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    The crucibles are so clean :eyes: should I wash them or are they good to throw in the vape?McNuggetsTrip

    I say go for it. They look good to me. :)

    Ok, let me just say I want to prodigiously breed with this woman, as a life and death matter for the survival of humanity. I can sacrifice like that. :hearts:

  • New to Vaping, Help? Seeking e-liquid vape pen
    Sometimes the youngin's just need a strong message.LabPong

    You gotta strong Pimp Hand man! :joke:

    I struggle with not needing any nicotine still :(Ctipp22

    It's addictive as hell. My mom tried to make me smoke but I would have nothing to do with it..... until I discovered the joys of marijuana. But I've only had a few puffs of nicotine in my life. People who quit it suffer and remind me of friends who have quit cocaine :worry:
  • New to Vaping, Help? Seeking e-liquid vape pen
    or go to redditLabPong

    You're getting mean in your old age - lol :scream:
  • Does anyone wear a smoker’s jacket while medicating?
    I want this, now that you got me thinking :)

  • The Ripper Stainless Steel Grinder
    The Ripper isn't coarse at all, imo.Summer

    LOL. From now on, Summer is in charge of all my press releases. #parsimony :cool:

    The coarse now required no new engineering which is why we attempted it first for feedbackHerbRipper

    Which, respectfully, is not the best reason to achieve a form that follows function :100:
    But you would not be a good entrepreneur if you didn't try. Do something daring with this one. It is a secondary demand at best but within the submarket of folks like me you'll get an entire grinder system bought if they can get a real Coarse "coarse". The gap between medium and coarse needs to be considerably greater than between Fine and Medium. IMO, it is the sort of thing that doesn't bring you many customers, but it is also the sort of thing that keeps a significant number of otherwise customers flirting with other options and pushing them over the wrong side of that fence.

    Or, make an "CoarseX" fourth option.... crank up the price a bit.... bigger holes, less teeth ... whatever the choice, you're so good I don't think you should be selling at the very limit of a Medium design, but rather should solve the important part(s) of the "Coarse" problem once and for all, and be beloved by brand-loyal personalities. Something to ponder. Consider I had NOTHING negative to say about anything relating to your fantastic product except the Coarse grind -- ironically, a most important variable of analysis for me. lol - fml :joke:

    Beta partners do you no favor by being shy :nerd:
  • Does anyone wear a smoker’s jacket while medicating?
    partaking while wearing a particular outfit?Dr green thumb

    I think some do! :100: :cool: :party:
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    EconMan I will never get the time back that I wasted on starting this videoDr green thumb

    Ok, ok.

    I shall redeem myself. This is aesthetically more your general sense-of-life. :)

  • International Munchie Food For Bud and Hazel
    It’s going to add up, to be a little bit expensive, on your end, if we ship livestock, a steer ;) jajajajajaja from my grandpas place, to your backyard jajajajajajazancru

    Nah, just know the right government official.

    Ancient Brazilian (close enough) proverb:

    "if someone steals your chicken and you call the police, you shall lose your goat too" :nerd:

    Seriously, your country is the ONLY one I haven't been too yet (in SA). I must correct this shortcoming; else, I shall continue to think of you as South Brazilian..... jajajajajaja :joke:
  • Stoner Food
    Can vouch that wings bone in or boneless is stoner food!!!!Skyvaper

    Just not into gnawing on a bone. :roll: Even with ribs I like to rip the meat off the murdered animal first before actually devouring it. :nerd:
  • Coffee and Cannabis
    I see pod based machines like the Keurig or nespresso as very similar to prefilled vape carts and pods: both remove the variables responsible for the high learning curve, at the expense of a more one dimensional albeit consistent results.01867

    An excellent observation. :100:

    Now that I've pondered it, I agree. :nerd:

    For espresso I do indeed love my Nespresso. But for brewed coffee, it is the way I like to vape -- a single "cup" at a time. :pray:

    My morning ritual.
  • Going to Jamaica

    Been to a few... so that is one way to describe it :nerd: :joke:

  • Does anyone wear a smoker’s jacket while medicating?
    Jeans, music t-shirts, and central heat for me :)
  • Anyone do their own custom Dynavap?
    Nice...what's in the glass? Kind of looks like Brandy or Cognac.Baron23

    A man with discerning tastes! :cool:

    A dear friend bought me a bottle of Louis XIII Cognac for my birthday a while back, something I would never buy for myself except at $150 a drink when under an expense account -- lol. I love having it. Sometimes, if some really fine bud come along, I'll pour an ounce in a sniffer crystal, and enjoy both delicacies together. The aroma is amazing. :love:
  • Setting up my new Innokin Proton

    Ok, I did not know that. The other day I met a dude who showed me his set up... he puts cotton in it..... it seemed so very nasty. :scream:
  • Going to Jamaica
    How long did it take you?AllAboutThatVape

    The shortest time to do the Blue Mountains would be one full day. The actual drive isn't that far in miles (160?). HOWEVER, in time (think old country poorly maintained roads) it could take from 4-8 hours each way. It would be something awesome to do *if* you were venturing to the east island anyway.
  • DynaVap 2019 M Questions

    Those bongs always remind me of the old "Toker II" that I transfered my wealth to back in the day.
  • Setting up my new Innokin Proton
    we only vape cannabis here......bum karacho

    First, how did you know? I originally ignored the post because I was unaware of any of the devices mentioned thinking I had nothing to contribute. The above are for tobacco? What's the difference between a cannabis oil cart and a tobacco oil cart?

    Second, speak for yourself, I love dabbing avocado oil -- lol :rofl:
  • Show me your “bud”
    where some dude accused me of lambasting you personally, I wasn’t. My metaphors, once again :confused:Vapedude

    Thanks, but FYI, was never bothered by you. I enjoy your posts. You're fun and know stuff. :cool:
    I may have even missed what you're talking about... lol :)

    There was some trollish dude a few weeks ago called vape something? (think he got banned?), who I didn't/don't care for much, but he is not you :)
  • Affects at lowest temp/Amazing E-nano

    I can't really help you with all of your question, as our vaping personalities are rather different. I do not micro-dose but macro-dose. I'm uninterested in sitting down with a friend and vaping a bowl, but I am interested in vaping say ten with them. When I do acid, shrooms, or peyote, I want a BIG dose... the sort where "you meet God". If dabbing, I want BIG .5 dabs that "ring the bell" so to speak -- the answer at that moment in time to, "do you want another one" is, 'Fuck No!.' :rofl:
    Big, bold, intense, and absolutely abusive -- that's my vaping personality (@Hazel we need to revive your thread :) ).

    That said, there is an economic trade-off between vaping efficiency -- most high per unit of input -- and tasty smoothness. Anyone who ever owned a Plenty knows how good tasting it can be at low temps, and what a cough-inducing ripper it can be at high temps.
    Some people vape so hot it is doubtful they get many of the cannabinoids and they certainly lose significant tasty terps. But generally speaking, and within limits, other things being equal, the hotter the heat the more extracted I suspect. Perhaps, this is why some vapes that tend to venture right up to the edge of combustion -- thinking my #SBJ -- give a different high.... different cannabinoid spectrum is being captured?

    Good to know. Just ordered a gray one from @VapePartsMart :cool:

    Not a big cart fan, but these legit LIT Brand oils are pretty good, AND I've changed how I tend to use them. I plan to use the PCKT in the place of the more bulky P80 as pictured below.

  • Draw resistance poll
    Resistance is a necessary condition for a great vape. There must be *some* or it won't work at all. And I mean at all. You can't have a vacuum without resistance.

    Let's say I want to take a hot shower, so I hook up the G43's heater into my plumbing expecting hot water. Now if I turn the water on just to"1 drop per second, (lots of resistance), it will actually make hot water for me -- a drop at a time -- but if I open the valve, the gallons of throughput per minute will totally overpower (over drops per second) and the flowing water will cool the heater faster than the heater can heat the water. Ponder this -- it is just physics.

    Likewise, a vape with NO resistance would be unusable, so what folks really mean is low resistance. I learned this lesson from the Plenty, perhaps the least restrictive production vape I've experienced. You *can* suck so hard that you cool off the heater on "net", and get a bad vaping experience -- too hot followed by too cold followed by too hot again.

    The FireFly2 is a great example. I too judge it slightly too restrictive, but drilling holes into the metal platform is moronic :scream:, and those youtube vids recommending people take theirs apart to clean it are just horrid information, well-intended or not.
    But if it was NOT significantly restrictive, deep double-tank divers like me who love to suck air, would overpower the heater and then all sorts of pedantic "technique" discussions could be enjoyed :chin:, and the "perfect moments of beauty" called taste and smoothness would be uncorrelated with this vape.

    Here is a "increase airflow" #FF2Hack that is totally undocumented as far as I know.
    Beforehand, as I love to preach, the most important thing to theoretically understand about the FF2 is the airflow is OUT of the bowl, not INTO it. So the stainless laser-punched holes in the base are not a traditional "screen" that screens out the flower, but rather are hot air injection ports that vape your bud as the hot air flows OUT of the bowl, along the mirrored canal to the mouthpiece, which brings us to our hack.
    Remove the mouthpiece of the FF2. Examine it. You will notice a tiny stainless "micro-screen" whose job it is to catch any micro particles that get through (remember, there is no real screen between the flower and the intake except for this). This is where a more coarse grind comes in. First, it vapes better in the FF2, and second, it has less dust and less micro-particles.
    The result is say 25% increased airflow at a cost of only an occasional plant particle entering your mouth. Personally this does not bother me as it is infrequent and is worth the price of a little more airflow.
  • The Ripper Stainless Steel Grinder

    That's a good point. To retool, it needs to be "worth it" and to be worth it your beta testers can't be outliers or "weird" -- else you would be bankrupting yourself with custom grinders for everyone :gasp:

    The Coarse I suspect will leave most "coarse" users a little disappointed.... Most coarse users I suspect are wanting it a little chunky -- bigger holes are a necessity and this means less teeth of course (pun intended :) ).

    Via micro-economic considerations, you want to sell as much as you can -- all three plates -- and you'll sell more COARSE *if* it is better differentiated from Medium (else, folks will just buy medium and grind less aggressively, until another grinder comes out that actually does Coarse "coarse" and then your fine and medium customers are at risk.
    Coarse is like a rare steak that is barely grilled; Coarse is barely ground. Just like medium-rare is closer to rare than medium (let there be blood), so too is medium-well closer to well-done (let there be dry gray meat). Likewise, Coarse is barely ground -- there needs to be a few more random small chunks. Coarse Grind = Incomplete Grind.

    Coarse in my view requires the least possible destruction of the bud while still considering it "ground". Like with music in the notes you don't play, it is the grinding one could do but doesn't.

    And that is the end of this episode of "Zen and the art of herb grinding" :joke:

    But I do believe you got the FINE nailed down perfect. MEDIUM could be a hair's width less Fine, but that might be me. People who buy COARSE want "coarse" though.
  • Going to Jamaica
    LOL.... just responded tp @Tdog420 on another thread on this Subject. here is a link.
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    And some folks think stoners go off the rails. :gasp: