• What new vapes are you excited about in 2020?
    I wonder if dynavap will release a 2020 M this year. It's hard to imagine how they could improve on the 2019. If there is a new one in April I'm planning on giving my 2019 to my new friend that has just started working with me. He had never heard of vapes and was blown away when I told him all about it. When you're so into something like we are about vapes, it's sometimes easy to assume that every stoner is in the know about vape tech. It's so much fun to introduce someone to it.
  • What new vapes are you excited about in 2020?
    Ah I missed that one somehow. Looks epic. Too much of a beast for a lightweight like me though I reckon! :lol:
  • What new vapes are you excited about in 2020?

    Haven't heard anything about this. What is it?
  • DynaVap induction heater
    I am so tempted! They are in stock now but I'm slightly reluctant having just very recently bought a tinymight! :grimace: I will probably need to act fast though as I'm sure they will sell out fast. I do love my dynavaps probably more than any other of my vapes and it would be a real treat to not have to bother with torches and butane but it's undoubtedly a luxury and totally unnecessary (from my wife's perspective). Thankfully that doesn't have too much influence on my decision making :joke:
  • DynaVap induction heater
    does the dynatec heater have an on/off switch so that you can turn it off whilst it remains plugged in? And are you UK based? Did it come with a 3 pin UK plug?
  • Vaping Hash
    But my preferred method is smoking, sometimes on top of a bed of tobacco. I know I’m disgusting but to me it’s like comfort food.Bad Dog

    Not disgusting at all. I'm actually jealous. I used to love hash with tobacco in reefers. If I had any control over nicotine addiction I would still smoke spliffs with baccy but I can't be trusted unfortunately. I've proven that time and time again. :grimace:
  • Vaping Hash
    I understand that trad hash there is actually more available than good flower. I just don’t see that here.Baron23

    That was certainly true once upon a time. It's absolutely not the case these days though. It's very rare, at least in my circles. The flower however has improved so much. There really is some excellent quality bud available these days!

    I did see one dispensary w “hash” but $50 for .5 g.Baron23

    :gasp: crikey that is steep! I can't imagine paying that much regardless of the quality! Supply and demand at work there I guess!!
    but even more so soft dark hash from India, Nepal, Afghanistan and the like.Baron23

    But I loved the hard Moroccan kief we used to get but even more so soft dark hash from India, Nepal, Afghanistan and the likeBaron23

    Oh yes that's what I love too. It just makes me nervous when I manage to get some. It is so strongly associated to tobacco for me. I have vowed to never allow nicotine back into my life, so must resist all temptations to build and old school Zoot no matter how enticing it may be! :grimace:

    +1... but I haven’t come across it in years. Having said that, if I did find some I don’t think I’d want to bother with vaping it :chin:Terpenetime

    It's so strange how is just suddenly stopped and weed came rushing in. It used to be the other way around. I remember the first time I was offered weed. I didn't even know what to do with it because I had never even seen it until that point! :lol:

    they add a lot of nasty stuff like paraffin's, waxes sometimes rubberKarec

    Yeah thats true. I've seen some horrible soap bar crap through the years. You can just tell that that there is all sorts of nasties in it as soon as you smell it. Thankfully didn't come across that stuff too often!

    We can get like a 50g for 200€ here, last time i was there i took 100gr for a bit less than 100€Karec

    Wtf. That is crazy prices!! So what's the deal in Portugal these days? I know that drugs have been decriminalised, but what's the deal with weed. Can you buy legally? And is growing fully legal?
  • Vaping Hash
    Glad to hear I'm not alone! :smile: yeah it's definitely far less abundant than it was in the 90s. It's literally the only thing I could get back then, and I always love getting my hands on some. It's so comforting I think because it's what I had growing up and I just love the smell and flavour and obviously the effects of it. I will be getting out the old screen queen pipe this evening for a lovely old school session!



    It's kind of ridiculous though I just spent £200 on a tinymight and this weekend I'll be smoking a £20 pipe. :rofl:
  • Vaping Hash
    I've just got some absolutely beautiful hash and for me it's the one thing that is just best smoked in my opinion. However I am going to give it a go in the dynavap later. Maybe it will change my mind! I actually like and enjoy the taste of smoking hash whereas the taste of weed is awful when smoked compared to vaping
  • Tiny Might

    The red light is clearly visible through the side on the one side of my unit but not so much on the other. On the side that has a bigger gap I can see what looks like green tape or something. It's definitely not flush to silver base. It sounds like some of the units are completely sealed so that no light can be seen through the gaps and other which are not. What are everyone else's build like in that respect. ?


    This is the AVB and I didnt go above 7 on the dial. If I had bumped it up to 9 or 10 It.would have been very dark brown I think so your AVB definitely should not be that light after higher temps.
  • Tiny Might
    The IQ make a similar noise but the TM is more noticeable, actually is the noisier of my arsenal... im ok with it and kinda reminds if im pressing the button...Karec

    I'm actually glad to hear you say this. It really doesn't bother me to be honest, but I was a little concerned that maybe my unit was louder than others after I first used it, I was expecting some noise while the heater was firing but didn't expect it to be quite so noticeable. As long as other units are the same and that's just the way it is I honesty am totally fine with it. I'm falling more in love with this thing each time I use it. I was playing with the temp dial last night and extracting flavour on the lower levels that I haven't experienced before. I also did a couple of super fast crazy dense extractions. It's an absolute beast and lives up to all my expectations!! :love:
  • Tiny Might
    You're probably right about that. I cleaned the battery cap and cooling unit and all other metals I could get to and there was definitely residue that came off so I'm glad I made the effort. Have gone through 3 loads so far. Taste is excellent and I like the vibration feedback to show when it's ready. I was surprised how noisy the unit is when in use. I guess it's something I'll get used to and hopefully not notice too much. I've usually got music on anyway so should mask it. The mouthpiece definitely gets pretty warm after a few draws. I think I will be ordering a longer mouthpiece. I'd imagine that would be cooler on the lips for longer sessions (if taking one draw every minute or so it's not a problem). The mouthpiece sits in the unit so snug thanks to the big o ring. I really like how secure the mouthpiece feels. There is no chance of it falling out and breaking when outside etc. The first hit is quite amazing to be honest I was blown away. There really is no whispy business on the first hit. It's straight in there with thick vapour. Overall so far after a very short time with it I'm very happy!!! Looking forward to getting used to it more over the weekend! :smile:
  • Tiny Might
    when I got my unit, I did not, I used it straight awayScentNomad

    This is what I had planned but I knew in the back of my mind I should probably give it a once over before jumping in!! :smile:

    I honestly don't think that a 240°C „burn off“ would actually burn anything offScentNomad

    It's not as if there is a chamber to get hot and burn off any residue but maybe the heater itself might have something that could be burned off? :chin:
  • Tiny Might
    It's really simple inside. Nut washer nut washer nut. :up:BestBuds

    ISO and q-tips first...then a few burn offs..... do this for every vape you get!!! :victory:LabPong

    Ok I'll do that. Thanks guys! I can't believe today is the day I finally get my hands on the TM! Feels like I've been waiting years for this!!! I'm just hoping my wife thinks it's my milaana when she sees me with it later! :rofl: she is not remotely interested in vapes so I don't think she will be able to detect that I've got another new one! LoL
  • Tiny Might
    I have heard people saying the wood is a little dry. Ive got some craftsman timber wax. I will apply some of that for sure! When you did your initial clean, did you disassemble the cooling unit to clean all the components?

    robot fartsBestBuds

  • Tiny Might
    I figured it would probably be wise to clean first. It would only be the stems and cooling unit though? The vape body itself can't really be cleaned? Maybe a burn off at a high temperature on session mode before using?
  • Tiny Might
    Did any of you guys that have a TM clean it before first use? If so, to what extent? It's not necessary to clean the cooling unit before first use is it?
  • Tiny Might
    Thanks! It should arrive tomorrow according to the confirmation email. I really hope you don't miss the next batch! Would be a good idea to get your wifes email signed up too! Good luck! :smile:
  • Tiny Might
    Ah that sucks. Sorry you missed out! I got an email notification. Perhaps your email went to the spam folder? I ordered mine about 20 seconds after getting the email luckily. Apparently there is another batch due in very soon according to George so keep your eyes peeled. I hope you manage to get your hands on one :up:
  • Tiny Might
    Tinymight in stock now at Vapefiend for anyone that's interested! :smile: