• The Rio by Stache products


    Sell the Rio I have not bought from them myself but I see people on IG thanking them now and again.
    7 different colour schemes - £300 a pop.
    They are from your neck of the woods too!
  • Thanks to Dynavap and PuffItUp!!
    Hey up! Was watching and gave you a little cheer when ya won it :up:

    Gratz Man!!!
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    Heya @BUD spoke to deliadetritus from Vapefiend (UK store) today. I beleve they have messaged you about stocking DIY Kits for the G-43 , They a good store to work with.

    Hope you can make this happen. Stay up
  • The Sublimator
    Rasta bud getting shetz done!
  • G43 Plug-in Wall Adapter DIY (WallG)
    It may sound like I'm being jobs worth , but I feel like you should have started off .

    -Step 1 Make sure power supplie is unpluged
    -Step 2 Clip of the DC Wire

    There are some dumb arse people out there and some that look to make a quick buck. Not that 12 V 1.5 will kill em but still nice to cover ya self .
  • Vape - DIY
    Postie arrived today and dammn Fleabay sellers!


    They sent then wrong item, just the PCB with a couple of components broken off just to add salt. Already in contact with them.

    I could repair and direct solder but screw them I wanted to be able to change whats pluged in to this!
    So project delayed.
  • Vape - DIY
    The 900 series soldering iron elements work OK but the area that gets hot is quite small, about half an inch away from the tip and about half an inch long (which is smaller than using a Halogen), so they're not the easiest things to build with and you usually need to make some efforts to spread all that heat evenly.Hippie

    Damn I'm waiting on the controller today and this has already taken the wind out me sails. Wish I knew this before starting ..nvm. Will have to see what I can rig up , from what you said I might lase the thermometer pocket with foil wrapped element with some glass balls in there too.

    The 5 pin controller .. You think it could be used with a k type sensor(2) and a larger ceramic rod (2) and the earth being the 5th ? I need to research what they using in the element for control . I got a feeling I might have to get a PID and SSR. All good fun!

    I always have a cartridge heater and ZK-J5X options too .
  • Vape - DIY

    Yep Like @Hippie said the are amazing for log vapes. Housed inside a 8 mm ID tube they give off more than enough heat, Too much and need some sort of controller . I too use a cheap ZK-J5X and a simple 5a 12V wall mart to fine tune these and my G-43. So far being using it for about a year with zero issues

    @Hippie I see them knotts a while back and had same idea. Alot of what holds me back is the price of a coil set up for a heat source. I looked in to a DIY pid but by the time you buy the internals and coil too then you looking at china prices anyways. This is why I got the Hakko 936 Soldering Iron Station Controller. For a temp controlled system it seems really good for the price.

    What other projects you got up ya sleave ?
  • Vape - DIY
    Quick Thanks to the G-43 and Glass synphony for the idea's so..

    A little bit of tinkering to be had with bits that have cost <£30
    so far...

    I have a 24V 3A 72W AC DC to power a Hakko 936 Soldering Iron Station Controller. This controller is to keep the Iron at temp like a PID and the "Iron" being a ceramic rod at the core . The rod is Isolated from the airpath by a 19/26 joint lab glass thermometer "adapter" or "pocket" . I got a 40mm and 100mm one but I think I will use the 40mm. The thermometer pocket will be filled with a thermal past and ceramic heater dunked in. The thermometer pocket is then housed inside a carb hole adapter along with 3 mm beads. Im still waiting on the controller board. Then I will post up more .

    Might work might fail. Lets see :D
  • Grand Reopening Giveaway!
    Gratz to you both!

    @MrsBee03 I use to own the IQ and Ghost, both have been shelfed since getting a Dynavap M18 that I won from @bud on a live stream . Still using the tip on a WPA to this day!! and you got a Purpleheart Dynastash ...... Ohhhhh :D Enjoy
  • Live Streams
    For us Eurotrashers :kiss:

    Tuesday @ 9pm-11pm GMT (public)

    Friday @ 4pm-6pm GMT (private)

    Althou I could be wrong
  • Live Streams
    Start as you mean to go on !!! :rofl:
    Show up on time and we will expect it all the time
  • I'm in the basement now
    The Budcave.
    Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na


  • Live Streams


    Think about your euro viewers too :up:
  • Any Good Acquisitions While We Were Gone?

    Hey up Sir Nomad. I see that unit before has a lot of control gear on it, All the bells and whistles! Can you make another post and tell us a bit more about it. Likes, dislikes coz its an advanced bit of kit!

    ......While the sites been down I made myself a battery IH
    Not as snazzy as Mag Orion or Flux ofc but only cost m $50 to make.

    Also got a Stem pod SI, not so great but oki. I might need to spend some more time with it. but for now I
    still use Ma dynavap and plug in G-43........even my E-nano has been shelfed for a while
  • Grand Reopening Giveaway!
    Heyoo All
    Joined this place for the vibes, more informal than other forums out there. Was In a dark place when I did and healing from throat surgery. Unable to smoke and no knowledge of vapes, I stumbled on this gem of a site. So much info was here on VLF and even more available for all the regulars on here, Questions got answered almost instanty! Some of the people here made this forum a part of my morning routine with coffee and a catch up. Then the late night streams and all the banter that went with them all brought this community together with bud being the glue that bound us.
    So chuffed this forum is back up and running
  • How you guys doing?
    Welcome back to Bud, forum and everyone on it!
    Gotta admit I really missed this place and some of the fine folks on here.

    Bud, Hope you feeling refreshed and mentally head strong after a time off for a recharge.
  • Coronavirus
    What did I say weeks ago the stupidity of man is more dangourus .!!!
    Fights over TP, panic buying and Chemical companys now charging x6's the amount for product that will kill virus's ect.

    So much hype and sensationalism it's hard to find any real news right now. I honestly believe this is just overhyped and over reported to hide something else that is happening on the world stage. There ARE other things happening right now and we are keep in the complet dark about it. Dangerous times