• FireFly 2 Power Alternatives
    you can attach a whip to the mouth piece. That would keep it away from your face, you could also get it thru some water that way.
  • What made you smile today?
    thats sick man! Looks like a good place to take a mountain board :starstruck:
  • Your Favorites That Are Really Terrible, But Awesome When Stoned!
    one time i was on lsd and a chineese buffet refused to serve me and my friends as soon as we walked in! Haha then we just went to a different one, they were cool i dint know how my buddies ate that greasy disgusting shit i was all about that pineapple lol.
  • Your Favorites That Are Really Terrible, But Awesome When Stoned!
    I ate 9 cans of ravioli last night.... No one wants to admit they ate 9 cans of ravioli
  • What does everybody do for a living?
    oh god a drug test! Thats even more funny! Unti last year sometime there wasnt even a drug policy!!
    We had a lead hand get busted for smelling like pot and i quote the lady in the office said "he smelt so bad i thought i got high" this is the only reason we have a policy meow!
  • What does everybody do for a living?
    hahahhahaha omg im glad you aksed. My "test" was in my interview. They asked me what kind of shoes i had on. I did not have steel toes on it was a job interview lol, they gave me some covers and had me pick up 6 big fridges and carry those around at 20 clicks!
    I never recived my forklift licsence until almost 2 years in. I couldnt believe they put me on a truck just like that. I had never driven something i had to sit down to use. Id only ever been on an endrider, reach truck and pacer and i could swim faster then those machines.
    Then as a new guy they just hammer you with the pressure go faster its okay the faster you go the more you can break this is our moto comes from all the way up.
    When i applied i was worried because they wanted experience and i only had about 9 months or so. Then i find out they are hiring students and people who i dont think have even driven a car before. You saw those attachments lets have a kid that has never driven a forklift before be responsible for whipping around 6 fridges.... Yeah they dont last long and then the full timers feel the consequences of their damages. I have been there maybe 2 and a half years. I already have the second highest seniority on my shift.
    My son has a severe medical condition that doesnt allow me to be at work everyday or a very reliable worker. If i was able to though i honestly could be the supervisor of this place, not that i would take it.
    Since ive started i could not count the general laborers ive seen, supervisors though i have seen 3. My supervisor right meow is a high school dropout, hes good at the job i like him and he knows what hes doing, but it wouldnt have been hard.
    If the money wasnt as good as it is id be gonzo.
    I stick around for the comedy too!
  • Your Favorites That Are Really Terrible, But Awesome When Stoned!
    its only shameful when your life starts to resemble the trailer park boys...
  • Firefly 2 superior vape quality
    i just didnt want to get buds in my mouth and had a fine grind. My first bowl was super impressive the last two not so great next one will probably be sans screen and a different grind. i wish my lungs were 19 and i had 20 minutes to vape a bowl :rofl:
  • Best shows and movies to watch
    i hear ya, the :100: was really good and then whayever season finale i fell asleep during the first part of two and never bothered again lol.
    American gods is a really good show im planning on buying the books, so i almost wish i didnt watch it but visually its super stimulating, reminds me of sin city in a way.
  • Best shows and movies to watch
    have you checked put american gods?
  • Show off your glass!
    its not the size of you joint, its what you connect to :snicker: somewhere should have low profile adapters a drop down could even look cool on that :cool:
  • What does everybody do for a living?
    I drive these bad boys. They top out at about 20 clicks. Its something to carry six fridges from one end of the warehouse to the other watching them bounce all over the place. We used to carry 8 of them with the clamp truck!
    Its a pretty sick gig for the moment, ive got bigger plans though. Im having as much fun as i can though driving my "go kart" around. We run a fairly small crew on afternoons were like a tight knit family, were forced to work some pretty crazy hours sometimes it can get busy like you wouldnt belive in that place and the system or anything really can fuck up at anytime(gotta stay till the works done). With the right attitude though it makes for an intresting night and im never bored.

  • Firefly 2 superior vape quality
    The pipe screens i bought fpr my sticky brick were too big for it, they fit perfect in here. I did not stir my forst bowl and i got very even avb, i am now wondering if the screen adds just enough conduction to make it more efficent?
    @LabPong what do you think?
  • Firefly 2 superior vape quality
    @EconMan ohhhhhh budddday!!! I got some girl scout cookies (flower) dude my first puff on this thing and i got some vapour.... Big time. I had to check it out to make sure it didnt combust even though i had literally just taken it off concentrate mode.
    I am super impressed, im not sure what was up with the bowl i tried last week, It was some premo dope too.
    This time around I was lazy so i used bud from my grinder which is on the fine side for sure. It worked well! Im gonna be doing the wholr mad scientist bit though :joke:
  • What made you smile today?
    Me? Im about a cheque, like im just making sure. :halo: doobie
  • Songs to vape to

    This is my uncles band if you listen close enough you can hear some primus influences
  • Songs to vape to
    j can see how good tune!
  • What do you do with your not so tasty strains?
    when i was younger i used to get really killer outdoor the high was awesome and the price was better. The smell not so great.
    A cheese grater limes lemons oranges grapefruit made things alot better you gotta let it sit in the bag for a while ziplock within a ziploc shit, a tea bag or just big chunks of the peel in there. If you leave it in there long enough it will taste like it a bit. In the short term everytime you open the bag it smells nice.
  • New vape user (Pulsar APX v2)
    thats how i felt about it. Im getting a half q of some nice girl scout cookies tomorrow other then a g i got i havent used it with any buds yet just a whole wack of shatter and live resin.
  • Songs to vape to
    no sir, send me the fave! Lol waot the one zero guys?

    ×edit× i forgot about this song. In my opionon the only good one they have but is phenomenal!
  • Songs to vape to

    Prob the best but every song on this album was :fire: lyrics are all based on freud philosophy and others im sure. They also wrote a song called dark passenger about the tv show dexter.
    Solo guitar that uses loop pedals pretty intense.
  • Songs to vape to
    i hear ya. I dont listen to them much anymore but when i was younger i liked them and then i had a roomate that was super into them too lots of hours of that shot blasted in my ears...

    I try to keep it positive these days but i really like those grimey break downs and with grimey break downs comes grimey lyrics. If only i could find more bands like veil of maya!