• What Vape Are You Using as Your Main Vapes?
    Wall G43 and E Nano are my current daily drivers. I'm home 99% of the time these days so not much need for a portable.
  • Different herbs

    I just discovered this from Arizer on their Extreme Q page...just scroll down to Aromatherapy and see a number of herbs and recommended temps

  • What are you listening to right now?
    Always a good day when new Dream Theater drops.....

    new album 'A View From The Top Of The World', out October 22 2021!

    i grabbed a pair tickets for the upcoming Toronto show in November. thank god LIVE shows are happening again. i miss live music so much
  • What are you listening to right now?
    Asterism are a 3 piece instrumental metal band from Japan that formed in 2014 while the band members were aged 11- 14 in this video the guitarist is 15, bass player plays a 7 string and is 18 and drummer is 17. they are all amazing musicians as you will hear if you click the vid ;)

  • What are you listening to right now?
    Netflix action movie "KATE" released a few days ago and is the number 1 Netflix movie in the world features 2 songs from my favorite Japanese rock band. "KATE" is a bloody but predictable action flick with "John Wick", "Crank" vibes.

    early in the move during a car chase the song playing on the radio is Band-Maid "Blooming"

    During a nightclub scene Band-Maid are seen performing the song "Choose Me"

    Band-Maid are a self described as an "impossibly hard rocking maid band" with over 100 great original rock songs. check em out :)
  • What are you listening to right now?
    here's another amazing rock/metal band
    Nemophila "Dissension"
  • What are you listening to right now?
    for those into power/thrash metal check out the hottest metal band on the planet
  • Adult-use of cannabis legalized in NY
    Seems Cuomo needs some distractions....look over here....a squirrel!
  • TafĂ©e Bowle
    POTV is now selling Tafee Bowle. $480 Canadian(small or large)...think i'll wait till 420 and see what the deals are
  • Cryptocurrencies
    Now I get it lol
    found this to be a good laugh...
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    awesome AAA game for FREE from Epic game store. you don't wanna miss this one.
    open world, go anywhere , destructible environment, shooting, racing and tons of hilarious action and killer graphics if you have a beefy PC

    Rage 2

    This game would cost me $80 Canadian on steam today

    If DOOM and Borderlands had a child it would be Rage 2...

  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    Very good single player shooter available for FREE on Epic games store.
    "Metro Last NIght Redux". i played this a couple of years ago and it was really enjoyable and easily worth the price of free lol available untill next thursday. a good addition to any gamer library
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    for seamless use, i recommend the the wireless Microsoft/ X Box controller. you wont find better for Windows PC's unless you want the pro edition which is incredibly customizable
  • G43 Plug-in Wall Adapter DIY (WallG)

    Hi from what i gather you need a 3v-12v 3A as posted by Senor negro and Upside and yours is a 3v-12v 2A
    I could be wrong I have no electrical experience but noticed that difference. hope it helps
  • Crafty & Mighty Hack: Glass Beads in the Cooling Unit
    Thanks Bud, looking forward to trying it out.
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    I have been playing an awesome little game since 2009. Number 1 selling game in the world! Minecraft!! :)
    best game ever for stoners imo. it can be incredibly relaxing and also very frustrating and I love it.
    gets better every year.
  • Crafty+

    that picture seems to show the old body which has the straight fins. new model has added a curve to them
  • Live Streams
    Dammit!!! missed 2 streams this week. first time i've missed streams in about 6 months :(
    oh well i might as well get stoned then :P
    Sorry i missed ur Birthday Hazel. luv u guys lots
  • Live Streams
    eye I
  • Live stream reruns
    your link works, but the ones on the live steam page do not. non of them. fix it! now! lol ;)