• For UK Firefly 2 users.
    The app will work on iOS if your device is in Airplane mode and Bluetooth is on but you can not be connected to internet. I downloaded the app on my older iPad mini by searching for Firefly in my purchase history. Whatever you do be sure to save this app on an old device so you can still change the temp, or change the temp to medium high and leave it.

    This sucks, I actually just started using this vape again and was enjoying it. The app disappearing on both android and iOS is concerning, I hope it's just getting an update. It appears the reason the app is crashing is because it's connecting to a server or something when the app launches, I verified this by trying to launch the app while in airplane mode and with wifi on/off. When I had my wifi on the app crashed, wifi off the app worked as normal. Maybe the app is checking for updates at launch?
  • Bought my first portable
    Glad you dig it man, the WPA is a must BTW (Y), if you think you're getting clouds now just wait till you start using it around 400!
  • CFX or Vivant Alternate
    You won't regret it ;) (Y). I've loved mine ever since I got it.
  • ABV

    In regards to what @Baron23 said that just isn't enough AVB (AVB typically has to be about 2-3xs more in quantity than flower since its mass has changed when it was vaped).

    I recently just saved up about 69g of AVB (was a ton, about 5-6 months worth) and made 3 sticks of butter that was almost as good as using fresh).

    Still have to try tinctures myself at some point but have had really good luck making butter.
  • Question About Charging My Rove Vapor Pen
    I'm sure more people are going to weigh in on this discussion but now days there's 2 ways to damage a battery:

    • constantly leaving on a charger after it's charged for extended periods of time (days, weeks etc....some devices this can damage the battery due to a lack of overcharge protection)

    • letting the battery completely drain and not charging it for an extended period of time (cells lose capacity which then affects battery run time)

    Best practice is to moderately charge the device as needed and if not using a device it's not bad to charge to about 50% or so once a month to keep the battery healthy.
  • Do not buy from vapournation
    Thanks for reaching out on the forum, next time I order something online I'll have to check you guys out
  • Rosin Press Reviews - Interested?
    Thanks for the link! At first I was like ONLY $250 :-O !! After reading further down I saw that was just the deposit :-!

    Man i really want to learn more about these, thanks for the crash course (Y)
  • Rosin Press Reviews - Interested?
    man o man what kind of craziness is in that box!
  • I Bring You the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer
    (Y) The fast charger would be clutch, that's why I love my CFX so much. This unit really sounds dope, I wish there were interchangeable ovens or a way to reduce a larger chamber size for solo use and have the larger size for use with friends. I'm sure this being convection a larger oven would probably require stirring and that's why they chose the smaller oven capacity.

    All in all I can't wait to see the final product!
  • Solo 2 $199 for a limited time!!!
    This looks like a pretty cool vape! Can't wait to hear what you think of it ;) (Y)
  • Hi guys, which one is better, Vapir Prima or Boundless CFX?
    Can't speak for the prima but my CFX is kinda my go to/daily driver since it's so versatile and easy to use

    Being able to use it multiple ways kinda keeps the CFX fresh for me, especially with the water pipe adapter (Y)
  • My big jar of AVB.
    AVB by itself is GROSS >:O LOL
  • My big jar of AVB.
    Dude I just took 69 grams of AVB and mixed them into 5 sticks of butter that was clarified then tossed into my MB2e (butter maker) along with 2 Tbsp of Soy lecithin cooked at 160F for 2 hours. My end yield was about 26 Tbsp (3 sticks and 2 Tbsp). My end result was:
    Each cube is 2 Tbsp of butter

    Using 1 stick of butter I made 12 of these guys, just 1 is all that's needed:

    My AVB was super dark brown/black and used at 430F and these cookies still hit me like a ton of bricks X-)

    Going forward I will always save my AVB until I get about 69-70 grams again, totally worth the effort for bomb ass edibles, they taste the same as when using fresh bud (Y)
  • Boundless CFV & Bubbler
    Here's a pic of all the mouthpieces I have

    They just twist and lock onto the unit. The bubbler has a piece that twists on then the glass tube just slides onto the unit. Here's a pic of the bottom piece (left is regular, right is moded for CFX):

  • Boundless CFV & Bubbler


    I moded the screen so it would fit on my CFX and love it man! It does have a little more draw resistance but it's worth it for the cool vapor. The only issue I had was the bottom valve got stuck on my original bubbler after 2 months of HEAVY use and drips so I ordered a replacement ($20, very cheap).
  • Which vaporizer is better
    I love my CFX and how easy it is to use. Plus mine recently went out after getting it last year and they replaced it within 5-6 days! Can't say enough good things about @BoundlessTechnology, these guys really try hard to take care of their customers.

    If you want something that isn't finicky and minimal learning curve go with the CFX
  • Update on that new vape I've been mentioning
    I am super intrigued sir X-) (Y) (Y)
  • Update on that new vape I've been mentioning
    Can we atleast see its shadow :-O ?

  • Boundless CF 710 Review - Fun & Easy Nectar Collector
    We just reviewed the Boundless CF 710, and it's a great little unit.DabConnection

    Overall we gave it a 6.6 score out of our 10 categoriesDabConnection

    :s .... how does a 6.6 equate to a great little unit?