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    Vapewellness is a good place stocks sneakypetes stuff ect.
    I consider them the UK version of Vgoodies lol Local made stuff rct (glass charlie)
  • Dynavap

    Loolz stop motion takes ages.

    How long did you waste on this gem ?

    (This is my way of saying i love it :D )
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    @Atomize -Portable

    You Tag @Hazel in this Tread stating you want on the list for the Portable
  • Rosin of the week!

    Yeaaaa ! we love some ghetto set ups like that :D :fire: :strong:
  • Show me your “bud”

    Heyyoo Don't see enougth of you round these parts nowadays

    Spider mite or black fly ? either way Ufffff :D
    2 of them hashes I know the Bum it come out of and I know its gone no further than this town.

    Btw recently in the montains of morroco they have been getting "new hybrids" . Stronger more tasty strains . This last lot of morrcain is "critical" before that they had amensa haze and OG kush. The kush was out of this world.
  • Show me your “bud”

    All the colours are come out faulse in these pic's. I spent 20mins tryna get good shots. Not a Chance!, they seem to obsorb light.

  • Show me your “bud”

    The lighting is poor and I was lazy :D . 2 are Negro anyways bottom right is blond other is dark brown. Tomorrow i try get better light. Maybe :smirk:
  • Show me your “bud”
    @Baron23 I don't like uploading picks of "product" but these are too nice not to show you :D


    Some amazing bit of hash coming in through our town. Afgan, Moroco, Nep and unknown pollen All 4 is just WOW!

    The nep I got last night and it took me 30 mins to vape a TINY ball. Each draw was causeing functions to becomce deceased and fail to exist.......momentarily ofc ! I have nice flower but hardly touching it atm .
    This nep needs to be cooled before handling! its almost OIL still
  • UK glass by Glass Charlie

    Really!! loving this thing. Might have to get another for WHEN not IF butter fingers brakes it :D
  • The Brilliant Cut Grinder

    Do you want to see a magic trick... I mean grinder Grinder


    Its Joker purple. :D I love it
  • How much is too much for dabbing?

    I think you would need one of these giphy.gif
    Just to heat all dem up :D
  • UK glass by Glass Charlie
    Got my XL Glass charlie stem today.

    Real nice smooth hits from it. Only thing is and this is proberly me just be paranoide . I feel like im gonna break it. I had to put some silicon bands top and bottom just to stop me sweating . I made a padded storage tube already .So far I Love it but very nervous using it.
    Still waiting for him to get back to me about Nano Stems.
  • What made you smile today?
    i wanna talk to samson

    Quantum physics, String theory, thermal dynamics and CHEW TOY, BONES!!!

    I hope :D
  • EpicVape E-Nano

    I thought they where all cork feet. You get your new or 2nd hand. Maybe some one has done some work to it

    Quote from Google
    ""Annealing of glass is a process of slowly cooling hot glass objects after they have been formed, to relieve residual internal stresses introduced during manufacture.""

    There are other ways but the best and proper way is in a kilm. With out this process it can leave the glass very fragile. If I was a bit more flush i would invest and risk some cash just to have a mess around with the idea. Coz then I would do every bit of glass I own :D Nano stem's J-hooks ect.

    Most proberly get carried away and do the Pint glasses from the kitchen too :D :rofl:
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    I thought as much and its fair. Thanks for asking dude :D
  • Live Streams
    EU timed stream Hazels B-day and I was still late to the party ><
  • Vaping is more powerful then smoking!

    I beleve he's on about nicotine anyways. Wrong forum completly :vomit:
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    With out correct tooling this would be alot of work. Even with tooling Its several hours work over several step's . How much is your time worth? Then you have the artistic design. Limited batch. Neich market. Figured wood is not cheap. I'm normaly the 1st to moan about price but...I think the only negative for me is the fact that its made of 3 peaces of wood glued rather than one. I think the price is fair for now.
  • EpicVape E-Nano
    LOL me and my idea's ......I just read up about anneling glass idea is crushed. :groan:
  • Dynavap
    I use Sawn It states "super clean Near Zero impurites" but its cheap.

    I don't spend more than 4$ a lighter so I spend less than a $ on butane.

    I have had this Prof cheap o for about 8m now. Just inspected the nozel . There is some build up Meh.

    I read a bit from Iolite the vape company they use Butane to power it and reconmend High end.
    but.... :D they say to people who have used crap gas and the unit is working poorly. To buy 2 cans of pure top$ Gas and use it up . They claim this will clean the nozles.

    I dunno how true that is thou
  • EpicVape E-Nano
    I was looking online and 10 Boro tubes that will fit the E-nano are less than $10.

    My father has a plumbers torch. I own a oven . All I would need is tungsten poker, Alough i beleve Ti poker should be oki. I'm not 100% sure atm

    I might try and make my self some spike stems next month. Gonna do some more reasearch. :D