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    Funny, I wonder if Carl Palmer walked away from that conversation having the exact same, but reverse thought?The Rogue Wax Works

    I think he walked away happy because I did NOT talk drums. He obviously was tired meeting fans for fifty years who say the same flattering things.... Someone who talked economics and life in general with him, that was a treat. The lesson was i got what I wanted (quality time with my hero) and still wasn't happy.

    As Aristotle said, "happiness begins with ourselves" :nerd:
  • Oura by KandyPens

    Troy, my business partner who has never seen a vid of yours, watched this one and when you got to the "torch and banger" comparison, he said.... "He just bought instant credibility with me". He's a hard nut to impress :cool:
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter

    At least they fixed the early pub-closing times. My first trip there twenty or so years ago I was astonished how early the bars closed (11pm if I remember right?). Then I learned why -- seems the WW1 war effort was being harmed by Brits spending too much time at the pub and not working very hard and well at the armaments factories the next day. :nerd:

    Then there was my move from San Francisco to Dallas. The latter has bars closing at 2am. Then they can open again at 6am. Yeah, folks go drinking at 7am there -- Dallas rolls that way.
  • Rosin Press, what do you use and have used?
    that DW6000 sure looks awesome.....LabPong

    You kow, when I first got it, I didn't like it because I was sooooo used to the analog "lever action" of the M800. I can apply the appropriate pressure by "feel" after some experience. It is a VERY physical press. The electric is 100% non-physical. There is nothing to "feel" feedback wise as in a lever-driven press.

    However, once I let go of my control-freakery, I developed a real love for the DW6000. I can press an eighth using a micron bag and get fantastic replicable results with very little noise.

    Yet, I STILL enjoy breaking out the little M800. It is very popular at parties. :party:
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter

    Ok. Like an electric ashtray? They were popular here until states and municipalities started to ban smoking in the workplace, so the demand just fell off I suppose. In some cities and states even bars can't have smoking. :gasp:
  • Buy / Sell / Trade

    I believe in Proton mail. 100% encrypted mail and run by a Swiss company. It's free and is the most secure public email available.
  • Current top Strain
    My top strain is whatever the top strain my self-medication entrepreneur has in stock at the moment. :nerd:
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter

    I've never even heard of such a thing. What does it do? Is it a vape?
  • Why do we vape?
    in the olden days we used to rolls huge blunts or super fat joints and burnt half the bud into the etherDankpup

    I remember the Cheech and Chong record that came with a GIANT rolling paper :100:
    I wasted some bud on that one I promise.... but such fun. Like the excess of taking a half-gram dab.... a total "ceremonial disposal of surplus" (google Thorstein Veblen). yep, such fun! :party:
  • Vaping Health and its discontents
    Hmmmmm... The next big class action suit is brewing.
  • Press or Commercial Extractor?
    Seems to me it is FIRST a choice of whether you want full spectrum rosin (with its discontents), or chemically (solvent) extracted partial-spectrum oil (with its discontents).

    I love my rosin presses. I can make tasty concentrate on demand and in relatively small amounts. The only thing the more expensive one does is let me automate more of the procedure and press large quantities. My Dulytek M800 was only $230.
    That said, unless you are going to bubblehash first before pressing, there is a limit to potency and purity. "Dirty rosin" can be very rough on your bangers and devices.
    AND great rosin REQUIRES great bud. It is mandatory. Basically, an ancient Klingon proverb.

    Second, why CO2? I hate that method. :grimace:
    And $350 to extract not even a half-pound of flower? Sounds like expensive fixed costs for such a small batch. On my BHO/PHO extractions, I'm getting my marginal cost per gram down to about $25. I can not even come close to that with Rosin, I simply don't have access to the primo flower required.

    Where did the 4.5 pounds of edibles come from?
  • Why do we vape?
    The FF2+ really does work real well with rough grind -- or maybe you'd have to call it no grind.It's in the details

    I like to describe it as hot sauce vs salsa. Salsa requires "chunks". Another analogy, you want gravel not sand. So yes, an authentic "coarse" grind to me, is barely ground -- more like ripped apart in chunks! I've had great results with no grinder, or a pair of scissors. Regardless, to achieve the taste the FF2 is capable of, coarse grind is essential. Fine grind is kryptonite to a FF2.
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    Is everybody getting by OK so far??VapeCritic

    I'm good at seeing elephants in rooms so let me take a dab and say obvious things.

    It is a discussion forum on vapes. We'll "get by". It's what we humans do. :cool:
    One way we get by is by bullshitting ourselves and believing it -- the psychology of this is NOT about private messages -- so that what gets dealt with is anything but the real matter.

    What is the real matter?
    As I see it, fear.
    PM's are merely a proxy -- another brick in the wall so to speak.

    Beginning with the MV1 endorsement, it seems many folks feared you sold out to Ghost. How could you dare recommend the MV1 and then get all in bed with Ghost? I would bet a hundred bucks against an ironic nickel that Ghost likewise fears you were not enthusiastic enough? Then sometimes you get too drunk and reveal your politics, invidiously, and like it or not that scares the shit out of some people. "What does it say about me **if** my vaping guru is an MV1-endorsing Trump-lover... should I even like the MV1 now?" etc :zip:
    And then there is the often mumbled fear you quite simply have lost your passion for vapes in general, this forum, and are in a sort of an existential crisis of identity. Is VapeCritic alive? Some wonder if you honestly even like this place or even your business anymore? And if you don't, that would explain quite a bit. It is not nonhuman to end up hating something you once loved. I loved academia once -- until it became a job -- and then I hated even the "idea" of it as I discovered (GASP!) its utter impurity. :gasp:

    And then of course there are your fears, the leader of the forum -- and the leader in all things expectations here. Those always radiate down and always with unintended consequences. This is 100% on you. Your domain, your forum, your business, your choices. It goes back to your "purpose" for the forum we discussed not that long ago. You threaten to close the forum, to sell it, to remove a useful "community" feature, etc. This scares people. I don't want to invest in him or the community if it is just going to dump me later anyway..." Something to ponder as you ponder purpose.

    That said. I am primarily here for the people here -- they are the magic sauce (time for another dab after this paragraph). They are the attraction. The reason to come here. Run the good ones off and the only thing of value left is a leased database of stochastic garbage.

    The truth is you're more "transparent" than any online person I consume, and this is not always a "happiness-inducing" phenomena in folks. I met my hero Carl Palmer and in a personal discussion became saddened to learn he was a vegetarian.:scream: Being a carnivore, I reject vegetarianism so if my favorite most energetic drummer of all time is a vegetarian, should he really be my favorite drummer if he is a vegetarian.... is he really that energetic :grimace: ? What would that say about me if my favorite drummer is not energetic? :gasp:
    As silly as it sounds, this is how human brains actually work and the phenomena is in play here too.

    As the song says, "shine on you crazy diamond." Hugs, and Dabs! :heart: :nerd:
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    learn a trade stoners!VapeCritic

    I needed a skill I could do better high than sober so I chose mathematics :nerd:
    I love to take a big fatty and then get on the white board. lol
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    Warning! They are NOT "S&B Liquid pads" (like for the Mighty) but "S&B Liquid Pads For Dosing Capsules". They are the ones designed to go INSIDE the dosing capsules. They are fantastic. Twice as thick as the OEM ones, but same radius.
  • Why do we vape?
    maybe the FF2 just ain't the vape for you.Baron23

    ALWAYS a wise epistemological consideration with any vape. :100:
  • Oura by KandyPens
    Yeah, if the Oura works merely as well as the Peak/Carta while having solved the "disposable" atomizer issue, it is an achievement and they will get my business.

    It is a mild hassle managing atomizer logistics. It is why I haven't used my Peak lately -- because I had Carta atomizers in stock but no Peaks. Also, BOTH device's OEM glass sucks to people who hate water in their mouth, so if the Ora solves this problem it becomes a value.
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    Man!! This discussion really makes me want to fire off some nasty PM'sThe Rogue Wax Works

    LMFAO :lol:
  • Cleaning silicon whips
    Boil them. Boil the devil out of them. :naughty:
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    Yes, as I have long said. All my comments about the FF2 are from someone who uses it as a portable as in "portable" within the house. It is basically my desktop. I too reach for it during morning coffee when I'll often go through 2-3 sessions (bowls) with a 15-second quick clean between them.

    I can be on the phone talking about a merchant account while I load, sesh, clean, reload, repeat.... A FF2 with all your accessory "stuff" nearby is a lovely thing. :starstruck:

    Oh, and I use a coarse "chunky" grind with my HerbRipper and a firm (not hard) pack. I don't really stir, rather I "smash" often with the other end of Bud's titanium pic tool. But anything would work, some use their thumb! Smashers vs Stirrers lol :joke: