• Tetra P80 just hit the Lamart site
    I choose to use 30q's
    It's genrally what ralph ships with it. Plus it seems best performance for value compared to other high drain battery like vtc6 which are also good.
    There is a chart on the website
  • Tetra P80 just hit the Lamart site
    in interface there is CFS. It gives options for larger or smaller incrementals
  • Tetra P80 just hit the Lamart site
    cool tip from grand master vape Ralph
  • Tetra P80 just hit the Lamart site
    I use beez wax in my vapes when they look dry. I like it. Food safe and dossnt smell
  • Splinter by RBT
    I not used any imps either. But there are other options from Germany and a few I can't think of.
    But I know they not full of glue. And don't stink toxic like RBT.

    Essentially I'm just saying there are better vapes to buy without glue in the air path. That are similar to the splinter.

    Those coils only degrade if they are overpowered. Some you can fit our own and I'd guess ribbon is an option.

    I'm any case I was inhaling some things off my splinter for years. Mica dust particles
  • Petition For DIY G43 (or basic vape) Schematic?
    I agree I'm the idea. It's already happend. Alot of vapes have fallen out of fuckcombustion or other places like this.
    A few of us have posted pics of vapes we have made.
    I made a butane powered vape out of parts on the table. Works as good as a flam style vape.
    You could just use regular RDA and coil and just stuff it full of glass balls. With a wooden 18mm join... like a splinter with balls...
  • Splinter by RBT
    I personally would not buy another RBT product. Especially after I seen the mica dust come out of my OG splinter. I been sucking on that for years and didn't know.
    I use the splinter as a cheap alternative back up to take out instead of worrying about breaking a tubo evic.
    I'm glad I opened the splinter in the end and have still been using it. But would happily sell it off now I don't want it. Plus I have 3 tubo heaters I could use now.
    I'd advise anyone that's got a splinter to open it up and stuff some glass in the coil and clean it out.
    Or buy one of the newer ones from other companies that are rebuild able and can see inside. Think mistvape impcognito rebuilds and a few others.

    And like you say. Bad odor. They gone downhill. My Z arrived dead and full of glue. As did yours.
  • Splinter by RBT
    not long. But since then I have bumped up the resistance a couple clicks and it's less notable now and more powerful :up:
  • Do you scoop your weed or just pinch and pack?
    I use business cards as a funnel and pour it where needed.
  • The Hopper IO, anyone getting?
    I not seen anyone comment on the price..
    My bill came to $377 for one unit Ti, 3 batteries and performance front end....befor tax and shipping! I'm out.
    Unless the price comes down and they prove to be reliable then obviously it's a No.
  • Tetra P80 just hit the Lamart site
    I don't have a lamart one but in have my ownk06mzd8yh1w12agf.jpg
    I run hot water through it and iso. Stays pretty clean. I made it for £12 including green glass straws used as mouthpice and intake on rig and a cork bung to fit it :nerd:
  • Splinter by RBT
    Interesting update on the splinter fix...
    Seems like my botch job is actually an upgrade...
    The heater output has changed quite alot..
    The glass now steals all the heat at first..then holds it and helps put out larger rips after they heat soaked. Plus the heater surface is bigger and now tuned and shaped to better fit the basket. No more two little hot spots. :nerd:
  • What new vapes are you excited about in 2020?
    510 oil vape... sai taf or probably even better the molocule
  • What made you smile today?
    I'm pretty sure what's D's position is for vapfiend... :joke:


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