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    But he pricey.Baron23

    lets Say it a 3rd time coz they are pricey!

    I don't smoke any more but that pipe is so so nice ! Really like the Raygun too but looks like too much volume to funtion properly.

    I love glass blowing and have watched many videos of it.
  • VapCap Through Glass + Best Portable IHs?

    He can/will make you one. If you want it jazzed up he will do that too.

    He makes some stems that I NEED to own!
  • Dynavap

    This makes me sex wee with exsitment!
  • VapCap Through Glass + Best Portable IHs?


    Regardless of heating method. The angle and shortness of mouth peace looks like its set up to burn you every hit.

    Is this a Tolerance lowering Rig ? :rofl:
  • VapCap Through Glass + Best Portable IHs?

    Nice :D

    Knowing me !! I would burn at least one of my eye's with that set up. looks about right for a nasty FAIL
  • Favourite wood species
    Ty all for your Imput

    Is it the dark reds you like . Or the sapwood combined (Sapwood being the whiter part of the wood) ?

    I'm new to all this woodworking but I think you have posted a couple of types of walnut . Please correct me or point me in correct direction if im wrong. :D I ask this because they look more figured than your avagage peace of walnut.
    -2nd picture is spalted Walnut?
    -3rd is Curly or a Burr Walnut ?

    I have looked at Birdseye Maple , Its Very high on my list !

    Have you checked out olive wood. Does not sound as exotic as Zebra but the look similar. From what I've seen some Olive wood looks A-class

    I have also been looking at Red Palm Coconut Wood - I been looking at these because i've not see others use it and its qutie nice.
  • GoFire Vaporizer
    Thats when you start counting in 10 to the power of!
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter

    I want Sauce ....I want Sauce !..I want Sauce ....I want Sauce !..I want Sauce ....I want Sauce !..
    I want Sauce ....I want Sauce !..I want Sauce ....I want Sauce !..I want Sauce ....I want Sauce !
    I want Sauce ....I want Sauce !..I want Sauce ....I want Sauce !..I want Sauce ....I want Sauce !

  • Ghost MV1 door latch in under a month. QC issues?

    The heater tube inside the log can take either a Vapcap head (without the cap) or a Boro glass tube like Nano.
    So you have a choise of Stems and alot more options and compatibility.
  • Ghost MV1 door latch in under a month. QC issues?

    A log Vape is my next buy. I feel it would really suit my consumption style . Good for mirco doses, left on 24/7 allways ready . -If I was US I would be looking at an E-Nano. -If I was Flush I would look at Ed's Woodscents ,his kits come with TI vapcap ect (I have steel vapcap) -but being hard up atm and living in UK I have my eye's set on a Underdog, cheaper ,12v and looks good . Woodscents and Underdog both run 12v and Enano run's 110v so its easier for me to get 12v supply. All run the same as far as im awear. So only difference is aesthetics - Ed's does come with extra goodies thou.
  • Ghost MV1 door latch in under a month. QC issues?
    Reason why every vapourest should own a dynvap. That will never break on you plus its so efficient with many heating options.
  • Puffco Peak vs Huni Badger
    As if he could take a big fat dab, and go teach an algebra class.EconMan

    How else is it done ?
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    There has been to many recently.

    This morning cleaned my glass- Buzzing
    Read That. Double checked it was not BS. - :worry:

    Seen em at only once at Reading .

    Life goes on .
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    Was shocked it was suicide and not a drug OD.
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    RIP Keith Flint :cry:
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    A Clean Rig brings me Joy!!

    What a way to start the day added Glasswear to the chores

    - Cleaned and dryed all my glass. Its sparkling, now its time to get it dirty :D
    Nothing better than a giant rip though sparking clean glass!
  • Session or Microdose?
    Frustrated !!!!

    I mirco dose steadly all day!!!!!!

    Little and oftern . Little and oftern . Vistitors turn into sessions as do random nights. Fine line between Rec and Medical . Tow that line!
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    Lap Bong ^^ I must be messing up . I only have one screen in the adapter
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    TBH I think I explained it wrong.

    I made a Little bucket out of a screen. its about 1-2mm deep.It sits inside the adapter and catches on the bottom part of the 18mm ground glass. You can just about see it in the pic.


    I load and stir this part rather than the G-43. I think it works so well because there is a large area to spread out a Vapcap sized amount . Making eazy to boof whole lot in one hit.

    So Far I have Tried
    -Basket screen upside (Where i have screen now). It Fit perfectly but didn't seem to hit well.
    -Screen Mid range
    -Screen right down by the 14mm - To funnel the heat down. I think @meeemeee sugested this. Didn't Tan the flower enougth for my liking.
  • Live Stream Schedule & Getting Alerts
    Start at 4:20 !!!!

    Rush Rush :yum:
  • Mixing strains / "salad"

    I'm a massive fan of Raspberry leaves and keif!
    Tasty as hell ! weekly treat for me

    Tried vaping raspberry and flower, .....its nice. End of the day..... Flower on its own is better :D
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    G-43 #48 checking in!
    Been running @ 13w's using a 18 to 14mm adapter. Also used the Mod holder black thingy , Wrapped it around base of rig for a bit of anti slip and shock absorption.
    Used my own heat shrink for arm, band sleepy bud forgot. No biggy

    I can put a Vapcap amount in each time and 1-shot it.

    I have screen wedged about 1mm below the ground joint

    I know this is not the normal way but this is keeping my G-43 clean and alowing me to mirco. I'm still messing around but this seems best for me :D

    Still loving this thing! Only negative is amount of batterys in using . Hardly merits the mention thou.
  • VapCap Through Glass + Best Portable IHs?
    Ti in the Stems , not the tip ><
    Have you got Steel too ? I know there a difference in heating and airflow. The tip is over 1/2 the price of an M over here lol. I really need some one to change my mind and order one because The Cap is my DD It really goes well with my little and oftern flower power of every waking hour style