• EverClear Shatter / MV1 not hot enough!

    At the time, one could have a license at 14 so I was mobile at a young age. I remember I drove to Muskogee adventurously alone to see if they really "..don't smoke marijuana down on main street". They do. :joke:
  • VapeXhale EVO Review

    Thanks for this. I've never used nor even in person seen an EVO. Sounds like a powerful option for people.
  • Best menthol juice?
    I just wanted to see what the oldest comment on the board was and apparently it is this thread. lol
  • My Awesome Shatter Platter!!

    I've just never found a "pen" I liked. Just got a Peak and love that but it's hardly portable and gets a zero in "stealth".

    I just assumed the airpath was so short, how could it not possibly run hot? Obviously, you like, it isn't that costly, so I'm going to get the $55 one (I assume no functional difference, just aesthetics?).

    I also have a Kandy Galaxy but it is so darn messy. I'm not a giant fan. And the taste :vomit:
  • Firefly 2 Superior Vape Quality
    All you can assure anybody is that YOUR personal interactions with FF CS were good and satisfactory. Your personal experience is a good data point to offer to others and is valuable in and of itself. If you stopped there, all is good. Going beyond that at all, much less to this massively broad generality, undermines the entire board's credibility and may possibly mislead the naive or new vaporist.Baron23

    Wow. An excellent expression of epistemology. :cool:

    A new innovative vape company, EconoManic, has ONE happy customer who had a great experience and his vape works perfect daily and he loves the product and the company. The other 999,999 customers had horrible experiences, hated the vape, the company, and wish disease and famine on its owners.

    Can the one fan of the EconoManic claim with any epistemological validity, "This is a great vape and good company" ?
  • My Awesome Shatter Platter!!

    Meant to ask. How do you like the Shatterizer. Specifically, smoothness and coolness. It seems like it would just be hot and harsh....not much room for cooling? If not, then need to consider it.
  • Dynavap
    I burnt my arm when I was super drunk and I just had to get a dynavap rip before bed. took the rips literally fell asleep on exhale :lol:Papic914

    My new personal hero :love:

    It finally happened :lol:ssaucyc515

    Yeah, I've burnt myself on every vape I own, except the Puffco Peak which would be pretty hard to do.

    Just recently, having got a new high-end round bottom banger and "turbo" carbcap delivered, I took a nice dab of budder in it also using a terp perl, and to show my friend how cool the new turbo carb was, I got it spinning like crazy around the banger... so much that when I removed the carb cap, the perl flew out onto my foot....:scream: That hurt.

    My worst burn though, oddly, was on the FF2. Like a dumbass I wondered if the little glass peephole on the lid was very hot, so I pushed my finger onto it..... it's is VERY hot. lol
  • The G43 Vaporizer // Official Thread

    I'll need to learn about all this BEFORE I get my G43 :)
  • Unreleased Products // News & Rumors

    I'm with Baron here.... sometimes it seems with flower we ascribe irrational desires that we don't have for other consumables. If vaping from a "hot metal" derived heat source is killing me then so much more is my delicious daily morning toast. Just think of all those particulates that get in my bread! :scream:

    @UbarDog I really liked the comment from "Bruce Nye" on that interesting link you posted.
    He nailed my view.

    "I read the article with interest. Indeed the notion of the oxide formation is correct. I do, however, take issue with this being a safety concern, as opposed to a longevity of the coil issue.
    When we consider the surface area of a coil and the depth of the layer of oxidization which occurs, then further consider the fact that only a tiny fraction of this oxidized layer may become entrained in the the vapor produced it becomes clear that we are talking about minuscule fractions of potentially harmful particulates. That this phenomena could rise to a level of harm is non-sequitur.
    However, the presence of the oxidized layer has something of a cascade effect on the longevity of the coil. Once a coil is dry-burned to clean it there is a shorter time before the coil again needs to be cleaned. The more often this is repeated the more fragile the coil becomes eventually leading to mechanical failure."
  • EverClear Shatter / MV1 not hot enough!
    Waiting for my Cardokla68m

    Having grown up in OK, you have no idea how impressed I am they even considered having "cards". But they have advanced. One can even have a glass of wine with a meal there now or even go dancing lol :)

    Now if Georgia and Texas can take a lesson from Oklahoma..... and a lesson from Colorado.... and a lesson from.... :)
  • EverClear Shatter / MV1 not hot enough!

    No. Most pure and award winning concentrates are made with butane/propane. Good BHO is more expensive to produce than bad BHO because TIME = MONEY. My client places his "pours" into a giant $8000 vacuum/oven and leaves it there for 72 hours. He says it takes a day of vacuum to get under 5000 ppm, and three days to get it to under 100. He does three days. But he has to pay people to "tend the muffins" so to speak and such a labor intensive process is expensive.

    Butane is not an issue if the BHO process is done well. My client consistently gets lab results back revealing less than 50 ppm (parts per million) -- the CO regulatory limit is 5000 ppm -- and as a point of context, a can of whipped cream (which I've been known to stick directly in my mouth when I open the fridge) comes in around 500 ppm. Oh, and I spray butane on my armpits every morning out of a can of aerosol deodorant. :joke:

    I've ordered some equipment to get started with BHO, and before I get into closed loop, I want to be sure I grasp all the complexities form the "manual" process.
    Here is what I've ordered;
    1. Green machine with tube -- simple and safe way to do the actual butane part of the extraction outdoors and without being right next to the fumes.
    2. Vacuum pump, home depot 5-gallon bucket, pressure gage, and a piece of thick plexiglass to make a "lid" for the vacuum.
    3. Assortment of silicone bowls and large quantities of the best parchment paper on earth -- costco.
    4. heat lamps and insulation
  • EverClear Shatter / MV1 not hot enough!

    I like even love the MV1, but I'll just say it. Even if it was awesome at concentrates....I would not use it... what a cleaning chore.... dab vapor gets in every nook and cranny and the MV1 has lost of those. MY FF2 vapes it adequately (at 500) but nothing substitutes for a real dab rig. (fyi: I just ordered a cute little Toro knock-off from DHgate for $25). Also, REALLY loving my Puffco Peak. What a fantastic device. :starstruck:

    One of my goals for 2019 is to begin doing my own solvent extractions. I'm studying and shopping for equipment to build a small-scale "closed-loop" system (let's me save $ and recycle the butane, and less worry about fumes). My best friend is taking up growing, so we will be a good team later this year.
  • EverClear Shatter / MV1 not hot enough!

    Awesome. That's good to know. Flower vapes rarely do concentrates well. Of mine, the only one that does them well is my FF2.
  • EverClear Shatter / MV1 not hot enough!

    NOT my area of expertise, but the 710Extractionist (who runs a concentrates lab in Montana) says alcohol is the worst of all possible solvents to use, precisely because it is so efficient. It is too efficient and strips everything out.... which is why ppl freeze it and try and get it as cold as they can.... cold temps inhibits solvents.

    My client in CO uses a 70/30 mix of Butane/Propane.... says that is the perfect solvent in his view.... not too weak or too strong and both with low boiling points. He also uses CO2 extractions, but we both think that process loses some taste but he says from a production perspective CO2 gives a higher yield. Touring his lab, and seeing how concentrates are made in scale was just amazing. He went over every step and the science behind everything... it was like taking a course on concentrates.

    He was a stoner kid in HighSchool, and inherited some land as a young adult. He started growing illegally on it. CO legalized and he got his license. In their system, only growers can have dispensaries so he had a head start as he already had products. Today his merchant account runs about a half million a month (and we've gone through three banks) ... lol
  • The Brilliant Cut Grinder

    I like that you can order the components in various colors. One could have a different color for each "grind". And you sell the entire set (find, medium,coarse) on a mix-and-match basis. :cool:

    I've struggled finding a coarse grinder that is, well, coarse. From pics posted, it seems you certainly understand what a coarse grind is. And it's not medium. Good job :)

    We threw in a silver coarse plate for you to try. How do you like the different grinds?Grinders For Life

    And Bud, I would be very interested in knowing about the coarse grind results. None of the vapes I own right now do well with a fine grind, and my FF2 works best with coarse,,,, more "torn" than "ground".
  • What is the best way to get all of the wax / shatter off of the paper?
    I have read someone that cuts up Volcano bags and vapes them... You know, because of all the residue left over, apparently you will get really high from it. Though I'm not sure residue is the only thing you're getting high from.artv4nd3l4y

    I'm all about frugality, but I shall not be pursuing efficiency to the point where I start vaping dirty shredded volcano bags. :scream:
  • G Pen Elite Review

    Speaking of such things. Any generic in-line "bubbler" product for carts in general?

    I've been using my StickyBrickJr bubbler but I broke it :(
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    ease of labor and delivery and post-partum recoveryUbarDog

    OK, as long as you're not pregnant !!. :joke:
  • PAX3 concentrate "best practices"

    After having a Firefly 2 I was spoiled.acstorfer

    Yeah, for me, 410 is a hot vape. For flower I like to go in at around 380.... gives me the taste I like. But one can enhance their vape hits with a little concentrate and pump up the vape temp a bit..... :)

    The thing with the MV1 is that, even if it was awesome at concentrates, which it isn't, I would never use it because of the cleaning chore. Concentrate vapor is extra sticky and gets into every nook and cranny. The MV1 has lots of nooks and crannies. lol

    My FF2 can be cleaned rigorously in two minutes and quick cleaned in 30 secs. And again, its amazing little "reclaim purification" on the mirror lid is just amazing. I doubt they designed it for this, but rather was a happy accident of the design. Regardless, I actually look forward to enough oil building up on the lid that I can scrape off a big hit..... "lid hits" are simply a positive externality of the FF2 and are a delightful experience.

    You can also do an legit dab on a FF2. I've done my beloved "sugar in terp sauce" in it which I prefer to a rig for this purpose. For dabs, I do a dry run of just cigar puffing.... get the chamber HOT so the concentrate screen is really hot.... drop a dab right on the screen, it will start vaporizing immediately.... close the lid, click the heat (you want lots of it) and then start drawing..... do let it overheat (the red light will turn on)..... that's the magic point.... draw harder and steady now and the hit you get will be monster and one that seems to go on forever. You'll get a rip tastier and more potent than any pen.

    In fact, talking about it makes me want one so I'll load one right now......

    Yummy :cool: