• Why don’t I feel any high at all from my arizer solo II?
    Science says you get more High if you vape rather than smoke. Iv tried and tested it slot and vape works better. My guess is you underestimate how much you were smoking. Vape more ganja or get a bigger vape. You won't get so much a heavy stone like smoke, more an uplifted High Good feeling. Both kinda have merit in reality hence us all loving these different strains that show through so much better through a vape over smoke......
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    f420alpha#7022004 always up for a game :nerd:
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    whats your current gamer tag dude? I send invite GG.
  • Thank You Bud
    We love you Bud. Something about how real you are. I'm a real dude like us all but somehow I consider you a friend, I know we obviously never met and you won't know who wrote this but I don't mind. Its true and many have said this :)
    Wish you, Hazel and the cats the best man. Don't go, come back how you want. You are missed my many its kinda crazy. They just vapes ffs ha. But you captured peoples hearts with those live streams maybe showing so much.
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    I been playing "no man's sky". It's trippy and fun and not to stressful space adventure
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    works great as a micro dose bowl, but the screen is so small. if you don't really go small on the micro size, it will clog and slow air flow. I prefer to use a basket screen now. Slightly larger bowl which is good for me too :nerd:

  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    I got no friends.
    Add me on xbox gamer profile


    Zombies is a fun team player :nerd:
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    I got a box :nerd: ...... Gonna look into downloading warzone tonight yo shoot shoot
  • Live Streams
    I go look what they got today and see if I can find a Good deal :eyes: Shoot shoot
    How will we know when load up for a shoot out bro? email or pm or somting?
  • Live Streams
    critic... I'm gonna buy an xbox one and download warzone so I can join in the games. Gimme heads up when you playing and I be yo third man :strong:
  • Got dragons??
    if you wanna use a smaller bowl for herborizer you can use a basket screen in the male end of a double adapter with a female one too. Is in the herborizer xl or ti section on here :nerd: Its how I like to use mine
  • The Lotus Vape
    We got one for Christmas..... Just gotta wait till I can give it to ma girl :razz:
  • Got dragons??
    I was just about to ask the same :nerd:
  • Dynacap already broke.
    Yeah good one maybe he's just got a defective cap?.... I not seen any but everyone can make mistakes. Think how many millions of caps they must make... Surely if you was that bothered dyna would replace your cap?
  • Dynacap already broke.
    I'm really confused as to what the problem is.
    Is it just the discolored cap after some use thats no good for you?
  • Dynacap already broke.
    I obviously don't know what you been doing but I can only guess its something wrong. The vap is pretty robust..
    If you want to post a picture click the mountains looking icon next to the chain above comment section.
    How dose metal catch fire? Haha :rofl: :fire: