• Tiny Might
    hey thanks man, I don't have the WPA, but I have a master adapter and it fits.
  • Tiny Might
    So this badboy arrived yesterday and I can say only one thing. Heaviest freaking hitter I have. Love it so far.

  • Live Streams
    Woohoo, Bud is back. Haven't seen the stream yet, but I'm so pumped and happy.

    Stay back! :D
  • Wanted: Broken Ghost MV-1
    then best of luck to me as well. If it breaks, then I'm fucked as well. Maybe not though, I was buying the Ghost from a local store and I still have my warranty from them (not Ghost) till end of July.

    If the latch door give up till this point I have a slight chance of getting at least my money back.

    But now, after I saw Bud's most depressing video yet, I don't even want to use it anymore. They fucked over my vape hero and made him reconsider all his life...and stop vaping/smoking weed!!!

    If it gets broken I rather just set it on fire while dancing occult dances around it.
  • EpicVape E-Nano
    Which finish E-Nano is that?WOLF444

    It's walnut. Same as the Sticky Brick Jr. and NonaVong :grin:
  • What made you smile today?
    I love my new Crafty+, it makes me smile after every inhale, so good.
  • Crafty+
    I bought a Crafty+ this 4/20, they had a good deal on it on their site (~250USD).

    I have it for the second day, so I can't really tell the whole picture, but the vapor taste is A+, vapor production is A+, easy of use is A+, consistency is A+.

    The only downside is the battery, yesterday I had 6 bowls and there was some battery left, which seems good, but that goes down in time and by all the reviewers it lands on 4 bowls per charge. Which is the amount of dosing capsules you can put into the travel capsule caddy. I'll see.

    This is my first Storz&Bickel product so I'm very impressed. I get that the expectations you guys had were let down, but this is the most user experience friendly vape I have.

    Cheers and vape on!
  • Wanted: Broken Ghost MV-1
    These broken latches seem to be very common. I had it as well, but it was an old version of Ghost, after I got the Stealth Black (that should be the most upgraded version) I have 0 problems.

    The only "issue" was that the black coating of the heat sink worn off. So now I have matte black Ghost and silver shiny heat sink. It looks kinda cool.

    Best of luck to you Mr White.
  • The Brilliant Cut Grinder
    The red and black is killer. I have gold and black. Nice video (did anybody notice it's 4:20 minutes long?) @Bud, I'm still hoping for the state of vape 2020 :D.
  • What made you smile today?

    yep, I have problems to set the screen on my older Ti cap (5 fins flat sharp sides), but the new one (5 fins, round not sharp sides) is better.

    George (from Dynavap) said, that it should be the easiest on the new 2020 M.
  • What made you smile today?
    I just recently microdosed my NonaVong and found out that the whole experience is much better and consistent.

    So I did this:

    and now the session is always 3 heat cycles and the AVB is the same everytime and there's no 2 heat cycles of really not good vapor.

    Maybe it's an old thing already, but it made me smile today :smile:
  • EpicVape E-Nano
    My E-Nano is usually never on for more than an evening, but now because of the quarantine, it's on for 4 days now and I really need to figure out what to do with that cable, need to clip it to the table somehow. I saw some DIYs in this thread, might try that.

    Otherwise I just wanted to say hi and vape on.
  • Live Streams
    I've recently started watching the live stream replays on 2x speed. Now it's not only 2x faster, but like 100x funnier :D
  • Clocks forward...oops I forgot
    So weird, I thought the daylight savings dates are the same for the whole world. Obviously not. In Europe, we're changing the clocks on 29.3. at 2:00 :grin:

    Well, I learn something new every day.
  • Coronavirus
    This whole coronavirus madness is so bizzare. Yo guys, eat some grapes, wash your hands and you're more than fine.

    Somebody needs to stop people to think that this is something dangerous and we're going to die :lol: don't be ridiculous.
  • G43 Waitlist & Ordering
    5th platoon, yay :lol: :cheer:
  • The STATE of VAPE - Jan/2019
    @Bud Will there be any State of Vape 2020? I was looking forward on that video for some time. Did I miss something?

    I know you're not reviewing anymore, or not making review videos, but this one was a yearly special and I miss it. :cry:
  • Sneaky Pete knows what's up
    G43 is a beast, period. Well deserved.