now back in the UK to empty supermarkets and a much less friendly atmosphere I have self isolated in a hotel for fear of bringing this home to my family, even though I feel absolutely fine. I work summer and winter seasons in the outdoor education industry and usually go to see my folks for a couple of week's between the seasons but I'm not wanting to go near my 83 year old Dad right now, they have been safely shut in for some time. With schools and my usual summer job in shut down and having just been made redundant from my winter job I am unlikely to be doing much for the foreseeable future until the unknown time that this is all over. These sure are crazy times, good luck and good health to all.

    Last Week

    Friday afternoon

    Sunday 2am

    Sunday 4pm

    I had plans to get some shots of this up on the mountain but they were cut short, had to settle for a balcony shot but it still looks cool.
  • Coronavirus
    Here in France shit just got real. All non esential public businesses are ordered to close and the government has told all citizens not to engage in any travel around the nation. All schools, restaurants, cinemas etc are in lock down. A massive spike in cases were registered today and the respones is to shut everything until further notice, looks like thigs are going the same way as Italy. Supermarkets and pharmacys are the only thing alowed to open.
  • Dynavap M or Sticky Brick
    I agree with @SouthboundPachyderm. I prefer the flavour and vapour density from my bricks but I use my dynavap more because its more portable, it lives in my pocket most of the day. Functionality, portability the dynavap wins but for vapour experience the brick takes it.
  • Coronavirus
    I am in Tignes, France just a few miles from the Italian boarder. The nearby ski resort La Roserrie which I can see from my apartment balcony has shut down part of the lift system because it goes over the Italian boarder. Annacey around 25 miles north of me has had a significant outbreak. The resort is absolutely dead quiet, loads of people did not come on there ski holiday this week. The number of outbreak spots within a 50 mile radius of me are pretty alarming. Should I start to worry? :joke: :rofl:
  • What made you smile today?
    Today was one of those days where a thin layer of heavy cloud sits in the valley. Grey and no visibility in town and blue skies on the summits. I spent all day going in and out of the cloud, absolutely beautiful. With a couple of feet of fresh snow it's been one of the bed days of the season so far.
  • Sneaky Pete knows what's up
    I can't believe it's been almost a year since I got my G43. No new vape syndrome with this one, I love it just as much now as I did on day one. First class flavour, vapour quality and a super clean, focused high. A well deserved award, props to Bud and Sneaky Pete.
  • What do you transport your daily supply of weed in?

    They really are excellent quality, mine has seen a lot of use and shows virtually no signs of wear yet. I'm not convinced they completely stop the smell but they do stop the vast majority of it.
  • What do you transport your daily supply of weed in?
    I take vapes out and about most days and my usual combination is a eBay bought aluminum pot for some ground weed and a ryot smell safe pocket case. Plenty of room for a portable and my dynavap.
  • Sapphire by Storm usage
    Welcome dude, I use the spirt by storm as a pocket stealth vape, pretty similar to the Sapphire and I don't think any of the regulars here use one of those. To be honest I'm not sure what could be causing the problem if you have cleaned out the mouth piece, especially with the glass one. Have you soaked it in isopropyl? Could also check the air intake holes, use a needle or sharp pick tool to clean them out, maybe try blowning hard into the oven and see if that helps. If not might be worth sending it back to the supplier. I have clogged my spirit up so badly it lost its draw but a good iso soak did the trick and got it back to working order. Hope it works out.
  • I've returned from outer space...
    Glad your back Bud, really hope the time off has made you happy and I can't wait to see what you are going to be doing next.
  • Show off your glass!

    DH Gate has been working out pretty well when ever I use it. I had one glass piece that did not show first time around but I raised a complaint and a replacement arrived pretty quickly. A few other glass things have arrived no UK customs or tax issues. I did order a torch Iighter and got sent the wrong one but considering I have used it at least a dozen times for various kit I don't think thats a bad track record, especially considering how much I have saved on our good old British prices :joke:
  • CBD weed vaping vs. smoking

    Nice article, I always figured the lungs we're the best way to go. I never seem to get much effect from edibles or other options.
  • CBD weed vaping vs. smoking
    I have had similar thoughts on vapeing cbd flower, high temps do seem to have more effect. I really like using my sticky brick junior or dynavp. I think the mighty would do the deep extraction job better than a iq.


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