• Kandypens Data Breach from March 7th 2019 - February 13th 2020
    I should of just used my PP debit card on that purchase.LabPong

    Just know that your consumer rights are much less with a consumer debit rather than a consumer credit card. Business cards have almost no rights, and ditto with ach.
  • DabsRus: The art and science of dabbing
    Think I chased that dragon a little too closely :grimace: but what a hit :lol:Bad Dog

    Dude! Perhaps a welding torch next time! :razz:
  • Which wax vape?

    Firefly2. :starstruck:
  • Ghost closing up shop
    A BK judge/administrator will attempt to determine if there is sufficient Intellectual Property (IP) to warrant an outright sale as opposed to liquidation. However, logically, real VC money is probably not happening right now as the "price" from their perspective will be less during bankruptcy than before; and they may even be able to acquire the brand without its debt and liabilities (like warranties).
  • Kandypens Data Breach from March 7th 2019 - February 13th 2020
    So, who actually got hacked. If not the CC processor, is it that bad of a situation. ???Baron23

    Their own servers.
    I have no "inside" info, but 99% of the time these things are because the merchant doesn't listen to us either because they are trying to save dimes (literally) or honestly they are lazy with respect to security. So the hack was almost certainly on their servers where they chose to store personally identifiable information. The whole purpose of a payment gateway is so that the credit card information is anonymous to the merchant -- they never actually touch the number and other info -- relieving them from having to build their own systems (like amazon). But it costs money. If they store it on their own servers then they are responsible for all "PCI security requirements" if they store it within the payment gateway (built for security) encrypted (costs 10 cents usually), then even if the gateway got hacked (hard, hard, hard) all that would be seen would be a database of gibberish since the merchant has the "private key" (obviously this itself has "best practices" attached to it).

    So in short, Kandy Pens CTO/CSO?etc likely fucked up big time and this is probably the main reason why they settled. They know a jury would want their head.
  • That was the worst... oh brother!
    What strain have you tried that you absolutely hate?Bad Dog

    I don't like the sour diesels usually. Something about that taste :vomit:
  • Concentrate of the Week
    New batch! :100:
  • Ghost closing up shop
    that’s an automated reply and sadly it’s the only thing you will get out of them now.Baron23

    Yes. Clearly, hoping and praying for a VC Angel.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes
    You will not get a response.Baron23

    And if he does, BEWARE!
  • Most useful products or household tools you own?
    I use the velcro for tidying up and strapping down things like cables and whip tubing, holding mods to bongs ... loads of uses once you get startedHippie

  • Economics of Covid-19

    Yeah, most of my vape and all cannabis clients are doing significantly better. Not as good as guns or astrology, but damned impressive!
  • Ghost closing up shop
    Kiss my ass Ghost!BestBuds

    The misery of defeat :100:
  • DabsRus: The art and science of dabbing
    Dabbing has really been helping me de stress latelyBad Dog

    Yeah, me too! Loving my distillate. :pray:

    And what a write-up!
    You should be a "dabbing writer," like a "food writer," just with dabs :cool: :starstruck: