• Thoughts on Puffco Peak?
    Love me some Loki. :love:

    And some Gauss

  • Dead Vape Companies & Old AF Forgotten Vapes: Which do you still use??
    Interesting conversation. I don't really have any old vapes. My first was the Plenty and FireFly2 about a year ago.

    That said, I obviously look at the world through an economics lens, and I possess GREAT respect for a vape company that has been in business five years or more.

    Vape companies, statistically, are like restaurants. The probability is business failure. The number ONE reason is inadequate margins. Hence, folks can say whatever they like about Puffco, but they are still here, which is what I suspect *really* chaps folks asses. Haze for example, from what I can tell was run by "nice" people, but they crashed and burned via insufficient margins.
  • Thoughts on Puffco Peak?
    Yes we women have been known to change our minds when presented with more evidence and experience and even be willing to share our thoughts honestly.Zep4

    That's hot! :nerd:
  • What does everybody do for a living?
    I suck on the titty of merchants making money when they sell and their customers buy.
  • Rosin of the week!
    This is interesting tech. Bit I think the oil from the top still has to drip all the way down through plant matter?

  • Illinois legal mj coming soon

    Eek! That is correct. .3%. I had the .15% in my head because that is what the credit card merchant banks are requiring (they want a buffer), so my suspicion is everyone will be selling .15% varieties.

    Re your keen political analysis, I agree with the exception of marijuana not being a drug. It is. So is sugar. But I think I know what you meant.... it's a "nice" drug :)

    I've never supported "medical marijuana", but merely "marijuana". By my values, if individual freedom means anything, it means I can grow and consume a plant should I choose without permission from God, The King, The Government, The People, etc.... Nor should I be forced to acquire it from a company store.
  • Flower, Payments, and Risk

    My best suspicion is just good old fashion fear. Fear of what "might" happen. From over zealous government to idiot proprietors, Merchant Banks live in fear.

    Credit Card Processing is indistinguishable from "Money Laundering" and differences are only in perception.
  • Songs to vape to
    He was in a band called the "muddy waters" not a great guy. shouldn't even give him that much but that's where I seen the ugly to music. the tearing down of family, morals, etc..Ginny Vapes

    First of all, you write quite well, and it is cool you know all those bands. :cool:

    Second, sigh, yes, the harder angles of our geometry form during times of highest creativity. To sit down and practice and say I will be "the best" is by definition so selfish, since such desire comes only at great opportunity costs. Although dramatized, I thought the film, Whiplash, portrayed this quite well, and it takes some folks, certainly myself, some time to develop wisdom.

    Even now when I write, I sit down and tune out the world, selfishly, and if the world itself ends, that moment is nevertheless the only moment I want :nerd:

    Anybody can sing. I am proof. I suck technically but it works. You do not have to have range -- just heart :heart: Speaking of singing, I found (was given) an old dusty cassette of my first truly commercial band I did not even know existed. I had thought the recordings were lost. :pray:
  • Firefly 2 superior vape quality

    Depends on what you want it for. If great taste and a nice high, then if you grind and load and draw right, you should be in heaven. If you want massive clouds, either soak your flower in vegetable glycerine or buy another vape. The latter is NOT what it is for.

    FF2 probably my overall favourite vape. I value flavor over most everything and really enjoy this vape. No prob getting bigger rips than I need, I just grind relatively small, on the drier side, and draw long. 10+ on the quality scale for me.keenlyside

    Ditto. although, lol, I go with a very coarse grind. I've found it tokes better (and is easier to stir with a light thumb press) :nerd:
  • Vaping Health and its discontents
    I found this very interesting.
    And from the one company I never worked for but would have loved to
    "Research And No Development".

    Using Cannabis and Tobacco/Nicotine Together Is Linked to Heavier Use and Poorer Functioning Among Young Adults
  • Best shows and movies to watch

    I'm halfway through. Loving it !

    This is also so trippy. We are so alone! Get really high and watch :)

  • Rosin of the week!
    Not really rosin, but fascinating!

    Would this work with cannabis?

  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter

    Power outage.

    Primary system: fried
    Secondary system fried

    Been in IT hell for the past two days.,, :grimace:
  • Best shows and movies to watch

    I am about to grab the G43 in about two hours, leave it plugged in, and start binging both in view and vapor :)
  • Questions about tolerance
    I find the paranoia when extremely high is just a reminder that you aren’t an idiot. Anxiety is self preservation trait( when not out of control). People without a care in the world leave their dog locked in a hot car, don’t pay their bills, don’t get a serious medical issue checked out etc.Dankpup

    I fancy that "outliers" are proto mutations. All my extended family are idiots. Fools of epic proportions. I have 15 aunts and uncles and am the only one including "cousins" ever to go to college... perhaps even to read a book without pictures. But they have one thing on me. The are so fucking happy. They have their Jesus and they know it, and they sing their songs, and practice proudly their hypocrisy and they really are happy. The are too dumb to know how miserable they should really be. Hard to be truly elated when existentially conscious of an uncaring malevolent Universe statistically determined to me.

    In the great distillate of time, everything good and evil becomes meaningless. Even meaning itself eventually loses meaning in 100 billion trillion years... just a blink within eternity.

    "All these memories will be washed away.... like tears in the rain" :nerd:

    Everyone on this forum has got to be familiar with the “oh shit I’ve got to be out in public” feeling.

    Nope. I'm a massive extrovert. Such experiences "charge" my batteries, not drain them :)
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter

    The G needs to be ridden fast and hard.... I tend to go up to 12 when in the mood.
  • Flower, Payments, and Risk
    CBD is Getting Weird folks. Over a dozen banks dropped out in less than a month, including the three largest players.

    Here is the new requirements from the last "great bank" left playing. Brutal. :death:

    Required Documentation

    Merchant Application
    250k/month in documented volume
    Pricing of at least IC+ 200bp or tiered/flat equivalent
    Campaign Overview
    SS-4 (EIN Paperwork)
    Articles of Incorporation/Organization
    Photo I.D. (for principals with 25% or greater ownership)
    Most recent Business/Personal Tax Return
    12 Months Most Recent Business/Personal Bank Statements
    3 Months Most Recent Processing Statements
    Voided Business Check and or Bank Letter for deposits (cannot be starter check needs to have legal name)
    Fully documented ownership - Operating Agreement (or any document showing ownership % such as K1 of Tax Return, Share Certificate, etc).
    Fulfillment Agreement
    THC Lab results (COA for each product sold)
    No products with a THC concentration greater than 0.3% by weight.
    No products with a CBD concentration greater than 70% by weight.
    Elevated Risk Addendum (attached)
    CBD Addendum (attached)
    List all products with CBD and THC concentrations for each product.
    5% ongoing reserve (attached)
    Merchants that sell Vape products will be subject to Mastercard Registration Fee ($1,000.00).

    Website Requirements
    THC Lab results to be displayed on each unique product page
    No disease claims on any marketing material
    We are screening websites and publicly available marketing material for any mention of diseases or disease conditions (for example, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Crohn, Parkinson, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, etc.).
    No mention of prescription drugs on any marketing material
    We are screening websites and publicly available marketing material for any mention of prescription drugs (for example, Epidiolex, Prozac, Xanax, etc.)

    Startup CBD Merchants
    Retail CBD Merchants
    Negative Option Billing (trial)
    Network Marketing CBD Merchants
    Merchants that are on MATCH
    Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizers
  • And this is why I’m stupid!
    Zero guilt. Efficiency is stressful. And very overrated, except for the starving, and they have wider problems.

    It made complete sense to me :nerd:
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    Now, for those music lovers old enough to just LOVE this movie. :love:
    My all time favorite "music flick".

    @Zep4 I know you've seen this.

  • Best shows and movies to watch

    LUCIFER is at Netflix now...... I shall be binge watching tonight. :starstruck: