• Venus Apollo Vaporizer
    Annoyed today. Disappointed. I was going to pounce on the Apollo Limited edition 50 watt this wed- but they are sold out now- Wondering if others might be interested in coordinating contact, to express interest in such. It is a long shot, but I would truly appreciate any effort towards making a second run possible.
    "yes exactly, after there are no more the limited edition, we cannot
    sell 50W apollo. Only if there comes pre-orders enough to make it
    sensible to order the special machined parts, and it takes about a
    month to get more of the parts.

    > thank you for getting back to me- are the limited editions the only
    > option for the 50watt apollo 2?
    > On Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 10:54:53 AM PDT, Venus Vaporizer
    > <> wrote:
    > Hello, sometimes we have units which have been used, for example a
    > failed unit that was sent back and we delivered a new to the
    > customer. So once we fixed it, we cannot sell it as a new as someone
    > had already had it so that is the reason for refurbished models.
    > they are checked to work and just the price a bit lower.
    > we can Still make some of those Limited editions. There are special,
    > costly components needed for them and we have not ordered more of
    > them so until the stock lasts, we can make them. maybe 10 more.
  • Any of these still competitive? (Question on less expensive or older models)
    In the time it took me to get back to this forum- HR has already started sending out replacement/redesigned units (actually started 8 days ago). Good reviews are coming in slowly- To compromise, on the link or non-link issue, I will just disclose, I've been eying the very active thread on FC regarding the matter and still staying tuned to see how things go with this model.
  • Looking for a portable vape for dry herb and concentrate

    I feel you on the expense- I have many vapes, medicate for pain, among other issues- daily in some seasons- but have built the collection over time. For the most part, they are portables, and within $300 range when I purchased. There has been no mention yet of the Healthy Rips Fierce, Which would be on the larger side of portables- you might want to consider it- For transparency's sake, there were issues with the first run/release of the unit, but the company and customer service is on top of that and from all I hear, excellent. You might want to stay tuned on that, they mention the updated/fixed run will be in the shop soon. Further, the Tubo Evic is on my shopping list, I hear it is a powerhouse, and currently lists at 220.00. I know folks on another forum use it for pain relief.
  • Any of these still competitive? (Question on less expensive or older models)

    Yes, you are on track with that, Not an HR fan yet, but have been keeping up with the happenings.

    True- There was a recall of the first batch of HR: Fierce Models- In very short, There has been an issue of the vapes "bricking" As of Tuesday last, (10/30) they finished the batch of replacement Fierce (Upgraded/updated), and HR is starting to send out the replacements to current owners who have sent in the problematic units, will stock also in their shop soon.

    I would be glad to link to the thread discussing such here, It is on FC- not sure that is allowed?
  • Xmax Starry or better option?

    Likely the same battery you mentioned was out of stock. Sadly no branding listed. The door and battery compartment is really compact from what I have been reading.
    Sounds like they respond to customer need/feedback! I'll gladly stay tuned, this thing looks/sounds promising.
  • Xmax Starry or better option?
    I see you already ordered- I just inquired re: the starry at POTV - regarding how picky it is about size of 18650 it will accept- and apparently, from what they mention, it is rather limited- in that only some 18650 batteries will fit- POTV did link me to their suggested batteries-

    True, the Miqro takes a different size altogether, but just thought I might mention this!
  • Looking for a portable vape for dry herb and concentrate
    @DazedPain Never any worried on how long it takes to respond- There are times when I am bedridden- Yes, there are many options, and many good ones- including more with high grade materials then folks may realize, and that were out when I first started collecting vapes.
  • Any of these still competitive? (Question on less expensive or older models)
    Ah- need to correct my above post - I *missed* as in had yet to try an Ascent.
    @Baron23 Yes, Fury seems to be popular, I am strongly considering a Fierce from HR myself. Thanks!

    yes, @BestBuds That sale is precisely why I started the question- that, and my partner may need a vape for occasional use.
  • Any of these still competitive? (Question on less expensive or older models)
    Thanks, and thanks for the tip on the Lite!

    Correction from above I Missed/ as in have yet to try the Accent- have been curious, but just collected other vapes and yet to go for that one. Still looks like it might be a contender.

    Yeah, some of what I was considering is the hiking thing-Looking at the Lite, it does not appear to be as rugged as the Summit but looks good for general portability. Also, my partner is getting curious about vaping, but has been out of the scene for decades and has job restrictions, so something in this range might be a good idea- He uses CBD for his Arthritis successfully, so looking for versatility there.
  • RBT shutting down?
    Yeah- I suspected your issue was about lack of communication. I have a growing collection of lovely vapes and many of the folks creating them seem hard to get ahold of in one way or another.
  • Small chamber vaporizers
    Firewood5, Vapman, Lotus.
  • What would you do with your AVB?
    @zancru I use my blend (ghee and coconut oil) for many things too- in cooking in things/or on toast, r steak, or with cheeses. I have other ideas posted above.
  • Vaping when Sick
    I turn to edibles and especially honey teas when sick.
  • What would you do with your AVB?

    I wash my ABV a few times- can't recall right off how many (has been about a year since my last batch) but otherwise, no treatment- I strained with cheesecloth and a funnel last time.
  • RBT shutting down?

    "Must be common among wood vape guys"
    Do you mean having to deal with specialized kinds of communication, or?
    I have a few wood vapes, and my eye on some more- just curious.
  • “Joint” Vapor device
    You might also want to consider a Lil'Bud or the upcoming Lil'Bud Elite, Or A Firewood 5
  • Newbie here just saying Hi. 1 month in, 3 vapes bought, and one Grumpy Lady later... Still vaping
    Hi! so very many nice choices these days aren't there- (I started in 2013) since shopping again, my Quiver has grown.
  • Preferred method of consumption
    Vaping- Flower and Concentrate, and Edibles that I can also consume aspects of sublingually- so Teas, Drinking chocolate, chocolate or caramel candies, addition to gravies etc.
  • Anyone use a nectar collector?
    Not yet, but I am strongly considering the Honey Dabber 2, and the HoneyHose
    The HoneySuckle looks interesting too.