• Ditanium

    I am happy that it works for you, I just mentioned da buddha as it is a similar design that has many custom accessories available and costs $70 less. It is just a heater with a chamber and whip that connects to it.
  • Ditanium
    The ditanium is a dated design, I would go with a da buddha from 7th floor if you want that style as it is much cheaper. But I agree with @LabPong that the ditanium wasnt the explosive hit that a few expected.
  • OG Sticky Brick

    The hydrobrick max is great if you also like to vape through a glass rig or on its own. I like all of their products. Especially in the exotic woods
  • Mystery Vape from the 80's movie Nice Dreams

    It's an electric pipe, never mind the keyboard duster :lol:

  • Live stream reruns
    @VapeCritic @Hazel

    The livestream link is not working. Any idea why?
  • Manually turn off the Crafty?

    Yeah, a quick double press of the button will set to boost mode and the lights will be red. It's a cool little vape except for the single button control and lack of display.
  • Manually turn off the Crafty?
    Press and hold the power button until the lights turn blue, release the button and it will shut off in a couple seconds.

  • What made you smile today?

    Anyone on the forum visit here or live by it?
  • Anesthesia for surgery
    I have been put under multiple times and haven't noticed any difference in how the experience was.

    I have noticed that different drugs or cocktails of drugs they knock you out with have very different effects when you wake up.

    This is a good article to be aware of though the interactions they listed regarding anxiety could be that marijuana is easing the symptoms.
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    I'm jealous, that jr. Is gorgeous, these vapes are so fun to use and they require some patience as they will behave differently inside and outside and the weather can have you make small changes but it's very easy to adjust.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread


    Zancru has taken it apart and successfully re assembled it. From what I understand it is a difficult process.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    I was #15 on the list and have had the g43 for some time now. Routine cleaning is a quick soak in iso if you are using the g43s herb chamber. If you use the elev8r glass bowl adapter and fill the herb there the g43 cleaning is almost non existent. I have not had to take the g43 apart.
  • If Darth Maul vaped
    super silver haze is known for helping if you are constipated.
  • Your Favorite “I’m On the Toilet” Vape
    Marijuana can act as a laxative while relieving symptoms of pain and discomfort. Often, a hit of THC will relax the digestive system. When THC and other cannabinoids are ingested, they reach the brain through the bloodstream and impact the neurological system.

    Ongoing research finds that cannabis sort-of turbocharges different neurons and the flow of neural pathways. Acting upon the entire nervous system, cannabinoids can ease nerve connections while relaxing the mind and muscles. They are even antiemetic to the point of stimulating appetite again. CBD, even as an isolated oil, could be a viable treatment with its anti-anxiety properties.

    Once muscles and nerves associated with your bowels relax, it is easier for material to pass through. Along with marijuana's antioxidant properties, this could be a relaxing way to clear out your system and restore digestive harmony."

    Haze berry and shining silver haze are known to help constipation.
  • Personal Stoner Fails
    My biggest fail happened right after I had ground some flower in my grinder. I was unscrewing the base which was sticky due to grinding flower and it suddenly let go. This sent my freshly ground flower flying through the air and all over the floor. I had to get a small broom and sweep it up then go through it making sure I could still use it. I didn't want to waste the flower.
  • Ghost MV1 or The Mighty Mighty for 420?
    The splinter v1 is a great convection option and depending on which stem you are using and how you load it will hold quite a bit.
  • Your Favorite “I’m On the Toilet” Vape

    No but a stand in my bathroom for vooping is looking like a must have.
  • Your Favorite “I’m On the Toilet” Vape
    I also find the dynavap M works well for vooping. I have yet to try the g43 with a j hook.

  • Your Favorite “I’m On the Toilet” Vape
    The stealth mv1 is an awesome vooping vape. The long draws seem to open things up and the long exhales help the push.
  • Carta just arrived! Dabs to follow
    Focus has 15% off on their website.
  • Live Streams

    I cannot remember if soundboard has this
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    @TyedyesamuraiguyI can taste most all pepper except the ghost pepper. I have eaten a dozen to show my friend because he didnt believe me. I have seen the ghost pepper reduce my friends to drooling and eating everything trying to cool their mouths.

    The Carolina reaper is insane and its takes the air out of your lungs. Only the very experienced go this far or beyond.
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter

    I used to be a hot sauce connoisseur I loved the stuff right now I've had to cut back as I cannot taste it until it is too late.

    I cannot taste ghost pepper at all and it does not bother me. Carolina reapers have great flavor and a wicked bite.


    I am working on this but may never finish it. It's so hot it makes your pee burn.