• What Vape Are You Using as Your Main Vapes?
    I've been pretty glued to my fw7.
  • My MV-1 Ghost finally died. What's a good replacement??
    If you want, I'm planning on selling my Mighty as well. I'll do both for $225.00
  • My MV-1 Ghost finally died. What's a good replacement??
    If you want I have a great condition mv1. Some spare bits. $60.00 includes shipping
  • Firewood 7's are still available (now sold out)
    I must have confused some. They were posted on the website, but he posted on reddit about it.
  • Firewood 7's are still available (now sold out)
    Vaporents, but I just came here to amend. They're sold out.
  • New Vape Day
    P-80 in the middle was my last vape purchase. The TetraX was my second to last purchase a few weeks ago. The third to last purchase was the P-80 on the right.
  • Full Magazine and One Round in the Chamber
    It took a while to get the timing with the P-80, but since it just demolishes. I just use my P-80 and original Simrell Vortex. If I do a little wax my Omnivap is set up for that. I picked up a used Fluxer Flite and wow! It's a complete game changer. Just huge clouds and smooooooth.

    If you ever want to sell your P-80 I wouldn't be at all surprised if you posted it for $600.00 on reddit and got it. Actually I would be more surprised if it didn't.
  • Full Magazine and One Round in the Chamber
    I enjoy it nearly each and every day. Right now actually. I'm glad I snagged it when I did! Prices have gone insane recently for them. I gave up on getting a backup P-80, but I snagged a used TetraX. I remember you preferred your tinymight. I have to admit my TM has been neglected for a while.
  • Any vapes out there that people loving if so what?
    I've just really been hitting my P-80 and Simrell with Flite as of late. Really doesn't get any better for me. I have a good collection of vapes, but those are my happy places.
  • Vaporizer Hot Takes
    Blaspheme! Actually never tried a Lotus.
  • Stand with us & help save the vaping industry
    What are you expecting from federal legalization/decriminalization? I mean yeah, people won't be prosecuted on the federal level, but the states will still retain their own policies. It's state and local governments that prosecute the overwhelming amount of cases.
  • Stand with us & help save the vaping industry
    They have zero shits given about what we have to say. They're under a president who just fired staff for admitting past weed use, and a one party control legislature who passed this. The time to act was last November. Unfortunately, well I don't need to say it.
  • Vape Mail Ban
    who knows what the vaporizer ban will affect this. It isn't a big deal. It's a vaporizer I already had, but on sale as an open box.
  • What did you buy for upcoming vape ban?
    New stuff? NEW STUFF? Over the last year I bought a simrell vortex, two induction heaters, a P-80, a tinymight, two magic flight launch boxes, and various dynavap m's. This was on top of my Mighty, Ghost mv1, and omnivap.

    I don't care if no new vaporizers will ever be made again. I'm done!
  • Vape Mail Ban
    I ordered a vape from puffitup. The usps has had it in their possession on the 6th. Today is the 22nd. It hasn't moved an inch. They have also ignored my inquiry. It just says they got possession since the 6th.

    Puffitup is awesome. They gave me a refund as soon as it was brought to their attention. It sucks that they had to take the hit.
  • For 2021 which 3 vapes must you have?
    Tetra P80. Its the only one I want. But I'm sure if I did get one, I'd want something else too. :grin:zibit

  • What's the best 2020 vape you bought this year?
    My favorite acquisitions of 2020 in no particular order

    Tetra P-80
    Simrell Vortex + Portside Mini
  • Black Friday Deals, share here
    I ordered a nub, a cooler, a spikey mouthpiece like yours, and a lacewood/ebony mouthpiece. I can’t wait to get them. All I have is a nub. I’m terrified of breaking it!
  • 7 Fin LE Tips custom order for Dynavap
    As I mentioned earlier I am a fan of Dynavap even if people feel the tip is overpriced. They will still most definitely sell. Yes, the M’s get more expensive, but they also sell the previous year’s M for normally around $15.00 less. What I really want to remind everyone about were the c-vaps. They were basically giving them away to help spread some good cheer. Help people conserve during an almost global lockdown. I don’t think they gave up any love and goodwill for their customers.

    That being said, the M (or especially the c-vaps) are the figurative dealers in the playground giving the first one’s away for free.
  • 7 Fin LE Tips custom order for Dynavap
    I love Dynavap, I really do. They even gave me an Herb Ripper grinder, and a 7-fin LE this year because of a computer glitch. I would consider myself a loyal fan of the company. This price for the tip doesn’t bother me. I have a feeling they are going to sell a lot of them. To me it’s no different as selling various colors of the same vaporizer. If people want to spend on that then if someone wants a collection of stuff, they aren’t that expensive to do so. What started souring me was the Orion. Yes, there are some cool things going on with it, very cool things, but it’s $200.00 for a disposable induction heater. Maybe I’m wrong, but it looks like people can’t get to the battery. Why not? Seriously, why the fuck not? Is there a reason? Am I the asshole? To set the record straight, I am an asshole.